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Reprint + Pruning: Algorithm explained dynamic programing--interval DP [variant: Ring DP]

Found a good article, unfortunately found some places have typesetting problems. So changed, and added some of their own content.Original linkA summary of the interval DP and its variable ring DP.First, let's start with an example.Stone Merge Title Description DescriptionThere are n heap of stones in a row, each pile of stones have a weight of w[i], each merge can merge adjacent two piles of stones, the cost of a merger is the weight of two piles of s

POJ 3176 (DP Pyramid) _ Dynamic Programming DP

Cow Bowling Time limit:1000ms Memory limit:65536k Total submissions:17271 accepted:11531 Description the cows don ' t use actual bowling balls when they go bowling. They each take A/number (in the range 0..99), though, and line up in a standard bowling-pin-like as this: 7 3 8 8 , 1 0 2 7 4 4 4 5 2 6 5Then the other cows traverse the triangle starting the ' its tip and moving ' down ' to one of the two diagonally adjacent Co WS until the "bottom" row is reached

HDU 4359 Easy Tree DP? (is DP but not tree DP + combo count)

HDU 4359Test instructions: Define the Bear tree as a binary tree, this binary tree each node has a weight, the range is 2^0~2^n-1, and each value is only used once, for each node, if there are both left and right subtree, then the weight of the Zuozi and to be less than the weight of the rights subtree and. Number of Bear tree with N and Level D.Ideas:2^0 + 2^1 + ... + 2^n According to this property, we can conclude that the maximum weight node must be on the right subtree, and as long as there

[CTSC2017] longest ascending self-sequence (pseudo-puzzle) (tree array +DP set dp+ minimum cost maximum flow +johnson Shortest path +yang_tableau)

Part of the practice is many, but every thought out of one also more 5~10 points. The positive solution is not yet, the following are a variety of partial approaches:Subtask 1:k=1The length of the LCS is up to 1, which means that there is no j>i and a[j]>a[i] at the same time. is obviously an LDS, the tree-like array directly to ask.Subtask 2:k=2Up to two, which can be combined by two LCS, F[i][j] indicates that the first LCS ends with I, the second is the number of scenarios ending with J, and

Rokua P1004 Check Number "multithreading dp/four-dimensional dp/"

obtained.Input and Output sample input sample #: Copy3 6 ( 5) 4 145 2 215 6 3 157 2 0 0Output Example # #: Replication67DescriptionNOIP 2000 Improvement Group Fourth question"Analysis":1th: Open four-dimensional array:Take two paths as two people at the same time,There are four coordinates, respectively, for two persons.Vertical and horizontal coordinates, with the same four for loop.2nd: Decision-making:There are four ways to go:(bottom, bottom), (bottom, right),(right, bottom), (right, ri

[DP set DP-shaped pressure] HDU4899. Hero Meet DEVIL__DP

Learn a DP set DP #include

BZOJ4197 Sushi Dinner (NOI2015)-pressure dp+ number theory __ Dynamic Programming-State compression DP

Test Address: Sushi Dinnerprocedure: The subject needs to use the pressure dp+ number theory.Considering n n n Small, we find that the problem condition is equivalent to the set of mass factors of the number chosen by two persons. So we let F (i,j,k) F (i, J, K) F (i,j,k) take into account the number of former I I I, where the first person takes the number of the mass factor set for J J J, the second The number of people taken by the mass factor set o

2017 Guangdong University of Technology Program design Competition final Problem G: equal concave number (Palindrome + digital DP) __ palindrome number bit DP

Problem G: Concave digitsDescriptionDefine a number called a concave number, that is, from high to position, the number of each digit first does not increment again and again is not descending, and the number is a palindrome number, that is, from left to right and read from right to left is the same, only to form a concave peak, such as 543212345,5544334455 is a valid concave number , 543212346,123321,111111 is not a concave number. Now ask you [l,r] how many concave figures there are. InputThe

ACM DP Classic Topic Ski problem DP Memory search recursion

Skiing Problems It's not surprising that Michael likes to ski, because skiing is really exciting. But to get the speed, the slippery area must tilt downward, and when you slide to the bottom, you have to go up the slope again or wait for the lift to load you. Michael wants to know the longest bottom landslide in a region. The area is given by a two-dimensional array. Each digit of the array represents the height of the point. Here is an example 1 2 3) 4 516 17 18) 19 615 24 25) 20 714 23 22) 21

