mongodb user authentication

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User authentication for MongoDB (3.6.3)

Windows 10 Home Chinese version, MongoDB 3.6.3,ObjectiveJust installed MongoDB, started the server-MONGOD Command , started the MongoDB shell-MONGO command , but the whole process is not used username, password! Shocked!Originally, MongoDB default

MongoDB Replica Set Configuration

One: Concept The popular copy set is to use multiple machines for the same data asynchronous synchronization, so that multiple machines have multiple copies of the same data, and when the main library when it is off without user intervention,

MongoDB installation and user name password management

InstallationFirst, the TAR package to install1. Baidu Network disk, the Yum source for installationConfigure the Package management system (yum).

MongoDB 3.4 Shard, Replica, authentication cluster deployment.

MongoDB version:Environment: one virtual machineThree copies of Configsvr: Port is 27020,27021,27022Two shards:Shard1:-> three replicas with Port 27010,27011,27012Shard2:-> three replicas with Port 27013,27014,27015One route: MONGOs-Port

MongoDB Core contributors: Not MongoDB no, but you do not understand!

Recently MongoDB is frequently shot in the hack news. Many people are more claiming to hate Mongodb,david Mytton on his blog revealing many of the existing problems in MongoDB. But the hated one has the same many preferences, as a comeback: Russell

User authentication for MongoDB

MongoDB default is not authentication, default no account, as long as the service can be connected to the database for a variety of operations, MongoDB believes that the best way to security is in a trusted environment to run it, to ensure that the

Install and configure MongoDB in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Install and configure MongoDB in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS MongoDB is a high-performance NoSQL database. Compared with relational databases, it also provides high performance and high flexibility. Here we will explain how to install and configure the MongoDB

MongoDB User/Authentication/role/Rights Management

ObjectiveUser Rights management is important to give only the permissions that are needed to prevent application vulnerabilities leading to de-LibraryCertifications and authorizationsAuthenticationAuthentication identification, resolving who I

Linux mongodb installation and data import and export tutorial, mongodb Import and Export

Linux mongodb installation and data import and export tutorial, mongodb Import and Export How to install mongodb and import and export data in Linux # Viewing the linux release version Cat/etc/issue # View the Linux kernel version Uname-r 1. General

PHP Connection MongoDB user authentication error

PHP Connection MongoDB user authentication error Main error message: authentication failed MONGODB-CR credentials missing in the user document MongoDB can not link MongoDB in php after –auth is enabled, prompting user authentication failure laravel

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