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MongoDB Development Learning

If you have never been familiar with MongoDB or have a little understanding of MongoDB, if you are a C # developer, take a few minutes to read this article. This article will take you step by step to get started easily. Read directory 1:

MongoDB Installation and visualization tools

MongoDB is a very popular NoSQL, document-oriented database management system, officially: MongoDB, I chose the Enterprise Server (MongoDB 3.2.9) version, installed in the Windows Server 2012 environment.MongoDB uses Bson objects to store, similar

MongoDB Quick Start

MongoDB Quick Start1. MongoDB Introduction MongoDB is a cross-platform NoSQL document-type database that stores data in the form of Key_Value pairs. NoSQL (not only SQL) databases generally refer to non-relational databases.1.1 features of NoSQL

Install a tutorial using MongoDB on Mac OS _mongodb

ConceptMongoDB is a cross-platform, document-oriented database that delivers high performance, high availability, and scalability. MongoDB work in the collection and document concept. What is NoSQL?NOSQL, the full name is not just SQL, refers to

The first part MongoDB basic article

What is NoSQLLearn about MongoDBDownload and installation of MONGDBThe architecture of MongoDBCommon commands (basic additions and deletions)Client GUI Tools CollectionOne: What is NoSQL1 Introduction to NoSQLNoSQL is not the only SQL abbreviation,

The first part of the basic chapter fourth MongoDB Quick Start

Statement: The article is mainly from the "MongoDB actual Combat" a book, the main want to learn MongoDB knowledge through the book, deepen understanding, so write in their own blog, as a record, in the final chapter, there will be a collection of

MongoDB Learning Note (i): Installation and simple shell operation

I. Description 1, the study of the series MongoDB learning environment using the MongoDB version of mongodb-win32-i386-2.4.6, operating system for Win7. Second, installation 1, new two directories, respectively,

Minute hand Net-daily share: The difference between Redis, Memcache and MongoDB of memcached:the memcached can take advantage of multicore advantages, with a very high single-instance throughput of hundreds of thousands of QPS (depending on key, the byte size of value, and server

Memcache---mongodb---redis comparison

Advantages of memcached: The memcached can take advantage of multicore advantages, with a single instance throughput of up to hundreds of thousands of QPS (depending on key, the byte size of value, and server hardware performance, the peak of QPS

MongoDB data access [C #]

We are about to start the simplest MongoDB connection to access data. Before that, you have installed MongoDB! Maybe, probably, it should have been installed. Really not installed yet? So: Click here to [install MongoDB] Start: Download a C #

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