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Shell scripts monitor CPU, memory, and hard disk utilization

1. Monitor CPU utilization (via Vmstat tool)#!/bin/bash#====================================================# Author:lizhenliang-email:[email Protected]# Create DATE:2015-02-01# DESCRIPTION:CPU Utilization Monitor#

Use shell scripts to monitor CPU utilization in Linux.

| awk ' {PRINT $ $} ' | Sed-n ' $p ') cpu_wa=$ (Vmstat | awk ' {PRINT $16} ' | Sed-n ' $p ') cpu_st=$ (Vmstat | awk ' {PRINT $17} ' | Sed-n ' $p ') echo-e "cpuinfo:\nus=$ cpu_us\nsy= $CPU _sy\nid= $CPU _id\nwa= $CPU _wa\nst= $CPU _st " 2, based on/proc/stat computing

Shell scripts to monitor CPU, memory, and hard disk utilization

#!/bin/bash#createdate: 2016-11-15Date= ' date+%f ' "%h:%m"ip= ' Ifconfigeth0 | awk '/inet addr/{print $} ' | Cut-d:-f2`Echo-e "\033[032mdate: $Date \nhost: $IP \n\033[0m"echo-----------------CPU----------------Cpu_us= ' Vmstat|awk ' {print $13} ' |sed-n ' $p 'Cpu_sy= ' Vmstat|awk ' {print $14} ' |sed-n ' $p 'Cpu_id= ' Vmstat|awk ' {print $} ' |sed-n ' $p 'Cpu_wa= ' Vmstat|awk ' {print $16} ' |sed-n ' $p 'cpu_sum=$ (($

Shell scripts to monitor CPU, memory, and hard disk utilization

#!/bin/bash#createdate: 2016-11-15Date= ' date+%f ' "%h:%m"ip= ' Ifconfigeth0 | awk '/inet addr/{print $} ' | Cut-d:-f2`Echo-e "\033[032mdate: $Date \nhost: $IP \n\033[0m"echo-----------------CPU----------------Cpu_us= ' Vmstat|awk ' {print $13} ' |sed-n ' $p 'Cpu_sy= ' Vmstat|awk ' {print $14} ' |sed-n ' $p 'Cpu_id= ' Vmstat|awk ' {print $} ' |sed-n ' $p 'Cpu_wa= ' Vmstat|awk ' {print $16} ' |sed-n ' $p 'cpu_sum=$ (($

Linux CPU utilization and CPU load (additional code implementation) __linux

first section CPU utilization and CPU load Under Linux/unix, CPU utilization (CPU utilization) is divided into user state, System State and idle state, respectively, the

The stress test measures three CPU metrics: CPU utilization, Load average, and context Switch Rate

The last article on how to use LoadRunner monitor Linux performance indicators, but the CPU on a few indicators are not clear, the following detailed said. CPU Utilization good understanding, that is, CPU utilization, more than 7

Calculation of CPU utilization rate

:09.63java7639 Fjzag 0 206m 10m 7136 S 98 2.2 1:12.59java7639 Fjzag 0 206m 10m 7136 S 2.2 1:15.55java7639 Fjzag 0 206m 10m 7136 S 2.2 1:18.55java7639 Fjzag 0 206m 10m 7136 S 2.2 1:21.54java7639 Fjzag 0 206m 10m 7136 S 2.2 1:24.52java7639 Fjzag 0 206m 10m 7136 S 98 2.2 1:27.46 Java Experiment Two: monitor the CPU utilization of the jconsole

High CPU utilization of n reasons _ server

1, anti-virus software caused the failure Because of the new version of KV, Jinshan, rising are added to the Web page, plug-ins, mail random monitoring, undoubtedly increased the system burden. Treatment: Basically there is no reasonable treatment, try to use the least monitoring services, or, upgrade your hardware equipment. 2, the driver has not been certified, resulting in 100% CPU resource consumption A large number of beta drivers are flooding

How to obtain cpu utilization in linux

method is to wait for the previous time: 1. Record cpu usage at a specific time point 2. Wait for the previous time period 3. Record the current cpu usage 4. Calculate the total time slice Sum all cpu usage for the first time and obtain j1 Sum up all cpu usage for the second time and obtain j2 J2-j1 gets all time slic

