mqtt async client example

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MQTT Client Python Example

This was a simple example showing how to use the [Paho MQTT Python Client] ( to Sen D data to Azure IoT hub. You need to assemble the rights credentials and configure TLS and the MQTT protocol version!/usr/bin/pythonimport Paho.mqtt.publi

MQTT Protocol Learning and practice (Linux server, Android client example)

ObjectiveMQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), an IoT transport protocol, is designed for lightweight publish/subscribe messaging, designed to provide reliable network services for IoT devices in low-bandwidth and unstable network environments. MQTT is a lightweight transport protocol developed specifically for the Internet of things. The MQTT protocol is optimized for low-bandwidth networks and low-c

MQTT Learning notes-The Raspberry Pi Mqtt client uses Mosquitto and Paho-python

): Print ("Connected with result code" + str (RC)) # even After completion, subscribe to GPIO topic client.subscribe ("Gpio") # Message Push callback function def on_message (client, UserData, msg): Print (msg.topic+ "" +str (MSG.P ayload) # Get PIN in payload and value Gpio = Json.loads (str (msg.payload)) if gpio[' pin '] in pins:if gpio[' value '] = = 0:gpio.output (gpio[' pin '), GPIO. Low) Else:GPIO.output (gpio[' pin '), GPIO. High) if __name__

Go: Use Mosquitto-auth-plugin to authenticate an MQTT client

command to generate the so file. 5. Move the so file to the Mosquitto directory (not the source directory, but the installed directory) MV 6. Edit the Mosquitto configuration file Mosquitto-auth-plug has a variety of sample configuration files in the source code, you can use these files. For example, I use MySQL to verify that you can use the mosquitto-mysql.conf in the examples directory. MV Mosquitto.conf Mosquit

Async-http-client Open Source Library Learning notes (i)

-http-client library2.1 Basic Application Methods1. Add in the Gradle build scriptdependencies {compile ' '}2. Introducing the HTTP PackageImport*;3. Create a Asynchttpclient instance and make a requestAsynchttpclientclient=newasynchttpclient (); Client.get ("", new asynchttpresponsehandler () { @Override publicvoid onst

. NET (C #) Call WebService get client IP address zone (non-async)

example: "" strarea_ip[1] IP address region information String No for example: "Hangzhou, Zhejiang" The following is the IP parameter that is passed in to obtain the region to which it belongs: According to the third party website (WebService provider), to obtain the IP address of the client by crawling the Internet IP address of the computer on

. NET (C #) Call WebService get client IP address zone (non-async)

an array that contains IP information String [] Whether For example: count=2, which indicates an array length of 2 (0,1) STRAREA_IP[0] IP address requested by the client String Whether For example: "" STRAREA_IP[1] IP Address Region information String Whether For

android-async-http Example

This is my back to the Android, a new study of the android-async-http framework of the example, a simple introduction, but also a small note of their own to do an articleLet's introduce what it is.First it is the third party open source class library, in the Android development, the request server obtains the data is too common, then it is solves the general request way the trouble place, simply, uses it, l

Programming example of popular issues in WCF (4): How does a WCF client asynchronously call the WCF Service?

Programming example of popular issues in WCF (4): How does a WCF client asynchronously call the WCF Service? How to call WCF Service asynchronously? [1] Problem description: How does a WCF client asynchronously call the WCF Service? How to call WCF Service asynchronously? Many posts have been posted on the Forum about How to Implement Asy

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