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National University list file (newer) + Nodejs import MongoDB Database

Directly on the code' Use strict 'varFs=require (' FS '),Mongodb=require (' MongoDB '). Mongoclient, Assert=require (' Assert '), URL= ' Mongodb://username:[email protected]:27017/dbname?authmechanism=mongodb-crauthsource=admin '; mongodb.connect (URL,function(err,db) {assert.equal (err,NULL); varSchool=db.collection (

MongoDB University Third Week job--Deleting an array element in a document

;importjava.util.arraylist;importjava.util.hashmap;import org.bson.bsonobject;importorg.bson.basicbsonobject;importcom.mongodb.basicdbobject;import com.mongodb.DB;importcom.mongodb.DBCollection;importcom.mongodb.DBCursor;import com.mongodb.dbobject;importcom.mongodb.mongoclient;publicclassweek3homework1{ publicstaticvoidmain (String[]args) throws unknownhostexception{mongoclientclient= newmongoclient ();dbdatabase= Client.getdb ("school"); dbcollectioncollection= database.getcollection ("Student

Dream of a university university dream

Another autumn September, a group of crying, laughed, proud, frustrated students through the "Black June" purgatory, to the long-awaited university gate .... A college dream driven US 10 years bided, bitter ah bitter, tired, tired, everything is for college. When I was in elementary school, I felt very remote at college. And when the high school feels close to college, there's a pair of college-hungry eyes. ­ Although the dream of pursuing a

(Zt) A letter from Professor Zhu Qingsheng from Peking University: The University is a scientific guarantee.

This letter is from1949a (a letter from Professor Peking University to students). Liu Ping, Liu zizhen, and other students: You have gradually understood the significance of the University. It is not only a school for cultivating children, but also a place for training skills for future generations. It is not only an organization for instructors to teach human principles and social ideals, but also a scien

My University Road---"The road of the university"

Recently, I read the new book "The Road of the university" by Wu. In this book, the author of the daughter chose the University as an "opportunity" to systematically study the European and American many world-class universities, and personally accompanied her daughter visited some well-known institutions. As always, the author will be fluent in writing, beautiful language, Oxford

Modern University Computer sorrow-University VS Training Unit

Today, with the development of computer technology, computer application technology is a hard indicator to measure the informatization technology of a country. Why can foreign computer talents reach such a high level in terms of technology? Are we really inferior to others? Is there a problem with our education system? Or why does it restrict our technical learning? Is everything worth thinking about? Now I will talk about my views from the perspective of a training institution. In China, the

IT technology life path my university-initial University and military training

My Sina Weibo:Http:// You are welcome to exchange ideas and improve your technology together. I finally made up my mind to write a little bit about it technology I learned during my college years. I had been thinking about IT technology life for a long time ago. Why have you always wanted to write this series of blogs? During college life, I changed too much. The biggest reason for changing myself was that I was lucky enough to read my computer Major that I was mos

The difference between a Chinese university and a Hong Kong University

From: There are always many aspects of life. A vulgar word is: reading a thousand books is a thousand miles. The goal is to broaden your horizons and thinking. Due to my unfortunate failure to reverse my thinking, it was a waste of time at the Hong Kong University in the past six months and I failed to understand the culture and values at the core of Hong Kong and its large

The struggle History of the Apes (44)--University dynastic History (eight)--university friendship

Wen/Wen BingI am not a good person to express, but I am very fortunate to have a few strong friends in college.Originally I was the other bedroom, fate dictates. Let me get together with today's roommates.There's so much going on between friends A, friend B, and friend C that too many retrospectives come to mind. A is in front of me. Countless nights did not know what he was doing in bed, I slept for a very long time still vaguely able to hear his voice.University and a classmate talk most, each

[Jia Liwei university mathematics magazine] 058th Lanzhou University 2011 mathematical analysis postgraduate exam reference

$ \ BF abstract $: This article provides a reference for the 2011 mathematical analysis postgraduate exam of Lanzhou University. $ \ BF keywords $: Lanzhou University; mathematical analysis; postgraduate exam 1 calculation question ($6 \ times 10' = 60' $ ). (1) limit $ \ Bex \ lim _ {x \ to 0} \ frac {e ^ {X-\ SiN x}-e ^ \ frac {x ^ 3} {6}} {x ^ 5} \ EEx $ Answer: $ \ Bex \ mbox {Original limit} = \ lim

Come to the new university, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences!

Today, came to a new university, is I completely feel the incredible university, the environment is too good! Here have a good learning environment, really want to keep on campus learning, but only here to stay for a year! Since it is a receiver, it is necessary to look at the relevant books, and then C + + and other related courses may only be selective learning, this estimate is not the focus of the futur

[Journal of mathematics at home University] 303rd questions about Mathematics Analysis in 2004 of Huazhong Normal University

bases of $ V $; (2) set $ W $ to $ \ SCRA $-invariant subspaces, $ A_1, A_2, \ cdots, a_n \ In \ BBP, \ A_1 \ NEQ 0 $, and the vector $ \ Bex \ Beta = A_1 \ Al + A_2 \ SCRA (\ Al) + \ cdots + a_n \ SCRA ^ {n-1} (\ Al) \ in W, \ EEx $ then $ W = V $. Proof: (1) set $ \ Bex K_0 \ Al + k_1 \ SCRA (\ Al) + \ cdots + K _ {n-1} \ SCRA ^ {n-1} (\ Al) = 0, \ EEx $ with $ \ SCRA $ Action $ N-2 $ Times found $ K_0 \ SCRA ^ {n-1} (\ Al) = 0 $. since $ \ SCRA ^ {n-1} (\ Al) = 0 $, we have $ K_0 = 0 $. in