How to obtain CPU utilization in Linux

slices for this time periodThat is, total = j2-j1 = sum of all columns for the second time-sum of all columns for the first time5. Calculate the idle timeIdle corresponds to the data in the Fifth Column. Use the second value minus the first value.Idle = fifth column of the second operation-fifth column of the first operation6. Calculate CPU usageRate = (total-idle)/Total See Tid_1379.htmlWhen we conduct p

How to view Linux system CPU utilization

, CPU status, memory usage, swap occupancy . Input: TopOutput: From the CPU state that line, you can clearly grasp the CPU utilization: User mode (US), System mode (SY), Low priority user mode (NI), idle task (ID), I/O Waiting (WA). The top command can also detail how much CPU

Linux system performance monitoring--CPU utilization __linux

In the analysis of the system, one of the first and most basic tools is often a simple measurement of the CPU utilization of the system. Linux and most unix-based operating systems provide a command to display the system's average load (loadaverage). [huangc@v-02-01-00860 ~]$ uptime 11:18:05 up for days , 1:17, one users, load average:0.20, 0.13, 0.12 Specifically, the average load value represents the

Troubleshooting the High CPU utilization of ECS Linux system in Cloud server

paging operation, this paging operation is very expensive host CPU resources. If the process is found to be in a non-sleep state through top, and it runs for a long time, you can initially determine that the system is continuously paging, and you can turn the problem to an out-of-memory reason for troubleshooting. Problem Description:The kswapd0 process consumes a large amount of CPU resources on

Remember once Java application CPU utilization too high debugging experience

1, phenomenonWrite a storm application that synchronizes the table to hbase primarily via MySQL's binlog. After running for a period of time found that the CPU usage often soared to more than 200%, and then a variety of message accumulation alarm and so on, there are various problems2, research processCPU usage is high, so first find the process, through the top command, monitor the

WIN7 System CPU utilization rate is high and low how to do?

   The steps are as follows: 1, first to understand where to view the CPU usage, we right-click the bottom of the Desktop toolbar, and then choose to start Task Manager. 2. Select the performance option in the pop-up Windows Task Manager tab, where you can view the CPU usage of your computer. 3, then we see the computer's CPU usage is h

Use Win7 's own tool to find the culprit of the Svchost.exe CPU utilization of 100%

information about the service.The above approach helped me a lot more than once in the process of writing and debugging services. The Resource Monitor will be your good helper. However, many people do not know that there is this thing exists ...  You have to try it!===================================== Gorgeous split-line ===================================The following are the translators ' supplements:The above method is only applicable to Vista an

How to reduce the computer CPU utilization rate

How to reduce the computer CPU utilization rate Reduce the frequency of computer CPU utilization, you can open the computer Task Manager, and then shut down the relevant programs. Click to enter the Task Manager function page, and then look at the use of computer resources and related program occupancy, a

Use prtg to monitor the CPU load and port traffic of Cisco Routers

=" "Height =" 257 "/> SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is the basic method for collecting bandwidth and network utilization data. SNMP can be used to monitor the bandwidth utilization of vrouters and vswitch ports, as well as CPU load

Shell scripts to monitor Linux system load vs. CPU, memory, hard disk, number of users

The main contents of this section:Use shell scripts to monitor the load, CPU, memory, hard disk, and user logins of Linux systems.One, Linux system alarm mail script# vim/scripts/!/bin/ Monitoring System load and CPU, memory, hard disk, log on the number of users, beyond the alert to send an email alarm. #提取本服务器的IP地址信息IP=

Monitor the system load and CPU, memory, hard disk, log on the number of users, beyond the alert to send email alerts.

immediately handle!!! " | Mail-s "$IP Server system load critical alarm!! "$MAilElse#当前系统15分钟平均负载值与告警值进行比较 (1 is returned when the alarm value is greater than 0.70, and 0 is returned if it is less than)# load_now= ' expr $average _load \> $load _warn 'load_now= ' echo ' $average _load> $load _warn "|BC"#如果系统单个核心15分钟的平均负载值大于告警值0.70 (return value is 1), send an email to the Administratorif [$load _now-eq 0];thenecho "$IP server 15 minutes of system average load reached $average _load, exceeding t

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