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IIS6 the safest and most reliable way to configure PHP _php tutorials

IIS6 the safest and most reliable way to configure PHP Although the LAMP combination is good, if you want to set up a WEB hosting server that supports PHP, ASP, ASP, JSP, Perl, or Windows 2003, IIS 6 is the best. There are a lot of articles on the

Reliable XML Web Service (1)

Web|xml Reliable XML Web Service Eric Schmidt Microsoft corporation,xml Core Services Group, project manager December 11, 2001 Download the sample code for this column. Note: To download the code associated with this article, you need to: Visual

Use the command line tool Speedtest-CLI to test your upstream/downstream network speed

Use the command line tool Speedtest-CLI to test your upstream/downstream network speed We often need to check whether the network between the home and the Office is connected. What should we do? Open the website and start the test. The

Introduction to the knowledge and method of ADSL speed bandwidth testing

ADSL Speed Bandwidth Test ADSL more and more popular, our country installs ADSL broadband family user's growth rate is very fast. ADSL Internet has become an important part of our lives. To this end, we should learn more about ADSL broadband

Temporarily optimized reliable UDP programs

In the previous simple and reliable UDP transmission, the Basic reliability was achieved, but the dynamic traffic control was not implemented. At that time, it was for simplicity and quick implementation. Of course, simple computing servers can also

How to test the network speed and data throughput of a LAN

The most common problem for network administrators is the network connection problem. Maybe the computer of the company's employees cannot access the Internet, so we can detect the problem through a few simple steps, however, there is a network

The most valuable 50-way Java face test is suitable for access to Java programmer _java

The following is a comprehensive revision of the original Java face test set and answers to the questions and answers, the original topic has a lot of repeated topics and worthless topics, there are a lot of reference to the answer is also wrong,

Reconstructing notes--building test system

This article is in the study summary, welcome reprint but please specify Source: a programmer, I do not know whether you are in the development process or even do not write test procedures,

For PHP application speed, speed up, and then speed! Part 1th

For PHP application speed, speed up, and then speed! , part 1th: Improving performance and throughput using opcode caching software In a very short time, PHP became a very popular programming language for developing WEB applications. For beginners,

Select the most appropriate template in the PHP world-compare PHPLIBTemplate and FastTemplat

The template application in the PHP project is a good way to handle the presentation layer recommended in medium-sized or large projects. However, the implementation of the template requires a comparison of the existing template technologies. In the

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