[Journal of mathematics at home University] Question of 242nd Zhejiang University Mathematics Analysis Postgraduate Entrance Exam

_ {x \ to 0} \ lim _ {Y \ to 0} f _ {XY} (sx, Ty) \ frac {f_x (\ Theta X, 0)} {f_x (sx, 0 )} \ =\ LiM _ {x \ to 0} \ frac {1} {x} \ lim _ {Y \ to 0} f _ {XY} (0, 0 ), \ quad \ sex {F _ {XY} \ mbox {continuous at origin }}. \ EEA \ eeex $ 8 ($ 20' $) known pairs real number $ n \ geq 2 $, formula $ \ Bex \ sum _ {P \ Leq n} \ frac {\ ln p} {p} = \ ln n + O (1 ), \ EEx $ the sum is the sum of all prime numbers not greater than $ N $ p $. verification: $ \ Bex \ sum _ {P \ Leq n} \ frac {1} {p}

[Jia Liwei university mathematics magazine] 322nd sets of simulation papers for Mathematics Competition Training of Gannan Normal University

\ lm_n (). \ EEx $ 32. set $ A and B $ to level $ M $ and level $ N $ matrices respectively. test evidence: $ A, B $ a matrix equation $ AX = XB $ only has zero solutions. 33. Test Certificate: $ N $ level matrix $ X, Y $ makes $ XY-YX = e $. 34. if $ A (t) = (a _ {IJ} (t) $ is set, each $ A _ {IJ} (t) $ is bootable. test certificate: $ \ Bex \ frac {\ RD} {\ RD t} | A (t) | = | A (t) | \ cdot \ tr \ SEZ {A ^ {-1} (t) \ cdot \ frac {\ RD a (t) }{\ rd T }}. \ EEx $ 35. set $ N $ level antisy

[Jia Liwei university mathematics magazine] 317th Xiamen University 2010 comprehensive foundation I Postgraduate Entrance Exam reference

-negative sum, for all $0 \ Leq t \ Leq T $ \ bee \ label {317_ode_3_eq2} \ ETA (t) \ Leq e ^ {\ int_0 ^ t \ varphi (s) \ RD s} \ SEZ {\ ETA (0) + \ int_0 ^ t \ varpsi (s) \ RD s}; \ EEE $ (2) In particular, if on $ [0, T] $, $ \ Bex \ ETA '(t) \ Leq \ varphi (t) \ ETA (t ), \ mbox {And} \ ETA (0) = 0, \ EEx $ on $ [0, T] $ \ ETA \ equiv 0 $. Proof: (1) $ \ beex \ Bea \ ETA '(t) \ Leq \ varphi (t) \ ETA (t) + \ varpsi (t ), \\\ SEZ {e ^ {-\ int_0 ^ t \ varphi (s) \ RD s} \ ETA (t )} ' \ Leq e ^

The third Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Dalian Maritime University Competition)---i:spoors (pretreatment)

Spoors Time Limit: 1 Sec Memory Limit: MB Description Some of know when a snail crawls; He'll leave a spoor after him tour. Then all the you'll know that when many snail crawls, they'll leave many spoors. In this problem, you'll be given n snails ' spoors and then calculate the sum of length of their spoors. To make it harder, we assume this all the snail crawl on the same line. That was to say, when the snails ' spoor overlaps, the length of the overlap part was c

The day of Assistant professor at Princeton University--Professor Shi--Princeton University

-With the young Pi of the domestic encouragement  Preface: To Every young Pi (Principal investigator) who has just set up an independent laboratory at the School of Life sciences or medical school in Tsinghua University, I will advise more than once: at least for the first three years, you must consider yourself a super postdoctoral fellow, take the front, Do their best to do research in the laboratory, do their own projects, while training to train

Giving an effective tive oral presentation at university (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

... There are two ways of looking at the purpose... The first is the general purpose of the presentation... In other words, do you want to inform... Entertain... Persuade... And so on... I guess the general purpose of my presentation today is to inform or enlighten... As well as thinking about the general purpose of your presentation, you 'llneed to think about its specific purpose... And by this I mean what you wantTo accomplish... What you want to achieve... Essential tially this involves aski

Google Zhejiang University Recruitment pen test brother can only help you here, google Zhejiang University

Google Zhejiang University Recruitment pen test brother can only help you here, google Zhejiang University Google Zhejiang University Recruitment questionsI. single answer1. In 80x86, the decimal number-3 is expressed as a 16-bit binary number? 00100002. Assume that the symbols-, *, and $ represent subtraction, multiplication, and exponential Operations respectiv

Computer Postgraduate examination of University of Zhejiang University--Shortest path in 2010

Shortest path problemTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:32768/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 14405 Accepted Submission (s): 4408Problem DescriptionGive you n points, M without the edge, each side has a length D and spend P, give you the beginning of the end of T, the minimum distance from the output starting point to the end point and the cost, if the shortest distance there are multiple routes, the output is the least cost.InputEnter N,m, the number of the point is 1

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