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China University mooc-Chen, He Chinming-data structure-2015 Autumn 02-LINEAR structure 1

The product and sum of the two unary polynomials are obtained by the design function respectively.Input format:Input is divided into 2 lines, each line is given the number of non-0 polynomial, and then the exponential degradation way to enter a polynomial non-0 coefficients and exponents (absolute value is not more than 1000 integers). The numbers are separated by a space.Output format:The output is divided into 2 rows, and the coefficients and exponents of the product polynomial and the polynom

China MOOC score--java

());a_2 = Beishu * R.geta ();b_2 = Beishu * R.GETB ();}return new fraction (a_1 + a_2, b_1);}Public fraction multiply (fraction r) {//multiplies its score and R's fraction to produce a new fraction object.return new Fraction (A_ * (R.geta ()), B_ * (R.GETB ()));}public void print () {//outputs itself as a "numerator/denominator" to the standard output with a carriage return with a newline. If the score is 1/1, you should output 1. When the numerator is greater than the denominator, there is no

Basic CSS knowledge (MOOC) and css knowledge (MOOC)

Basic CSS knowledge (MOOC) and css knowledge (MOOC) 1. Notes Annotation: Comments in CSS/* here is the annotated text */comments in HTML 2. external css styles, written in a separate file Note: Extension "is the extension. in    17. Summary of horizontal center-Method of undefined block elements There are three ways to center block elements with an indefinite width (these three methods are currently used

Imitation MOOC pull-down animation, imitation MOOC pull-down loading

Imitation MOOC pull-down animation, imitation MOOC pull-down loading Recently, I read a post on eoe in my animation project. Then I tried to load the animation on the imitation MOOC network. After all, the source code is not included in the post I saw. So I used the ps label myself. After implementation, it was actually quite simple, that is, the imationdrawable

MOOC (Massive Open online course)---------MOOC for everyone!

MOOC, massive open online courseIt is recommended that you choose a class platform, register your account and choose a course as a student, and experience the characteristics of the class.Domestic and foreign mainstream MU class platform: coursera: edx: futurelearn: Chinese University mooc: Academy Online:

Why are almost no computer courses taught in C language in MOOC?

. According to the curriculum arrangement and teaching requirements of most colleges and universities in China, mooc is not required for a simple language such as c. American universities are still teaching C. our school C is one of the six CS basics... If you do not want to learn, do not think about a track =. = The topic is full of Chinese universities that are too low and outdated. Which of the following

Why is there almost no computer course on MOOC that is taught in C language?

Reply content:--------------The problem has been modified, the following answer is for the original problem----------------------------------------- This question is very interesting to ask. "Why MOOCWithout C, and China UniversityInsist on teaching C? 」 The implication, Chinese universities to MOOC standard, to MOOC on par? First conclusion: 1.

Why are almost no computer courses taught in C language in MOOC?

noticed a word used by the subject: "Advanced C language course 」. I personally think that C is a very refined language. It does not have as many messy functions as C ++, and there are so many Java design patterns. The language itself has nothing to do with deep learning. You can see many C ++ and Java books on the market, but there are few C books. Moreover, coursera, edx, and many of the universities I know do not seem to have any "advanced courses" for learning a programming language. They o

The first MU lesson plan--promoting MOOC study at Guangdong Ocean University

Preface: This plan is to participate in the shell net "million have youth form plan", the original post website please click the link. Also hope that "3 days Call 50 recommendations 100 support"If you are interested in this program, please spenda minute(1)Click"The first MU lesson plan--promoting MOOC learning at Guangdong Ocean University", (2) using "QQ Account"Login to the shell Web, (3) Click" Support "," comment "or" share ".One small step, a big

"Linux kernel Analysis" MOOC course on how computers work from the assembly language perspective

PIRATEZGW Original works reproduced please specify the source "Linux kernel Analysis" MOOC course In fact, this is to deal with the work of the MOOC course, where the environment can not contact the Internet at any time, so submitted are relatively late, nonsense not much to say, into the topic. First, the operation of the experiment This is mainly in the Lin

