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Unity Advanced Tips-use MonoDevelop to debug breakpoints

ObjectiveBreakpoint debugging is a very important feature in programming debugging, and Unity's own script Editor MonoDevelop needs some setup to use breakpoints debugging, and today we'll look at how to debug breakpoints using MonoDevelop."Version Environment"Unity version: 5.2.2What are you going to learn? How to set the default script editor for

Unity Development Related environments (VS, MonoDevelop) Windows platform Coding issues

Scenario Description: Recently in the bottom of the network to do unity, with vs writing source code, MonoDevelop used to debug, built on the Flash Builder Python Protocol generator, there are countless times unity inexplicable wonderful down, Then analyze it carefully:1. Unity will burst the error:There is inconsisten

MonoDevelop Ctrl + ' cannot locate the correct unity document

Just do Thisi had the same probleminchMonodevalop, but the URLinchIt cannot be changed. So I tried a plugin of Chrome: canSetThe transforminchOptions of Thisplugin. From:^ *)To:$1Then we can use Ctrl+'To search in the documentation.MonoDevelop Ctrl + ' cannot locate the correct

"Go" script debugging with built-in MonoDevelop for Unity3d

Original address: version 3.0, supported with MonoDevelop debugging, this article uses the Unity3d 3.5.5f3.First, download and install Unity3d (3.0 or above) and the built-in MonoDevelop (install Unity3d when the hook can, 1), remember is built-in Monodevelop,monode

Chinese comments of Unity3D-MonoDevelop and debug of unity3d

OK. Today, I started to get started with the official code. Tens of thousands of lines of code are lost and I don't know when to get familiar with it. Familiarize yourself with the code method based on your own experience, but it is better to debug it. Unlike eclipse, unity and monodevelop for code encoding are two types of software, which makes my brain cells a little difficult to understand ). First, h

Unity3d game development MonoDevelop garbled problem

Unity comes with the MonoDevelop project view on my Computer (Win7) has been garbled, project name, Project tree, and file name all display Solutionkeys box, today, the font changed, the default font to Consolas, the unintentional insertion willow solved the problem ...In addition to look for a long while not to see the Change Code Editor font options, do not know where to change the editor font? Please tel

Install monodevelop 9.10 on Ubuntu 2.2

We know that in the Ubuntu 9.10 operating system, you can use the following command to install monodevelop 2.0: $ Sudo apt-Get install monodevelop However, to install the latest monodevelop 2.2, follow these steps:Source codeCompile: Ben @ Ben-vbox :~ $ CD SRC Ben @ Ben-vbox :~ /Src $ SVN Co SVN: //

Installing MonoDevelop 2.2 In the Ubuntu 9.10 operating system

We know that you can use the following command to install MonoDevelop 2.0 in the Ubuntu 9.10 operating system: $ sudo apt-get install MonoDevelop However, if we need to install the latest version of MonoDevelop 2.2, we can compile from source code by following these steps: [Email protected]:~$ CD src [Email protected]:~/src$ SVN co svn://a

Solution to monodevelop garbled Chinese characters on Mac

Monkey original, reprinted. Reprinted Please note: Reprinted from cocos2d Development Network, thank you! Original address: /? P = 312 The monodevelop editor is garbled with Chinese characters on the computer at home today. This thought should be that the preference font is not set to a Chinese font. After modifying the font of preferences, garbled characters are found. After finding the cause, the final soluti

Developing Linux games with MonoDevelop

Given that Microsoft will give up Xna,monogame will be a new choice for friends who like XNA, he is an open source implementation of the XNA game engine, and is cross-platform, which means you can use him to develop OS, Android, Windows and Linux applications, how to give a new choice! MonoDevelop is an open source integrated development environment for Linux, Mac OS x, and Microsoft Windows, primarily for the development of mono and. NET Framework so