Bestcoder Round #75 King ' s Order DP: Digital DP

We regard strings is the same if and only if all charactor is the same place of these, the strings. Input The first line contains a number T (T≤10)--the number of the the test cases. For each test case, the first line and the only line contains a positive number n (n≤2000). Output For each test case, print a single number as the answer. Sample Input Copy 2 2 4Sample Output Copy 676 456950 hint: All the order of that have length 2 is legal. The answer is 26*26. For the order, the has length 4

Hdoj 4906 Our happy ending pressure DP (digital DP?) instructionsn number of sequences, each number can choose to fill 0-l, if a sequence can select some number, their and K, then this sequence is a "good sequence", given nAnalysis:N and K are very small, so try to use this feature (like pressure). Search? )。 Although L is large, but in fact a number greater than k, it is certainly not possible to elect him to form K. Let's consider LThen you can't think of it.OK, let's see the puzzle.The current

Android Multi-Screen adapter DP and PX are best used with DP

Android Multi-screen adapter for DP and PX relationshipsPeople have always asked me, Android multi-screen adaptation in the end is how to do, I do not know how to explain clearly, perhaps I am also quite confused.The following conclusions are mainly based on the analysis of the official documents Https:// due to fragmentation is too serious, and led to a very large number of kinds of mob

Beans (DP, two-time DP)

-row DP, one-to-column DP;Java timed out ... C would notCode:import Java.util.Scanner; Public classBeans {Static intA[] =New int[200010], dp[] =New int[200010], dp[] =New int[200010], b[] =New int[200010]; Public Static voidMain (string[] Argvs) {intM, N; Scanner Cin=NewScanner (System.inch); while(Cin.hasnext ()) {M

Pre-bedtime small dp-hdu3853-probability dp Monkey Shochu MadokaDefined as Dp[i][j] position for the magic value of ij expected, can be found dp[i][j] = dp[i][j]*p1[i][j]+dp[i][j+1]*p2[i][j]+dp[i+1][j]*p3[i][j]+2The last can be expressed as1.0/(1-p[x][y][0]) * (p[

One Hdu 1438 key count (DP _ state compression DP)

A key has N slots, with a depth of 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each key has at least three different depths and at least one pair of connected slots. The depth difference is 3. Calculate the total number of such keys. Solution: You can use status DP to write this recursive question. It is really nice to use status DP, but programming is slightly complicated. Dp [I] [j] [k] [

HDU 4003 find metal mineral (DP _ tree dp (Backpack ))

Question link: PID = 1, 4003 Given a tree with N nodes, traversing each number of edges requires cost. Now, given K robots, we need to use these K robots to traverse the entire tree, minimum and cost, n Solution: tree-like DP + grouping backpack. The grouping backpack in this question is not a general choice of at most one item, but must be selected and can only be selected. The specific analysis will be conduct

[DP _ tree DP album] [last updated on April 9, September 9]

Tree, a very beautiful data structure, because it has a progressive nature, so it and the subtree can pass a lot of information to each other, because it can be used as a restricted graph to perform more operations on the above, various trees are used in different places, such as binary tree, triple tree, static Search Tree, and AVL Tree, line Segment tree, splay tree, suffix tree, Etc .. There are so many types of data structures that I just want to talk about in the tree. This album only targe

Poj 3254 Corn Fields (DP _ state compression DP)

Given a matrix of n * m, there are numbers 0 and on the matrix, which indicate that the coordinates can be placed. The objects to be placed cannot be adjacent. How many put methods are there? N, m Solution: In simple state DP, dp [I] [j] indicates the number of methods in which things are placed on line I. j is the sum of several binary numbers, indicates which columns are placed with things.Then perform re

DP album a-rebuilding roads [tree DP]

The second tree-like DP question, read other people's code, read it for one afternoon to understand, not getting started yet ~ Question: When there are N points to form a tree, how many sides should be deleted to obtain a subtree with P nodes? Ideas: Set DP [I] [k] as the root node and generate a subtree with K nodes. The number of edges to be cut off. DP [I] [1

Poj 2378 Tree Cutting (DP _ Tree DP)

Given a tree with n nodes, if you delete a node so that the number of the remaining largest branch nodes is smaller than half of the total number of nodes, the deletion will burst, total number of deleted methods. Solution: Tree DP. the first deep search record the total number of child nodes (including the current node) from the current node (including the current node), the first time the pre-processing is calculated, the complexity is O (N ), the s

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