Team Project-Beihang MOOC system Android Client NABC

Beihang MOOC System Android ClientNABC(N) Need requirementsMooc's full name is massive open online Course, known as a large open web course. In 2012, the top universities in the United States set up Web-based learning platforms, offering free courses online, the rise of Coursera, Udacity and EdX's three courses providers, providing more students with the possibility of systematic learning. In February 2013, the National University of Singapore, in col

Primary knowledge of functions in C language (male god Onke teacher Mooc)

)Before the program runs into this block, the variable does not exist, leaving the block, where the variable disappears.The variables defined outside the block are still valid inside.The variables inside the block that define the same name as the outside cover the outsideYou cannot define a variable with the same name within a blockLocal variables are not initialized by defaultWhen there are no parameters(void)Comma operatorPunctuation in parentheses when calling a function, not an operatorF (A,

Chinese University Mooc | Introduction to C language Programming 8th week programming Practice Onge

1 Word Length (4 points)Topic content:Your program reads a line of text, separated by a space into several words, to '. ' End. You want to output the length of each word in this line of text. The words here are not language-related, and can include various symbols, such as "it's" to count a word, length 4. Note that there may be contiguous spaces in the row.Input format:Enter a line of text in a row to '. ' End, the ending period cannot be counted within the length of the last word.Output format

C ++ learning notes (From MOOC)

C ++ learning notes (From MOOC) (MOOC video learning-C ++ departure study memo)1: The default value of the function parameter, which can only be on the rightmost side. If there are three parameters and only one of them has a default value, this is incorrect.Write the default value when declaring a function. Do not write the default value when defining the function. (Some compilers may encounter errors .)2:

[MOOC Notes] Chapter 1 Introduction (data structure)

, Are equivalent toBasic commands. In the progressive sense, the two are roughly the same. The main method for complexity analysis: 1. iteration: Sum of Series 2. recursion: recursive tracking + recursive equation 3. Prediction + Verification Level complexity: Arithmetic series Same level as last square Power Series Level 1 higher than power Geometric Series Same level as last Convergence level O (1) Geometric Distribution O (1)

"MOOC EXP" Linux Kernel Analysis experiment Seven report

EllisOriginal Blog"Linux kernel Analysis" MOOC course loading of executable programsKnowledge Point GroomingI. Preprocessing, compiling, linking, and formatting of the target filehow the executable is derived C source code (. c) is compiled into assembler code (. asm) through compiler preprocessing Assembly code is compiled by the assembler into the target code (. O) Linki

"Mooc notes" JSP basic syntax

encoding: Iso-8859-1 Cases: @page Language="Java"Import="java.util.*"ContentType="Text/html;charset=utf-8"%>JSP annotationsHTML comments : comments on the JSP page I'm an HTML comment - The client is visible and the page does not appearJSP Comment: JSP script Comments:// Single-line comment /* Multi-line comments */JSP scriptJava code executed in the JSP page, written in the JSP tag Cases: // single-line comment Out.printlin (" Hello everyone!") "); %>JSP declarationDefine va

Listen to Onge teacher Mooc notes (5)--pointers and arrays

* operator we know is to do with the pointer, is to take out the point where the pointer refers to the value, or the array can be done. If there is an array can also say *a=25, we test this thing, the result is *a for 1120, visible *a readable can be written, in short, can be used as pointers.The array variable is a const pointer, as mentioned in the previous array, if the definition of two arrays, int a[],int b[], so that b=a is not possible, between the array can not be assigned value. So whe

Introduction to MOOC Programming in Chinese Universities--c language: Third week quiz

1 Bits value 32 16 8 4 2 1 Your program reads a nonnegative integer, the range of integers is [0,1000000], and then calculates the binary number that represents the parity by the above algorithm, outputting its corresponding decimal value.tip: To decompose integers from right to left, the digits are added each time 1 , and the binary value is multiplied each time 2 . Input Format :A nonnegative integer in which the range of integers is [

If MOOC is improperly set, any user password can be reset.

If MOOC is improperly set, any user password can be reset. Research on Password Reset Vulnerability of any user indicates Resetting Password post content active is mailbox +, + the timestamp linkid is six digits, these six digits are the first three or four in a certain period of time, 5 digits are the same, so only the numbers to be cracked are 1-3 digits. One is hr qq and the other is random 123wsx.First, send a password reset emai

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