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MPLS/vpn experiment, OSPF/r12002

In the MPLS/vpn experiment, the configuration of OSPF/r12002 was developed from the basis of the first experiment, so some basic configurations are not mentioned here. The network topology is as follows: first complete the RIP configuration on CE1: Before you configure this, you must delete the previous configuration. If you do not delete the configuration, the problem may occur. CE1: router rip version 2 n

Troubleshooting for MPLS-related experiments

lib table; Finally, all routers will FIB and the LIB Combine Generation LFIB The traffic that is forwarded to the data tree will carry the label that is distributed locally for that segment, and the label number is changed to the downstream router when the direction is reached;Local Routes routes to and from neighbors consistent otherwise will appear label Broken Chain Example: Local loopback interface /24 Distal /32 and Summary routingThis article from "Notend" blog, reproduced please c

A survey of network troubleshooting in MPLS

When the MPLS network is troubleshooting, it should follow from the control plane and the network plane to troubleshoot. Let's take a look at what two planes do. Above is the control plane, below is the network plane. From the forwarding plane is the network plane, there will only be two kinds of messages, inbound for the IP packet, and inbound for the MPLS

Troubleshooting for MPLS LDP

This article is about troubleshooting MPLS ldp. Two devices establish direct-attached LDP neighbors: R2 and R3.r2 's interface Giga 2/0 and R3 interface to establish the LDP's direct-link neighbors. First, review the LDP's neighbor establishment process: LDP utility is the UDP/TCP Port 646来 discovers the neighbor's. So in the future troubleshooting, if the

Troubleshooting of IGRP/VPN Protocol 2

Troubleshooting of IGRP/VPN Protocol 2 07. Why does it mean that VPN is neither a distance vector protocol nor a link status protocol? VPN is an advanced distance vector protocol. It sends and updates route information based on the neighbor router. However, it also saves a route topology table. When the network topolog

Troubleshooting of Cisco test commands and TCP/IP connections

I. troubleshooting commands 1. show command: 1) Global commands: Show version; displays the system hardware and software versions, DRAM, Flash Show startup-config; displays the configuration content written into NVRAM Show running-config; displays the currently running configuration content Show buffers; Detailed output buffer name and size Show stacks; provides

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