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Flash line and curve motion effects for copying screensavers

Polyline Motion Effect: Create a new MC component and write the following code on the MC timeline:this._x = this._y = 0; Total = 5; MyColor = random (0XFFFFFF); Speed = 5; for (i = 0; i Createemptymovieclip ("MC" + I, I); This["MC" + i]._y = random (stage.height); This["MC" + i]._x = random (stage.width); This["MC" + I].XSP = random (speed) + 5; This["MC" + I].YSP = random (speed) + 5; } Onenterframe = function () { r = Math.floor (random (5)); g = M


coordinates where the position appears ASelf.xpos = Random.randint (ten, int (scrnwidth)-20) atSelf.ypos = Random.randint (ten, int (scrnheight)-20) - - #define the speed of the ball motion - #simulate motion: Constantly erase the original picture and redraw it in a new place - #here the xvelocity simulates the x-axis direction of motion

How to set hidden options for a Windows7 screensavers program

Screen saver Many people will use, after leaving the computer for a period of time, through it to prevent the screen for a long time to display the same screen, to extend the life of the purpose, together with the recovery password can also play the purpose of avoiding other people to use the computer. Microsoft is also in favor of this approach, so in each version of the operating system with a number of simple screen saver program, user-friendly. Perhaps some people like the small weave, like

Mining Windows7 Hide screensavers, make the desktop more dazzling

Windows Vista and Windows 7 add more "nice" elements to desktop screensavers, desktop themes, and more than Windows XP. Especially in Windows 7, a bubble screensaver from the system is more popular with users. But you may not know, in addition to Windows 7 default bubble screensaver, Microsoft also hides a different, more dazzling windows 7 "Upgrade" bubble screensaver. Figure 1:windows 7 's Bubble screensaver

Linux cancels screensavers

Ubuntu defaults to 10 minutes to get into the screensaver. I use Ubuntu server12.04, because there is no desktop, can only use the command. As follows: Setterm-blank 0//Disable screensaver Setterm-blank 1//1 minutes after the start screensaver Settern is the system comes with the command, the function is quite powerful, specifically available setterm--help view.such as: Setterm-dump 1//Get 1 screen information, to obtain 2 screen information, Setterm-dump 2 can be.But the above the turn off scre

Modify the registry to change your Windows 7 screensavers

Compared to the xp,win7 with the screensaver more beautiful, but see a long time is also a bit greasy, through simple modification, we can play a different pattern! Let the bubble screensaver turn into a balloon screensaver Win7 Since with bubble screensaver, it looks not so good-looking, decisively to modify it! First run Registry Editor regedit, and then enter the Hkey_current_user→software→microsoft→windows→currentversion→screensavers, Right-cli

One button to find the Win7 hidden balls screensavers

In each of us in the bottom of our hearts, all want their own computers are different, if there is no way to different, but also try to set a different effect, such as Win7 theme can be different, wallpapers, sounds, icons ... And the screensaver, which is the screen saver. In Windows7 's own screensaver, "bubbles" are loved by everyone. Perhaps you do not know, Win7 in addition to the default bubble screensaver, but also hides a different, more dazzling "upgrade version" bubble

Why Master Lu should turn off Screensavers

need to cope with changing and the color details of the screen saver, CPU, hard disk and video card workload may be higher than the usual application, for sometimes use battery-powered laptops, this time the screen saver is undoubtedly a large battery consumption. Therefore, do not use screensavers for users who use the flat panel monitor and notebook computer. Of course, no matter what monitor is used, when it is possible to leave the computer for

Win7 How the computer sets up screensavers

In order to our computer health, in order to our battery can have a longer life, even the system has its own dormant procedures, not to mention our own, is sure to put this dormant plan to the end. But sleep does not affect our Win7 64-bit pure version of the aesthetic degree, is not it? Want to know how to set up screensavers for Win7 computer? Below, small make up to demonstrate, want to set personalized screensaver friends, may wish to take a look

How to make screensavers with photos

on the iSEE toolbar and select the Compose album Screensavers command from its drop-down menu. Click the Add Delete command in the open window to add the photo you just took. If you want background music, you can also add it by using the Add background Music command on the Add delete menu. After the picture is added, you only need to make Basic settings and picture display underneath the window, with special attention to the display size setting,

