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Monotype launches HTML5-based web font platform

The famous font company Monotype recently announced the launch of the HTML5-based web font platform, where designers can access directories of nearly 100,000 fonts.Monotype launches HTML5-based web font platformMonotype launched the HTML5-based Web font platform Monotype is

Why we also need web-safe fonts (why we still need web-safe Fonts)

In the early days of web development, there was no standard font that could be fully implemented across platforms. But there will be some commonly used fonts like Arial, Helvetica and New Roman will be installed in most PCs, these popular system fonts are called Web security fonts

Web custom cool fonts and web custom cool Fonts

Web custom cool fonts and web custom cool Fonts The computer has a font that has been installed, but if you want to select another font for special needs, the following steps are required: 1. Find the appropriate font The following sites provide font downloads: Www.fonte

Use Google Fonts to add beautiful fonts to your Web page _web

Question: If non-standard fonts are used in the design, how do you implement Two ways: The first use of pictures instead but certainly no text effect is good, not conducive to SEO The second is the use of online fonts Google most networks will be wall, this time can be used Typekit. Http:// Original address:

Chinese Web fonts: Web Designer's font substitution method

Article Description: A guide to the method of font substitution for web designers. Before this article: The dilemma of Chinese web fonts When designers abroad happily discuss how to replace fonts without images, when Google proudly to provide more and more web

How web designers use Google online fonts

To make web design more flexible, Google launched the online font service from May 19, 2010, and released 18 font families at a breath. But unlike the Monotype Web Fonts, fontshop and other font vendors, Google this open font, like many other services, is completely free At present, the font used on the

CSS @ font-face for Web page design custom web page fonts

CSS for Webpage Design @ font-face application @ font-face in Webpage font custom CSSHe mainly embeds the web font he defined Into Your webpage.@ Font-faceThe emergence of modules, we use fonts in web development, not afraid to only use Web security fonts, many of you may no

English fonts used in web design

CSS in the text control in the previous article has a lot of introduction, but about the font has not. Today to introduce some English fonts, I hope that in the future font settings, to your coding help. Arial Arial is a set of sans-serif TrueType fonts that are distributed with multiple sets of Microsoft apps. Although the proportion and character weight (weight) and Helvetica are very similar, but Ari

Font applications for web development and web development Fonts

Font applications for web development and web development Fonts Font-family, a link that is easily overlooked, but directly affects the website experience. This article does not talk about technical details, but only about design principles.1. English name Try not to use the following statement: Font-family: "文 "," ";Using a Chinese name directly may cause suppo

Things about Web Fonts

I worked with a visual designer to develop a Web application. The design he submitted to me looked very sense, so I wrote the Web application in HTML and CSS based on his design. When I thought everything was done and too hectic the product to him, did you know what he said?   "You have done all wrong." ” Do. I didn't use the font according to his model, so he called me out and told me it was a very big m

Web page fonts in the Frontpage2000 production of the Web page to explain

Using HTML, we can make simple changes to the font size and shape, but we have to use CSS to control and create special effects. It allows you to more effectively control the appearance of the Web page and expands the ability to specify exactly where the page elements are positioned, look, and create special effects. Considering the use of FrontPage to make Web pages more people, at the same time it to othe

Web font @ font-face for Chinese fonts, web @ font-face

Web font @ font-face for Chinese fonts, web @ font-face Today is just getting started with the blog park, and I feel very fresh.A blog is displayed on the homepage.Http://'s about web text. It's pretty good.However, the front-end of B/S all hate Chinese

Import special fonts in Web pages @font-face properties

This article turns to pick Import special fonts in Web pages @font-face properties Front-end network (w3cfuns))In order to facilitate the use of their own to facilitate the special turn to pick@font-face is a module in CSS3, he is mainly to embed their own defined Web fon

Introduction to Web fonts and common font settings for Web pages

Web page font settings are different fromGraphic DesignOther media designs have more art fonts to choose from.BecauseWeb DesignNever assume that you are using a font on a client's computer. To make our pages look the same on most visitors ' computers. You must use the fonts that are available on most guest computers.Fonts in

Make Web fonts: CSS3 @font-face

@font-face is a module in CSS3, he is mainly to embed their own definition of Web fonts in your Web page, with the advent of @font-face module, we use fonts in the development of the web is not afraid to use only web-safe

Web Design development: How to handle Web page fonts

In the design and development process of Web pages, the most important thing is the visual effects of web pages, designers often spend a lot of energy to adjust the font and font size. With the CSS2 specification, fonts can be adjusted arbitrarily in Web pages or applications. This article explores the font size in dep

Chinese standard web Fonts

Standard Simplified Chinese web fonts: Windows OS X Blackbody: Simhei Holly Blackbody: Hiragino Sans GB [NEW for SNOW LEOPARD] Song Body: SimSun Chinese fine Black: Stheiti light [Stxihei] New song body: Nsimsun Chinese blackbody: Stheiti Imitation: Fangsong Chinese Italic: Stkaiti Italics: Ka

Experience Exchange Between serif and sans-serif fonts in web design

Howdy is applied to serif and sans-serif fonts in web design. Hello, everyone. It's me again ~ The last time we briefly talked about the font set and some basic issues that need attention. Today, we will continue to talk about the general font family mentioned last time ". The first is the most commonly used general font family serif and sans-serif. -Serif Serif indicates the font of the linefeed in terms

Use @font-face in front-end pages to display Web custom fonts "Go"

This article is transferred from W3cplus CSS @font-face@font-face is a module in CSS3, he is mainly to embed their own definition of Web fonts in your Web page, with the advent of @font-face module, we use fonts in the development of the web is not afraid to use only

The Current Situation and Future of Web Fonts

News source: arstechnica.comAs css3 becomes more popular, Web Fonts are becoming a topic. This will make the future Web more colorful technologies (or standards) have a variety of possibilities, though. webfont is about to be submitted to W3C, but its implementation is still in the foreseeable future, and it is painful to wait. Therefore, some companies have inte

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