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Troubleshoot problems with ThinkPad E450 external monitor without sound

Yesterday, the company with the ThinkPad E450 brought back, today when the use of all normal no problem.Because to watch the video side to do something else, I will add a monitor, say to my this monitor, you absolutely can not imagine whatDisplay. My monitor is a Lenovo display, Lenovo's monitor what is special, really

No sound problems after the computer is connected to the HDMI monitor

1, the reason that the use of HDMI interface connected to the monitor does not sound, the reason is that the HDMI interface is included audio + video signal interface. When the computer's HDMI interface is used, the system will default from the HDMI device output sound signal, and at this point if the HDMI device does not have sound playback function (such as the author of this type of HDMI LCD without speakers), the computer has no sound! 2, th

Netstat monitor a large number of established connections and TIME_WAIT connectivity problems

of connections is too largeHow to resolve the request after the end of the still large number of established not released preliminary inference tomcat server recycling session There was a problem, this is usually the server's timeout settings are linked. View Tomcat the configuration file Server.xmlConnectorPort= "8080"Protocol= "http/1.1"ConnectionTimeout= "20000"Redirectport= "8443"uriencoding= "UTF-8" />*****Check configuration 20000 milliseconds acceptcount= "100", obviously un

[Original] building a high-performance ASP. Net Site Chapter 7 how to solve memory problems (previous article)-Managed Resource Optimization-monitor CLR Performance

Build high performanceASP. NETSite Chapter 7 How to solve memory problems(Previous)-Managed Resource Optimization-MonitoringCLRPerformance In the previous articleArticleThis article describes how to monitorCLRWhether it causes some performance problems. The topics in this article are as follows: Memory problems(Previous) Managed Resource Optimizati

Common problems with Android Device Monitor file Management

command to assign the file to the maximum operation permissions, but the system is still prompted to do not have permission. On the internet there are said to use the ADB pull command can, but tried still not, as follows:WORKAROUND: I am not rooted in the case, the need to export the file to use the command copy to the SDcard directory, and then install the "x-plore" File Manager in the emulator, with the manager to view the files just copied in the SDcard directory.  The solution to this probl

"Performance Diagnosis" ten, comprehensive analysis of performance problems (case 1,windbg, Network Monitor)

] System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.DispatchMessageW (MSG ByRef) 0030eeb8 552f6292 ComponentManager.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IMsoComponentManager.FPushMessageLoop (INTPTR, Int32,Int32 ) 0030eebc 552f5e6a [inlinedcallframe:0030eebc] 0030ef44 552f5e6a (Int32 , System.Windows.Forms.ApplicationContext) 0030ef88 552f5bd0 Threadcontext.runmessage

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