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MongoDB notes (MongoDB $type operator, limit and skip methods, sort () method, index, aggregation (aggregate))

/*** MongoDB $type operator*/ /*** The $type operator is based on the Bson type to retrieve the matching data type in the collection and returns the result.* The types of MongoDB that can be used are shown in the following table:* Type Number Notes*

MongoDB Quick Start

MongoDB Quick Start1. MongoDB Introduction MongoDB is a cross-platform NoSQL document-type database that stores data in the form of Key_Value pairs. NoSQL (not only SQL) databases generally refer to non-relational databases.1.1 features of NoSQL

"Four" MongoDB index management

First, the index introductionIn MongoDB, indexes are used to support efficient queries. If there is no index, MONGODB must scan each document in the entire collection to find a matching document. However, if an appropriate index is established,

MongoDB summary MongoDB structure division MongoDB C # driver tutorial)

Production Environment Best Practices1. Linux:1] disable the atime option of the file system/partitionVI/etc/fstabAdd noatime and nodiratime after the corresponding partition itemLabel =/1/ext3 defaults 1 1Label =/data1/Data ext4 defaults, noatime,

Python operation MongoDB Partial translation

Python Operation MongoDBHttp:// This tutorial is intended as a introduction to working with MongoDB and Pymongo. prerequisites[Prerequisites]Before we start, make sure and the Pymongo distribution installed.

MongoDB Starter Series (4)--mongodb Architecture and client basic operation and attention to detail

When it comes to MongoDB's architecture, it is inevitable to compare it with relational databases. Here we take MySQL for example, we make some comparisons:From the logical structure of the comparison: MySQL Hierarchy concept

Performance Test of hundreds of millions of Mongodb data records zz

We tested the performance of Mongodb's hundreds of millions of data records and tested the following items: (ALL inserts are performed in a single thread, and all reads are performed in multiple threads) 1) General insert performance (each inserted

[Goto] MongoDB and Mongoose

About MongoDBMongoDB is lighter and more flexible than some relational databases, and is ideal for use in situations where data is large and transactional is not strong. It is also an object database with no concepts such as tables, rows, or fixed

MongoDB basic operation learning notes

MongoDB basic operation learning notes Record the basic operations of MongoDB today. This is only the most basic operation, so it should be mastered. Database A database is a collection of physical containers. Each database has its own file system.

MongoDB's Shard cluster configuration

1. shardingConcept: In MongoDB There is another cluster, that is, sharding technology, can meet the needs of a large number of MONGODB data volume growth.When MongoDB stores massive amounts of data, a machine may not be enough to store data enough

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