Problems encountered in copying and making of cell phone screensavers

Cell phone screensaver copy, in the production of the project was originally used AI made an icon is the middle circle of that kind of table style, but after the completion of AI production saved as EPS format, once again through the PS open found that the content is not changed into a circular white circle, and then have tried several times, or there is this problem , but in the AI I tried to add a square color to save EPS format in the white icon opened with PS in the but can not be separated,

Ubuntu Computer Basics: Desktop background, screensavers and power

; 2 in the second "show" in the bar, drag the slider to 15 minutes, that is, 15 minutes without action, the monitor off, If the impact of watching movies, can be dragged to the far right "never"; 3 and then click on the "General" label, look at the other settings, generally do not modify what, if you want to modify, remember what was originally; 4) Point "Off" button, the power and screensaver completed the settings; Ubuntu Computer Operating Basics-deskt

JavaScript motion framework multi-value motion (4) and javascript motion framework

JavaScript motion framework multi-value motion (4) and javascript motion framework Multi-value movement, that is, for an object, not only is one of the attribute values changing, but also many, such as width, height, Font, transparency, and so on. Of course, there is a problem with the multi-value games, that is, when the timer is closed! Of course, only when all

Flash MX 2004 Instance making video tutorials: Clock screensavers (medium)

tutorials | clock | video Tutorials   section 27th: clock Screensaver (medium)   Course Objectives: make a "clock" dynamic painted screen   Lesson points: use motion tween and flash ActionScript scripting technology to create a clock screensaver. This is the second section of this example tutorial. Watch Tutorials: [ Full screen view ] (1.97MB)  (Flash Player 7.0 or later must be installed, [ official Download ] ) Download Tutorials: [ Download Tutori

Linux Terminal interface Screensavers

Tags: official website ati command Execution Instructions feed RMS NTS graph DOMLinux Terminal interface ScreensaversIn the knowledge of many Linux users, it is assumed that the Linux interface under the terminal is not screensavers, and that only screensavers are available under the graphical interface like Windows. But in fact, Linux is also a screensaver, but is an ASCII screensaver. The following is to

How to make Windows7 system screensavers more versatile

Win7 has a cool screensaver that many users like, but these screensavers can be tedious to watch for a long time. So how do you make screensavers more beautiful and colorful? Now let's teach you a little trick. Let the bubble screensaver turn into a balloon screensaver Win7 Since with bubble screensaver, it looks not so good-looking, decisively to modify it! First run Registry Editor regedit, and then

Samsung S6 Edge Slow motion video how to use? S6 Edge Slow Motion video tutorial

1. Samsung S6 Edge Slow motion in the mobile phone's "camera", we click on the desktop camera can enter.2. In the camera this we click on "mode" as shown below.3. In the mode interface you will see a lot of options, we click on "Slow motion."4. OK, let's click on the "Record" button to start recording.5. When the recording is complete, click the "Stop" button.6. All right, we took the slow

Javascript Perfect Motion Framework--line by row analysis code, so you can easily understand the principle of motion

As soon as we hear the name, we can see that the effect of this framework on the Internet is basically achievable. In fact, the previous frame of motion has its limitations, that is, it is impossible to allow several values to move.How can we solve this problem? Let's take a look at the previous motion frame. function getStyle(obj, name) { if(Obj.currentstyle) {returnObj.currentstyle[name]; }Else{returng

Javascript Chain Motion Framework--line by row analysis code, let you easily the principle of motion

The so-called chain movement, is tied up. Many of our movements actually refer to stages, the first phase is complete, and the next stage begins to move. This chain of motion framework is used to deal with these problems.Let's take a look at the previous motion framework, and here's the JavaScript code function getStyle(obj, name) { if(Obj.currentstyle) {returnObj.currentstyle[name]; }Else{returngetCompu

JavaScript acceleration motion and deceleration motion

Accelerating motion, that is, an object moving faster and faster, slowing down, that is, when an object moves more and more slowly. Now, using JavaScript to simulate these two effects, the principle is to use setinterval or settimeout to dynamically change the distance between an element and another element, such as or, and then each time after each movement to increase the speed, so that the effect of accelerated

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