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How to create an ID for an Apple ipad? How to register an Apple ID for iPad Air

Step 1: register an Apple ID account1. We registered the Apple id directly on the iPad Air. On the iPad Air interface, click "set"2. Click "iTunes Store and App Store" on the right side, and then you will see the "create an Apple ID" icon in the

How to recover after the ipad escape? How to solve the ipad mini jailbreak white Apple?

Prepare to prepare the software 1. Jailbreak white Apple on behalf of the escape failed, we just from the recovery system on it, we go to the official download a latest version of the itunes software, installed in the computer. 2. After installing itunes, we connect the ipad Mini with the USB port on the computer. Restore the IPAD system First, we have to t

IPhone and iPad development practices-Apple should use this book as the official iPhone and iPad development book

New version of iPhone development practicesRich examples, close to practiceIn-depth analysis of iPhone and iPad core featuresIPhone and iPad development practices Basic InformationOriginal Title: iPhone and iPad in actionOriginal Publishing House: Manning publicationsAuthor: (US) Brandon trebitowski Christopher AllenTranslator: Zhang Bo, Chen Baoguo, Gao WeiSeri

How Apple iPad Air upgrades Ios7.1?ipad Air Upgrade ios7.1 Tutorial

window on the IPad icon, as shown in the picture 3, in the management summary, we click the "Update" button 4, then itunes will detect your ipad Air and its latest version is not the same, if you are not the latest version will remind you "Update", we click the "Update" button can be. 5, the update process has stated that we can only update the agreement. 6. When the ITunes download is complete

What about Apple's ipad flash-back? ipad tablet Flash Resolution

1. We first connect the ipad Mini original cable to the computer, as shown in the following figure. 2. Then we Baidu search "pp Assistant" Download and installed in the computer, and then click PP Assistant, waiting for PP assistant to connect the IPad Mini device 3. Waiting for PP Assistant to connect with the computer after the success of our click on the right to see the "click to repair" flash-bac

How does the Apple ipad react slowly? The ipad responds slowly to the solution

1.ipad reaction slow The first thing to think about is the lack of memory of the machine, you can delete some of the video, songs and unused documents, so you can improve the reaction speed 1. For the Apple players who have escaped from the game, the way to deal with the memory is more simple to use the online Apple Helper software search for the deletion of thi

How does the Apple ipad Air connect to the computer? ipad Connection Computer method

How to connect Apple ipad Air to computer 1 first go to the Apple website to download the latest version of itunes installed on the computer. Or directly Baidu search "itunes download." itunes is when your device is connected to your computer, the computer's hardware is driven, only when the computer is installed Itunes,ipad

Six major upgrades for Apple's new iPad

Test Apple's new iPad Apple's new product launch conference was held on time at on July 15, March 8, Beijing time. The debut of brand new Apple TV, Apple iOS 5.1, and Apple iPad also failed to meet the expectations of global consumers. The most eye-catching star of this Conf

Iphone6 Plus/ipad Air jailbreak can be guaranteed? The apple is angry iphone/ipad jailbreak not warranty

iphone6 plus/ipad Air jailbreak can be guaranteed? Officials have been stating that the equipment after the jailbreak is no longer covered by the warranty service. Unauthorized modifications to the iphone software violate the iphone software licensing agreement, and Apple has repeatedly stressed the "harm" that escapes can bring to the device. So what's the "harm" after prison break? The authorities gave

Recommended for 6 Apple iPad tablets in 2015

Apple Tablet PC recommended one: IPad Pro Reference price: from 5000 yuan Recommended reasons: Optional keyboard and stylus, dual-frequency WiFi, fingerprint identification, high-performance IPad Pro is Apple's September iphone 6s launch of the new generation of large-screen tablet computer, the use of aluminum-magnesium alloy metal body, the fuselage thickness o

Apple Iphone/ipad Battery Maintenance skills Detailed

account. To turn off an account, go to Settings > mail, Address Book, calendar, select an e-mail account, and then close it. To delete an account, go to Settings > mail, Address Book, calendar, select an e-mail account, and then click "Delete Account".11. Manage the use of downloaded applications: use of certain applications (such as games) that make the screen dim or close, or applications that use location-based services, can shorten the battery's time to use. Terminology required 1. " Batt

Is it a stick or a creative apple why push a big screen ipad?

August 28 News, the major media recently released Apple may release next year 12.9-inch ipad news, the technology blog Mashable published a commentary on the use of this product analysis. The article argues that Apple may want to use it to tap into the corporate market, and that the news is a sign that Apple's policy has changed and become more focused on consume

About the recent popular "quick Apple assistant" and "PP assistant" flash back problems with genuine software

Original article address: about the recent popular "quick Apple assistant" and "PP assistant" flash back problems with genuine software I'm afraid who said that I am a fool, and I'll talk about it first. The following content is speculation. It's just speculation. Well, at least I think it's logical. After ios6 came out, many of my friends couldn't help upgrading. It seems that many people now have all kin

Game: The competition between Proview and Apple's iPad trademark case

Recently, I heard that Proview has applied to the industrial and commercial departments to remove Apple's iPad from multiple cities, and several cities have already done so, in addition, the industrial and commercial departments detained 45 ipad2. Apple's first-case trial of iPad infringement case has been rejected. The second-case trial is currently in progress, but in the current form, Proview has won, th

Apple: IP update stopped on iPad/iPhone OS 3.2

, it should not be a problem with their network, because their network only handles iPad with problems generated within one day, and they can repeat the problem-if they are interested, they can repeat the "Steps to reproduce" reproduction process they described. At the same time, students from the school complained that the school's network management is too strict. For example, if any iPhone is installed with remote control software, it will be

Why HTML5 makes Apple discard Flash from the iPad Platform

HTML5 is why Apple has abandoned Flash on the iPad platform. This is not surprising. IPhone and iPad reject Flash. It can also be seen that Steve Jobs wants to snatch a certain market from Adobe. Recently, Flash was supported by Apple and Adobe. In my opinion, Apple's current choice should not be because of Steve Jobs'

How to install the game software after the Apple ipad escapes?

Apple ipad after the jailbreak how to install software, this problem may have many friends will worry about installing software, in fact, Apple ipad jailbreak installation software is very simple, the following small set to give you a summary of some commonly used methods. Method One: Use Cydia source to install softw

IPhone, ipad How to enable Apple Pay

First, use the following Apple equipment: Second, the Apple Equipment system version meets the following requirements: iOS9.2 and above versions, Apple Watch OS2.1 and above Credit or debit card with Apple Pay Bank card: ABC, Beijing Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Bank of Guangzhou, Ningbo Bank, Shanghai

Apple product time release table stats (IPhone, iPad), and instructions for 32-bit and 64-bit machines

Before for some reason, the Apple family's phone and pad products need to do a time-to-market sequencing, and analysis of what kind of CPU modelSummarized as follows:ipad family:1, iPad-2010.1.27 release2, IPad 2-2011.3.3 released3. IPad Mini-2012 released at the end of the year4,

IPad 1,2 is an enlarged version of the iphone Apple is a profiteers

mainstream tablet configuration while keeping the price low. Why is price important? Critical Capacity The product enters the brand-new market, has a critical capacity (critical mass). For example, Japan's digital TV (Japan is mainly LCD TV). 2003 can be bought, but from 03 to 06 in 4 years, sales were flat, less than 20% households bought digital TV. But 07-10 years, the same four years, the penetration rate has suddenly surpassed 70%. (2011 years analog signal off the air factor) Once th

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