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Cocos2d-x Project 101 Encounters: Moving Sprites with touch events

Cocos2d-x 101 Encounters/Folders1 Installation and environment construction-xcode2 Scenes, Director, Layers, Sprites3 Creating a picture menu4 on HelloWorld-creating a new scene5 Adding a sprite Sprite5.1 Shrink the sprite and make it fully visible6 Action, moving Sprite7 3.0 Click events, Cctouchdelegate has been deactivated 8 Moving sprites with touch events v

Cocos2d-x Project 101 Encounters: Moving Sprites with touch events

cocos2d-x 101 Encounters/catalogue 1 Installation and environment building-xcode 2 Scenes, Director, Layers, sprites4 on HelloWorld-Create new scene 5 Add a sprite sprite 5.1 Shrink the sprite and make it fully visible 6 action, moving Sprite 7 3.0 Click event, Cctouchdelegate has deactivated 8 Moving sprites with touch events void Cmyfirstscene

Css sprites introduction, css sprites

Css sprites introduction, css sprites 1. Introduction to CSS Sprites It is often translated as "CSS image splicing" or "CSS texture positioning ". CSS Sprites is not a new technology. At present, it has developed more mature in Web development. CSS Sprites are not a golden r

CSS Sprites-simple examples allow you to quickly master the essence of CSS Sprites

During this period, I have been touched by the concept of CSS Sprites several times. One is when CSS is used as a sliding door, and the other is when yslow is used to analyze the website performance, so I became very interested in the concept of CSS Sprites. I found a lot of materials on the Internet, but unfortunately most of them are just a few words. Many of them are directly translating foreign material

CSS Sprites (CSS Image flattening technology) Tutorial tool

What is CSS Sprites?The word "Sprite" in computer graphics has its unique definition, because the game, video and other picture quality more and more high, there must be a technology can intelligently handle materials and stickers, and to keep the picture smooth. "Sprite" is a technique that combines many pictures into a grid and then navigates the contents of each grid to the screen through a program.The sprite is positioned on a static picture and i

CSS sprites-Simple example allows you to quickly grasp the essence of CSS Sprites

This period of time has touched the concept of CSS sprites, one is in the use of CSS sliding door, the other is in the use of YSlow analysis site performance, so the concept of CSS sprites has a strong interest. On the internet to find a lot of information, but unfortunately most of them are a few words, many of which are direct translation of foreign materials, but also directly recommend foreign informati

CSS Sprites image unclear problem (how to resize CSS Sprites twice)

I'm going. This title is very long. I thought about it for a long time. In fact, the content of this article is simply in the Retina screen, the general picture will not appear clear, so we need to scale the image to 50% 2X (because the physical resolution will not change) to ensure clarity. The font icons that appeared later solved the problem of 2X enlargement, but some complicated images still could not be replaced by font icons, so we returned to the problem of 2X. When there are more th

The pros and cons of CSS Sprites (CSS sprites)

Advantages of CSS Sprites: 1. Reduce the byte of the picture 2. Reduce the HTTP request of the webpage, which greatly improves the performance of the page.3. Solve the problem of Web designers in the name of the picture, just a set of pictures on the name on it, do not need to name every small element, thus improving the production efficiency of the page.Disadvantages of CSS Sprites:1.CSS

Image sprites and image sprites

Image sprites and image sprites At the weekend, I studied the implementation of Sprite. The sprite is also called the css sprite. That is, merge the small icon and background image into an image, and then use the css background to locate the image to be displayed. 1. Advantages: This effectively reduces the number of http requests for websites and accelerates the display of images. 2. conditions: Static I

DIV CSS Sprites sprite CSS image mosaic CSS background map positioning tutorial case

Div CSS Sprites sprite-css image flattening CSS map positioning Web Background Footage picture flattening positioning layout Technology tutorial and CSS Sprites example chapterCSS Sprites flattening background image footage for layout effectsfirst, What is CSS sprites-TOPCSS sprite


CSS sprites a lot of people in the country called CSS Wizard, is a kind of Web page image application processing mode. It allows you to include all the bits and pieces of a page that are involved in a larger image, so that when you visit the page, the loaded picture will not show up as slowly as before. According to the specific icon in the larger picture position, to the background positioning. The key to the CSS

CSS Sprites Introduction

First, CSS sprites introductionIt is often translated as "CSS image flattening" or "CSS map positioning". CSS sprites is not a new technology, at present it has developed in the web development more mature, CSS sprites is not a golden rule, but in many cases, it has a certain advantage, the most important thing is that it can reduce the load of the server, improv

Simple moving average, weighted moving average, exponential smoothed moving average

Types of moving AveragesThe moving average can be divided into "arithmetic moving average", "weighted moving average", "exponential smoothed moving average" three kinds.1. Arithmetic moving average (MA)The arithmetic

Discussion on CSS sprites technology and its optimization

CSS Sprites technology for the vast number of front-end engineers should be not unfamiliar. What exactly is the problem with this guy who is nicknamed CSS Sprite CSS by a domestic developer, and how do we use this technology properly? Let's talk about it in detail below. In everyone is still in the dial-up Internet "ancient times", due to the speed limit, page developers like the page inside the image byte control is very small, often in a picture fo

CSS sprites multiple images on a single image

First, what is CSS spritesCSS sprites literal translation is the CSS Wizard. This is often interpreted as "CSS image flattening" or "CSS mapping positioning". In fact, it is through the integration of multiple images into a picture, and then through the CSS background background positioning technology Skills Layout page background. The advantages of this is also obvious, because more pictures, will increase the HTTP request, undoubtedly prompted the p

CSS sprites technology and picture optimization

About the CSS Sprites technology optimization We can do how much, can reduce the number of requests. This is not done unilaterally, and it all depends on the combination of XHTML, CSS, CSS sprites pictures. So far there is no absolute optimization approach, which is what I often measure in the project CSS Sprites pictures and XHTML relationships, such as: "A back

CSS Sprites Technology

Core tip: as the web design toward the delicate, ingenious direction, designers began to consider using non-JavaScript way to make mouse over, hover menu effect, when the CSS sprite came into being. Introduction to CSS Sprites It is often translated as "CSS image flattening" or "CSS mapping positioning". CSS sprites is not a new technology, at present it has developed in the development of a more mature W

Reduce picture requests with CSS Sprites

Sprites are ghosts, goblins, naughty ghosts, the first to listen to the name of this high-end foreign flavor I was shocked to live, step by step to uncover the veil after the very simple things, the role is very bigWhat isCSS Sprites CSS sprites refers to a lot of small images (many icon files) in the Web page into a large map arranged by law, when displayed by

Unity Shoebox Extract Sprites to unity format

Cut for a transparent pictureYou can use the shoeboxExtract Spritesfunction, drag the picture onto the Extract Sprites feature icon and the image will be automatically cut as shown in:ClickSettingsYou can set the Clusters merge sub items to False, do not merge subkeys, change the File Name to Slice##.png, and clickApplyCan. and then pressSaveYou can export the cut picture. As shown in the following:The build includes a text document that records the c

The concept, principle, application scope and advantages and disadvantages of CSS sprites

CSS Sprites concept Csssprites in the domestic many people called the CSS Wizard, is a Web page image application processing way. It allows you to include all the scattered images of a page in a large image, so that when you visit the page, the loaded picture will not be shown as a picture of the past. For the current popularity of the network speed, no more than 200KB of a single picture of the required loading time is basically the same, so there

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