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"Mouse Keyboard Recorder" v2.1

This is a simple mouse keyboard recorder, more than the AutoScriptWriter.exe AHK comes in handy. ;-------------------------------------- ; "Mouse Keyboard Recorder" v2.1 by Feiyue; This script belongs to the Fool Type Automatio

Keyboard and mouse macro handling--key wizard Let's not repeat work _ use tutorial

Every day, we turn on the first thing is open Foxmail receipt letter, and then open QQ to see Friends of the message ..., but every day to repeat these fixed operations, is also a bit tired of it? Oh, "Key Wizard" is a keyboard and mouse macro processing software, we can use it to make keyboard and

Universal Mouse Recorder How to use the Universal Mouse Recorder tutorial

Often to the computer work friends, if the mouse has memory function can save a lot of time, this article is to recommend a small series of tools called the Universal mouse Recorder, the Universal mouse recorder how to use? The following small series for everyone to bring th

C + + keyboard Recorder code _c language

This example describes the C + + keyboard Recorder program. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The main program is as follows: is based on the dialog frame, plus all the Onhookkey functions, Copy Code code as follows: Long Cmaindialog::onhookkey (WPARAM WPARAM, LPARAM LPARAM)/handling Custom messages { Char szkey[80]={0}; Getkeynametext (LParam

How to use the Universal mouse recorder

Universal Mouse Keyboard Recorder is mainly focused on the application of easy game, suitable for online games, play strange and automatic blood and other applications. Users can use it to accomplish some relatively simple tasks that require constant repetition. Universal Mouse Re

[Go] mouse and keyboard emulation API

location.Mouse_event (mouseeventf_rightdown,0,0,0,0);//Simulate pressing the right mouse button.Mouse_event (mouseeventf_rightup,0,0,0,0);//Simulate release the right mouse button.2. Keyboard Simulation TechnologyIn many games, not only the operation of the mouse is provided, but also the operation of the

C # simulate keyboard and mouse events

this.richTextBox1.Focus(); SendKeys.Send("+{End}"); }See the description of the method. public class SendKeys : System.Object System. Windows. Forms Member Abstract: Provides the method to send a key-click to an application. public static void Send ( System.String keys ) Member of system. Windows. Forms. sendkeys Abstract: Send a key to the activity application. public static void Sleep ( System.TimeSpan timeout ) System. Threading. Thread Member Abs

Go C # simulates keyboard mouse events

this.richTextBox1.Focus (); for (int i=65;i  Look at the description of the methodClass SendKeys:System.Object Members of the System.Windows.FormsSummary:Provides methods for sending keystrokes to an application. void Send (System.String keys) Members of the System.Windows.Forms.SendKeysSummary:Sends keystrokes to the active application. void Sleep (System.TimeSpan timeout) Members of the System.Threading.ThreadSummary:Blocks the current thread for a specified time.void Flush ( )

Operate the computer without a single mouse or keyboard

do not need to "play automatically" when inserting a CD" Feature shift insertion CD-ROM Copy a file and press Ctrl to drag the file. Create a shortcut and press Ctrl + shift to drag the file Delete A project immediately without putting it in Shift + Delete "Recycle bin" Show "Search: All Files" F3 Display the project shortcut menu application key Refresh window content F5 Rename project F2 Select All projects Ctrl + View Project Properties Alt + enter or Alt + double-click The application key c

C # simulate mouse. Simulate Keyboard Events

. richtextbox1.focus ();For (INT I = 65; I {Char letter = (char) I; sendkeys. send (letter. tostring (); system. threading. thread. sleep (1, 100); sendkeys. flush () ;}for (INT I = 97; I Take a look at the description of the method. Public class sendkeys: system. Object System. Windows. Forms member Summary: provides a method to send a key-click to the application. Public static void send (system. String keys) member Summary of system. Windows. Forms. sendkeys: Send a key to an active applicat

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