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Install mongoDB in windows (decompress version) to close the service tutorial. Decompress mongodb

Install mongoDB in windows (decompress version) to close the service tutorial. Decompress mongodb I am going to put the database on disk D, so I created a mongoDB folder under disk D, and created the mongoDB folder and mongoDBdat

Installation and setup of MongoDB service under Windows MongoDB

, note is Mongod.exe 2, this time the interface will stop at 2015-03-26t15:19:17.135+0800inetwork [initandlisten]waitingforconnectionsonport27017 (The database is now started) First knowledge of MongoDB:New Open [ Note is new ] after a cmd window, then run the Mongo.exe program (note that there is no d), at this time the previous window is displayed: 2015-03-26t15:31:10.148+0800 I NETWORK [ Initandlisten] Connection accepted from #1 (1 connection now OPEN)Now it's time to

"MongoDB" Configure a Windows Service for MongoDB

Tags: mongodbIn the This blog, I'll mainly attach great importantance to "create a Windows service for MongoDB." The method described in the next are referred from the official website of MongoDB. Fi

Install MongoDB (made into a Windows service) and load the C # driver

\DATA\DB Create the Data folder below the MongoDB folder and create the DB folder under Data, which is important to store database data files. F:\mongodb\logs\mongodb.log Create the Logs folder under the MongoDB folder and create the Mongodb.log file under the folder, which is mainly for the system log files, these folders must be created manually. 2.3 Start

How to install MongoDB as a Windows Service and precautions

Transferred from: MongoDB, as a distributed file storage-based database, has been sought after for nearly two years. Flexible Data Access and efficient processing make it widely used in Internet applications. I recently started to study MongoDB usage on Windows 32-bit platform. For convenience, I prefer to

The initial mongodb------Create MongoDB as a Windows service

The last time I wrote about basic MongoDB installation, may not be very detailed, but also written very bad, but we will say in detail, if you deploy MongoDB on your Windows computer.1. Configure Environment variablesIf it's going to be a lot of trouble to go into the bin directory of the MongoDB on the cmd every time,

MongoDB the method of installing to Windows Service and the perfect solution to the problems encountered _mongodb

installed MongoDB to the Bin directory cut-off (write complete as above) Click OK Locate the path variable in the system variable click Edit Variable name does not need to be changed The variable value is preceded by the name of the variable that was created (my previous step was created with the name Mongdb_home) The format is%mongdb_home%\bin; (note that the last must be used; Separated) after completion as shown in the above figure click O

MongoDB Registered Windows service startup

the MongoDB database. >help (View related information) > ({a:1}) (Insert a,1 field value to Foo table, Foo table as default table) > () (View foo table data)Start MongoDB as a Windows service Sign up for MongoDB ServiceEntry: E:\Work_App\

MongoDB Windows installation Service methods and considerations _mongodb

MongoDB Windows Installation Services MongoDB, as a database based on distributed file storage, has been in hot pursuit for nearly two years. Flexible access to data and efficient processing make it widely used in Internet applications. Recently I began to study the use of MongoDB under the

Quickly deploy the MongoDB service in Windows

; Ii. Configuration Service If you do not need to configure the service, you only need to runMongod.exeBut when the CMD window is closed, MongoDB stops responding. We recommend that you deploy MongoDB as a service by executing the following command: Mongod -- logpat

MongoDB is installed under Windows with the Auth mode enabled service

Tags: is you exit tin log file local win SRC append refFirst, download the installation 1, go to the official website to download the MongoDB version for their own computer to download MongoDB    2. Installing MongoDB Installation or relatively simple, follow the step by step to go down on it.      3. Start MONGODDB After the installation is complete, locate you

MongoDB as a Windows service startup

MongoDB as a Windows service startup Windows version Installation MongoDB Official Download Station is, can go up to download the latest corresponding version, there are 32-bit, 64-bit. Set the Mogodb directory.Unzip the

Set up MongoDB system service under Windows

Tags: get blank file middle position start Connection top modeSetting up MongoDB Server as a system for easy start and stopIt's happening today. After installing the next MongoDB service locally, after installation, the configuration file is created for the database service to indicate where the database raw files are

MongoDB install and add to Windows Service, boot with system

Label:This article describes installing MongoDB in a Windows environment and adding it to a Windows service, starting with the system First go to the official website to download the Windows installation package: Https:// In general, choose the defau

Create a Windows service for MongoDB

dataDouble-click to open the Mongo.exe client program in the installation directory bin directory and connect to the test database by default after opening.CRUD Operations TestingMore and more full crud operationsThe long-winded focus finally came ...Create a Windows service for MongoDB Configuration log file path Configure the database path Ins

MongoDB Configuration Windows service startup

Tags: window new rect unzip let start download http ownFirst step to download MongoDB Http:// Step Two Extracted to the D:\mongodb\ directory, for the convenience of the command line, you can add the D:\mongodb\bin to the system environment variable path. Step Three Create D:\mongodb\data\db a

MongoDB Installation and Windows service startup

Label:1. Download and installDownload Path Login Official website: Create a new directoryMy path is D:\MongoDB. The new directory structure under the MongoDB file is: --MongoDB --Bin --Data--DB --Log --MongoDB.log3. StartEach time you start MongoDB, it will run: $ CD D:\

How Windows MongoDB starts as a service

E disk. (1) Boot statement without authentication: Mongod--config "E:\MongoDB\etc\mongo.conf"--servicename "MongoDB" (2) A startup statement that requires authentication (plus--auth on it): Mongod--config "E:\MongoDB\etc\mongo.conf"--servicename "MongoDB"--auth when using the above statement on demand to execute it.3.

How to install MongoDB as a system service under Windows _mongodb

Summarize how to install MongoDB as a WinXP system service. The commands used are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Microsoft Windows XP [version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\administrator>mongod-dbpath C:\mongo\MongoDB\mongo\data--logpath=c:

MongoDB How to add to the Windows service _mongodb

/mongodb/data So MongoDB happily starts, opens the browser, enters:, at this time you can see the following prompt language: Copy Code code as follows: It looks like your are trying to access MongoDB over HTTP on the native driver port. Translation: You seem to be trying to access

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