Monodevelop 4.0.9 on centos 6.3 Installation notes

It is recommended to move to the Technical blog to view this article, because the layout is more suitable for reading: Preface Mono's SuSE Linux series, owned by Novell, provides built-in support for mono and monodevelop. Therefore, it is very easy to install monodevelop in SuSE/opensuse Linux systems. However, the installation of

About MonoDevelop on Linux single-Step Debugging Problem solving

In MonoDevelop, the default is to turn off debugging of external assemblies (. dll), which can be resolved by the following steps. Through the menu "Edit"-"Preferences"-"Debugger" into the debugger's settings page, the "Debug Project code only;" does not step into the framework code. option is canceled. If your app is a console program, you'll also need to go to the project (right-click on the item, select "Options" in the pop-up menu), and canc

Monodevelop allows Mac OSX/Linux... Write C # more easily

Today, we will introduce an IDE tool for cross-platform C # development and ASP. NET-related languages. It can be used in windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Taking this as an example, I don't know if you are using unity3d in Mac. If you are using C # As the scripting language and operating on objects and scenarios, will you feel like this, which unitron on Mac is very inconvenient? Reasons: 1. The format is not automatically aligned, which is very ugly. You often need to use tabs for adjustme

Installing the mono and monodevelop development environments

I used the Ubuntu10.12 version of Linux, has been plagued by the software update package, always save the problem of missing dependent packages! Overall, the address of the software update package found on the network does not resolve the issue. Later, a newer version of TLS was used, Ubuntu14.04. This time is finally ready!1. Install the virtual machine and install Linux. These two steps are not difficult, relatively simple, here are not in the narrative!  2. Install mono, use the CTRL+ALT+T ke

Monodevelop 1.0 and mono 1.9 (2.0 Beta) are released

After several years of development, monnodevelop finally released a release version. Monodevelop is an openSource codeMono development tool, which allows developers to quickly write GNOME desktop and ASP. NET web applications on Linux and Mac OS X platformsProgram. In terms of porting. net programs to Linux and Mac OS X, monodevelop also makes this process easier. Monodevlop is a development tool with a m

Added nuget support for monodevelop

Monodevelop recently added support for nuget Package Manager. Nuget has more than 69000 packages and is very popular among Visual Studio users. Thanks to Matt Ward for his work. Now monodevelop users can also use this library. Developers who only use monodevelop in their work can use nuget products more conveniently, developers who use

Install Monodevelop development tools in Linux

Linux installation of Monodevelop development tool-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. I am not so interested in Microsof Windows. I always like Linux, but I really don't want to install two operating systems in my book to chat with QQ and watch online TV! What else can I do with Linux? Open source, less virus! Personalization and security are all what I want, and there is free of

How to install MonoDevelop under Ubuntu

Reference Introduction, Add the Mono Project GPG signing keysudo apt-key adv--keyserver 3fa7e0328081bff6a14da29aa6a19b38d3d831efSecond, ADD the package repositoryEcho "Deb Http:// wheezy main" | sudo tee/etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-xamarin.list Then start the installationsudo apt-get install MonoDevelopsudo apt-get install Monodevelop-nunitsudo

Install Mono and MonoDevelop and centosmonodevelop in CentOS 7.

Install Mono and MonoDevelop and centosmonodevelop in CentOS 7. [Original article from:] Mono was installed several years ago and never used again. I recently purchased a new server and tried to install it again. I first installed the latest CentOS 7.2 and followed the articles I found. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible, some source package dependency parsing is interrupted, and later I finally fo

Linux version MonoDevelop cannot connect to the debugger solution (Could not connet to the debugger)

After installing the Linux version of MonoDevelop, you will be prompted to could the error connnet to the debugger when running the program.The reason is that the new version of GNOME Terminal no longer accepts the--disable-factory parameter.There are two ways to solve this problem:1. In the command line, enter:$ unset gnome_desktop_session_id$ monodevelop2. 在项目的Project Options > Run > General里,将Run on external console取消勾选。Linux version

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