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Install the latest Thunderbird mail client in Linux

Summary: Thunderbird is an open source, free, cross-platform web-based e-mail, news, and chat client application designed to manage multiple e-mail accounts and news feeds. On December 28, 2016, the Mozilla team announced the release of Thunderbird 4

Thunderbird 24.4.2 has been released and can be updated using PPA.

Thunderbird is a free open-source mail client and the most popular mail client in Linux. It has been updated with the Thunderbird version 24.4.2. You can view detailed release logs for security updates. Thunderbird 24.4.2 installation command

Linux Open source mail system postfix+extmail+extman Environment deployment record

First, the basic knowledge cardingMUA (Mail User Agent)MUA is both a "mail user agent", because unless you can directly use software like Telnet to log in to the mail host, you will have to send mail to the email host through MUA. The most common

Why Mozilla is committed to Gecko as WebKit popularity grows

 Why Mozilla is committed to Gecko as WebKit popularity grows After Google's recent release of the WebKit-based Chrome browser, some of our readers have been wondering if Mozilla's gecko rendering engine is still relevant. ARS takes a close look at

6 Excellent mail transfer agents under Linux

Guide On the internet, the mail client sends mail to the mail server and then routes the message to the correct destination (other customers) , which Mail server Use of the a network application is called the message transfer agent (MTA).

6 Excellent mail transfer agents under Linux

The best Linux Mail Transfer agent (MTAs)What is the message transfer agent (MTA)?An MTA is an application that routes and transmits e-mail from one node to another, using a protocol called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to perform its

8 Best for Mac junk Mail Filter

Is there a filter that works well for Mac systems and can efficiently filter spam? Do you believe that? The following is a nice email filter for Mac OS X, with free and commercially available Jingun options. 1. Spamsieve Spamsieve gives the Mac

28Exchange Server 2010 Cross-Site Deployment-Customer Access agreement

15, then talk aboutExchange2010Client access to several protocols15.1 OWA (OUTLOOK WEB APP)in theExchangeearlier versions are calledOutlook Web Access, inExchange 2010Has been redesigned. Improvements in appearance, functionality, and increased

Exchange Server 2010 Learning (16) Client Access Methods

In a state-owned enterprise mail Administrator training, many friends put forward in Outlook some features can not be achieved, such as contact sync, calendar synchronization. This situation may be caused by the way Exchange Client access is

[Email] analysis of various problems and solutions

[Email] analysis of various problems and solutions1. 554 Sending address not accepted due to spam filterWhen you send an email to someone else, the email is not delivered, but the error is returned. at this time, you need to contact receipt, 99%

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