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Can a traditional project manager serve as a scrum master?

psychologically prepared, but the organization may not be ready to accept such an agile environment. In addition, it depends on the readiness of the team. The team has been working in the traditional waterfall for the past 10-20 years, can they switch to the agile way of scrum all of a sudden?The project manager must have an open mind and accept the fact that "change is unavoidable" and adapt to change. Th

Three steps for Project Manager (Project Manager growth Edition)

-Technology It is hard to imagine how a project manager without technical knowledge can do a good job of the project he is responsible. There are many project managers who will draw windows and connect to databases, and think they are technical experts. This type of person often does not analyzeCodeBelittle it, and th

[Practice of Project Manager (6)] Where should the project manager sit in basics?

."Everyone is convinced by this. **************************************Let's look at Han Xin, the strongest technical expert in history: ************************************** One day, Liu Bang chatted with Han Xin. Liu Bang asked: "How many troops and horses can a person like me direct ?" Han believes: "Your Majesty can only make 100,000 ." Liu Bang asked: "How is it for you ?" Han Xin replied: "The minister is more beneficial ." Liu Bang smiled and said, "Why have I been captured for th

Five disciplines for the new project manager of the project manager

, every leader will eventually realize this. It's a simple lesson, but it's easy to ignore it: don't do it yourself.focus on the management process, not the contentProfessor Ann Donalen of Babson College in the United States concludes: "To manage processes, not content." The real job of leadership is to master the flow of schedules and information. But too many people try to control the details, and they regard themselves as ' craftsmen ', which can o

Work Time Manager [open-source project]-create your own log component 2.0 reconstruction, manager open-source project

Work Time Manager [open-source project]-create your own log component 2.0 reconstruction, manager open-source project Hello all, I'm back. This time we are really starting to talk about the development ideas of small and useful modules or components in open-source projects. At the same time, the software has been up

The difference between a project manager and a product manager

project scope, schedule, cost, quality and other elements of the project management weight;(4) Meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders (stakeholders) and make them satisfied;(5). Cutting using PMP to promote and advocate the project management method, to achieve effective management;(6). Master the PMI, co

Excellent Agile project Manager is the Sword of project success

number of skills, and the skills he has in a certain demand will enable him to perform multiple roles at the same time. From the scrum framework, these roles can be customer product owners (PO) and scrum Master. For example, in one of our projects, the Agile project manager is a scrum Master in a sprint, and in the ne

Software Project Management Revelation 01 The self-cultivation of the project manager of the Hegemony

, there are software engineering and system Integration Master Li Ru, etc. in this team in addition to the backbone of the outstanding ability, the general members are also very good, This and Dong Zhuo usually pay attention to the new staff training is not irrelevant. As a result, the project team has not been abolished or reorganized for a long time (ultimately because the infighting was dissolved), even

Project Manager's awareness of operation and operation: discussion from the Project Management Group

Lao Gu saidWhat we want to talk to you today is to emphasize the management and operation awareness of the Project Manager.EmphasizeWho is responsible for a project?No?Lao Gu saidRegardless of the size, it is because the sparrow has been completely dissected.Lwantstudy-PMo-DalianSmall sparrowLao Gu saidOkay, let's start communicating.Today, we are not talking about the

Project Manager? Project member?

With the arrival of the summer vacation, I also joined the ranks of cooperation. With the cooperation and reading of some online articles, I wanted to write a blog, let's take a look at my views on cooperation and write about my cooperation! Yesterday, I saw a saying on the Internet: "A Technical cool, a single master, is better than an ordinary technical employee who will cooperate, communicate, and express "! This sentence may be a bit extreme, but

How can we become a qualified project manager?

manager must say "Yes" Or "no", otherwise it will not be able to serve the public. On the other hand, the project manager's leadership is over-emphasized, and the primary task of the project manager is Serve his team members with coffee and coordinate relationships among others. In my opinion, the

"Technical background, how to do a good job as a project manager" series of "Management itch after programmers Upgrade Project Managers"

"Technical background, how to do a good job as a project manager" series of "Management itch after programmers Upgrade Project Managers" In China, many programmers who have worked for several years and are recognized by colleagues and friends in the circle as good technical skills may consider their career development as follows: "I can become a

One of the Business Guide series of the Project Manager: Preface and project nature (Agile development, customer, communication, and remittance)

Document directory A project is a mutually beneficial transaction. The customer finally buys the software value. This is the first article in the Business Guide series of the Project Manager. (1) preface and project nature; (2) Recognition of responsibilities; (3) Understanding of customers; (4) Understanding of

Project Manager Interview Guide

project manager must be knowledgeable. Email communication has replaced telephone and mail memos. Many companies have their own systems and many others use Lotus Notes. No matter what product you use, you must have the following performance: Be able to contact people in different geographic locationsCan effectively notify the team (including suppliers) of change scope and progressCan quickly solve small

Project Manager case manual Study Series [17] -- Project Risk Management

. When the progress risk is high, the project manager's experience and the frequency of checking the progress are two important factors. Conclusion: Many successful factors of the project are focused on interpersonal management. Regardless of the project's risks, the project manager must

Responsibilities of Intelligent Building Engineering Project Manager

personnel are composed of persons with different fields and different cultural levels. The human factor in the project is the first. Different people have different values, different ways of thinking, and other differences (our staff are particularly prominent in this regard, it is possible that the company does not accept training or corporate culture education in this regard). interpersonal communication is particularly important in projects. The

Required for applying for a Project Manager

is through your organization. They may offer courses on authorization, negotiation, and listening skills, all of which help you prepare for project management. Software you should know Master a project management tool. For example, Microsoft Project and Applied Business Technology/

Knowledge and skills required by an SEO project manager

Excellent SEO project manager or SEO supervisor, most organizations are the most difficult to find or promote the talent, this is because of practical experience, and have SEO theory knowledge of the project manager is very scarce, and even if there is such a person, the price is very high, so in many companies or orga

Industry Application Software Project Manager three steps

It is hard to imagine how a project manager without technical knowledge can do a good job of the project he is responsible. There are many project managers who will draw windows and connect to databases, and think they are technical experts. Such people tend to devalue others' code without analysis, and then feel lik

How to transition from a programmer to a project manager (organized from the csdn Forum)

excellent, then you should use your skills to make the following people admire your technology, then they will accept your posts. If your technology is not strong enough, you will be modest. Don't be too arrogant. Otherwise, the people below will endure you for a moment, I can't bear you forever. Sooner or later, I will fight against you )! Therefore, I think that it is critical to master enough technology in the transition from a programmer to a

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