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Win7 system under the IE8 on the Internet bank can not do how to do Win7 IE8 landing Online Banking Method Introduction

After upgrading Windows7, some users will be unable to IE8 on the landing bank, CCB and Guangdong Development Bank, and other banks online banking, which is likely to be the bank driver does not support the IE8, resulting in IE8 in the landing net silver when the correspondi

The online banking controls of China Merchants Bank have security risks!

Source: solidot I was surprised to solve this problem. Maybe you said the problem was not serious. I often used the account of China Merchants Bank to transfer funds and allocate funds before reading this article ......, Let me know ~~ "Install a driver similar to a Trojan to directly access the underlying hardware. Change the name of the driver and hide the DLL. When the Remote Desktop login is not prompted, disable the service and immediately restar

Construction Bank's online banking security policy

Security is the key and core of online banking applications of banks. In order to allow you to use online banking securely and securely, the Bank has formulated eight security policies to fully protect the security of your information and funds. 1. the text message service p

Bank of China Online Banking How to modify the password

After entering Bank of China Online Banking, click on "Personal customer net Silver login" Enter the user name, password, and authentication code. If it is the first time to use also need to download the installation of "online Bank login secur

Security Testing of online banking experience machines for Bank classified protection

Pax. Mac Team Core member Site: backgroundI recently wrote a document for my project and sorted out some testing methods in the Bank's classified protection. Many people think that terminal Hacking technology seems mysterious. In fact, I personally think that terminal Hacking technology relies mostly on luck. The Security Testing Process of the online banking experience machine

China Merchants Bank released the Mac platform browser online banking logon Control

China Merchants Bank finally launched the Mac platform browser online banking login control! Following the release of the Mac version Safari browser online banking logon control by ICBC in May April, China Merchants Bank also offi

PHP-implemented ECSHOP plug-in and use example for Bank of Communications online banking payment interface

This article mainly introduces the ECSHOP plug-in and use example for the online payment interface of Bank of Communications Network banking implemented by PHP. For more information, see Ecshop. Recently, a project called for online payment by Bank of Communications. ecsho

Bank of China Online banking how to log in

Bank of China's web site is: must remember to hit the WWW or will be prompted "This page is temporarily unable to open!" (Error code: 0X800C0005) "or Baidu" Bank of China "then click on the" official "link, as shown in the following figure: After entering the official website of the Bank of China, there is "personal customer Net

Use China Merchants Bank online banking Professional Edition in VirtualBox

Using China Merchants Bank online banking Professional Edition in VirtualBox this article describes how to use China Merchants Bank online banking Professional Edition in Ubuntu and VirtualBox environments. Environment: 1. Ubuntu

Solution for login failure of Bank of China Online Banking in win7

In IE of Windows 7, the use of the Bank of China's personal online banking login will make an error and force the tag to be disabled. This occurs after the control of the Bank of China is installed. It seems that the control of the Bank of China has not been tested on multip

Use China Merchants Bank online banking on Mac

To put it simply, the WAP version of online banking launched by China Merchants Bank is used on Mac. 1. Open safari on Mac, set preference to advanced-> display the "Development" menu in the menu bar, and disable preference. 2. Choose development> User Agent> mobile safari XXX-iPhone from the menu. 3. Input In this way, we successfu

Use China Merchants Bank online banking Professional Edition in virtualbox

This articleArticleIt describes how to use China Merchants Bank online banking Professional Edition in Ubuntu and virtualbox environments. Note: is my practice to write english blog site. Environment: 1. Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit desktop Edition 2. Oracle VM virtualbox 4.1.18 3. Install Windows XP in virtualbox Because China Mer

Junk Agriculture Bank online banking

Junk Agriculture Bank online banking Window7 + IE 9. The online banking page cannot be opened! 95599 calls were made many times, and the methods they provided have been tested. The certificate is good. You can

Bank of Communications Online Banking cannot enter the account and password. Why?

1. Go to "Bank of Communications online banking" in the browser and click the installation wizard.2. If you are an enterprise, you can select personal online banking for the individual, as shown below:3. After installation, we can see the security control. Then cli

China Merchants Bank's online Banking Professional Edition

China Merchants Bank's Online Banking Professional Edition A few days ago for a bank of China Merchants Bank USB disk drive, spent 88 yuan, last night idle boring, simple analysis, found some problems, Specific content please refer to: Http:// First of all, about

What should I do if the personal online banking certificate of the Agricultural Bank of China expires?

We opened the Agricultural Bank website, this Baidu search is the first and then we enter after the click "Personal Online Banking", enter your own information login. Here we use the certificate to login. At this point the system will prompt us to plug the K-Po to the USB interface. After the success of the certificate landing, we found in the perso

Bank of communications Online banking agent fee security control installation error what to do

The following figure is intercepted from the IE8 and should be similar to IE: 1, first the Bank of communications network to join the list of trusted sites. In Windows 7, open--〉 Control Panel--〉 Network and internet--〉internet options in turn2. In the pop-up dialog box, select the Security tab, and then click Trusted Sites, as shown in Figure 1. -Figure 1 To add Bank of communications personal network

In Windows 8.1, the IE 11 browser cannot enter the Bank of China's online banking password

1. We first open the IE11 browser into its "developer Tool" (press F12 to enter), and then in the pop-up interface we click on the left "simulation"-"Document Mode"-"7" (7 is Code IE7) 2. Then we will automatically refresh the IE browser, so that the compatibility mode. 3. So we can log on to Bank of China Bank online, such as the following password can also be

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