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IIS6 the safest and most reliable way to configure PHP _php tutorials

IIS6 the safest and most reliable way to configure PHP Although the LAMP combination is good, if you want to set up a WEB hosting server that supports PHP, ASP, ASP, JSP, Perl, or Windows 2003, IIS 6 is the best. There are a lot of articles on the

Introduction to the knowledge and method of ADSL speed bandwidth testing

ADSL Speed Bandwidth Test ADSL more and more popular, our country installs ADSL broadband family user's growth rate is very fast. ADSL Internet has become an important part of our lives. To this end, we should learn more about ADSL broadband

Web site to establish a cycle of eco-system guidance ranking stability into the home page (iii)

On a "web site to establish a cycle of eco-system guidance ranking stability into the home page (ii)" The article mainly learned the basic code and the promotion of the chain outside the site, through the two major role of learning can help the site

The most valuable 50-way Java face test is suitable for access to Java programmer _java

The following is a comprehensive revision of the original Java face test set and answers to the questions and answers, the original topic has a lot of repeated topics and worthless topics, there are a lot of reference to the answer is also wrong,

"Large Web site Technology Architecture" Reading notes

Large Web site Architecture evolution Major web site's attention indicators Highly Available Performance Easy to expand Scalable Safety Features of large websites High concurrency, large flow Highly

Plan high availability and site recovery

Microsoft ExchangeServer2010 includes a new unified framework for mailbox recovery, which includes some new features, such as database availability Group (DAG) and mailbox database copy. Although these new features can be deployed quickly and easily,

For PHP application speed, speed up, and then speed! Part 1th

For PHP application speed, speed up, and then speed! , part 1th: Improving performance and throughput using opcode caching software In a very short time, PHP became a very popular programming language for developing WEB applications. For beginners,

How to do the site backup is a qualified webmaster

If you are a webmaster, you must know what the site means for the webmaster. In the face of the complex network environment, every webmaster in order to ensure the normal operation of the site, need to add Shipi carefully. But a lot of things we can'

Mobile Site Performance Optimization: Web page loading

Original link: to the environmental limitations of mobile devices, such as low bandwidth, high latency, small memory, low processor performance, etc., forcing developers to find ways to optimize the

Slow speed???

From a quality-of-service perspective, the home Network service is largely dependent on bandwidth, assuming that other factors are not considered. Although bandwidth is important for Web content users, it is not the only important metric. As we all

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