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Discussion on grating and MSAA

Q: for example, if I heard people say that the video card grating is less than 5 pixels (it seems like this number), the efficiency will be very low. Why? I have never been quite clear about the internal operation mode of full-screen anti-aliasing (MSAA). It is said that RT with full-screen anti-aliasing is completely different from normal ones. Which of the following friends can help me explain this? A: Why five? The calculation of the level-of-measu

Depthstencil buffer does not support MSAA

Phyreengine dx11 MRT does not supportMSAA of Depth RenderTargetHe only wrote,//not supported yet!!!!Cause Hdao when open MSAA words, depth can not use, because depth target is not resolve, even srv he didn't build itSolutionDepth target copy out at the same time resolve, and then passed as a parameter to HdaoResolve is actually very simple, that is, add up the nearby to remove a bit.---This bug let me better understand the

The problem of grid black line in model after "Unity" turns on MSAA

Problem: The model of the role, after the MSAA is turned on, some perspective will appear the problem of the model grid black line.After many attempts, the final question is locked in the calculation of the POW function in shader.The efficiency of the POW function is inefficient, each time the operation will be lost precision, which will lead to some boundary values, such as a vector click operation close to 0 or 1 of the value, in the calculation pro

WPF Quick guide for events in 10:WPF and differences between bubbling events and tunneling events (preview events)

This article summarizes:1: What is a routed event;2: Interrupt event routing;3: Custom routed event;4: Why a custom routed event is required;5: What are bubbling events and preview events (tunneling events);1: What is a routed eventThe events in WPF are routed events, called

Extjs Tree operations: register events, drag and drop events (target location Judgment), click events, load events, right-click events

VaR tree = ext. tree; VaR tree = NULL; Ext. onready (function (){ Tree = new tree. treepanel ({ El: 'tree-Div ', Onlyleafcheckable: false, Rootvisible: True, Autoscroll: True, Animate: false, // whether to animation Enabledd: True, // whether drag/drop is supported Containerscroll: True, Lines: True, Checkmodel: 'cascade ', Loader: new tree. treeloader ({dataurl: '../INFO/RSS. do? Method = getjsonarray ', Baseattrs: {uiprovider: Ext. Tree. treechecknodeui} }) }); // Set the ro

JS Common objects: Click, double-click, onload events, mouse-related, onblur events and onfocus events, etc., by looping to multiple elements to add events, through the AddEventListener () method to listen to the event function

1. Add Events via tags(1) OnClick event: Click event(2) Ondbclick event: Double-click event(3) OnLoad event: can only be used in the body, the entry function is: window. 。 Onload=function () {}(4) onchange Event: Change Event(5) Onblur Events and onfocus events: Loss of focus and focus(6) Onscroll event: Rolling LUN(7) Mouse related

SQL Server Extended Events (Extended events)--Extended Events concept resolution

SQL Server Extended events (Extended events)--Extended Events concept ResolutionDescribes several new concepts introduced in extended events:650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;border-bottom:0px;border-left:0px; "alt = "image" src= "

SQL Server Extended Events (Extended events)-Extended events session with System_health

SQL Server Extended events (Extended events)-Extended events session with System_healthThe System_health session is an extended events session that SQL Server contains by default. The session starts automatically when the SQL Server database engine starts, and the runtime does not have any noticeable performance impact

jquery Basics (mouse events, form events, keyboard events, custom event articles)

superimposed by the 2 click, so the DblClick event can only be triggered if the following conditions are met-the mouse pointer is clicked inside the element. -the mouse pointer is released inside the element. -When the mouse pointer inside the element is clicked again, click the interval time, is the system depends.-When the mouse pointer is inside the element, it is released again. Note: It is not advisable to bind both the click and DblClick events

Quick-cocos2d-x game development [13] -- node lifecycle events, frame events and other events

I have learned "Touch events", "Touch capture events", and "button events" before. In addition, quick has several other events, which have been listed above, Predefined node events: Cc. node_event-enter, exit, and other events

JS events, custom DOM events, custom events

This article is about: The third edition of the Advanced Programming language (Chapter 13 events and 22 custom events).This article relates to: The constituent elements of the event, Event optimization, Simulation events, Customizing the contents of an event What is the JS event? High-level program Chapter 13 The first sentence: the inte

JS events-scroll wheel events, scroll wheel js events

JS events-scroll wheel events, scroll wheel js events I learned about the mouse events such as onmouseover and onmousedown. Today, we are looking at the scroll wheel events of the mouse. browser compatibility is always quite disgusting. Today, we are going to be disgusted wi

November 8 Morning jquery basic syntax, picking elements, manipulating elements, adding events, hanging events, and removing events

("");jquery Action Propertiesvar b = $ ("#a1"); B.attr ("BS", "1"); // Add b.attr ("BS"); // gets the value of the BS attribute b.removeattr ("BS"); // Remove BS attribute4. Operation Style(1) JS operation styleJS cannot get inline properties, only get = red;(2) jquery operation stylejquery can get, set inline, external, inline styles.Alert (b.css ("width")); // Gets the style b.css ("Font-size", "50px"); // Set StyleHide the 3 div practicestyletype= "Text/css">. AA{width:1

SQL Server Extended Events (Extended events)--lifetime of events

Tags: Extended event xevent extented EventsSQL Server Extended events (Extended events)--lifetime of eventsAfter you define and start the extended events session, the processing proceeds as usual until the code you are monitoring encounters an event. Describes the steps that are followed for extending the event system.650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style="

JavaScript events--Attention points for "composite events" and "Change events" in "Event Type" (GO)

Composite eventsA composite event is a class of events added by the DOM3 event hubs to process input sequences of IMEs.compositionstart、compositionupdate、compositionendThe composite event has the following three: Compositionstart: to start typing; Compositionupdate: inserting new characters; Compositionend: Composite system off, return to normal keyboard input state; event.dataData property: Compositionstart Access data:

jquery text changes triggering events such as focus events, Defocus events

jquery text changes trigger events such as focus events, event loss, etc., here is an example, interested friends can refer to the followingJuery Event: The code is as follows: $ ("#id"). focus (function () {}); Defocus Event: The code is as follows: $ ("#id"). blur (function () {}); But text change events cannot be written like this: The code is as follows: $

We often talk about onBlur events, onfocus events (js), and onbluronfocus events.

We often talk about onBlur events, onfocus events (js), and onbluronfocus events. The onFocus event is an event that occurs when the cursor falls in the text box. An onBlur event is an event that occurs when the cursor loses focus. You can compile the following example: 1. html Another example is as follows: 2. html The previous article about the onBlur event a

Dom2-level event objects, adding events, blocking default events, blocking bubble events, and obtaining compatible processing of event object targets

Event object-compatible Processing 1/* 2 * function: event object compatibility 3 * parameter: indicates the event object E4 */5 function getevent (e) {6 7 // If e exists, return directly; otherwise, return window. event8 return E | window. event; 9} Get the target of the event-compatible Processing 1/* 2 3 * function: Get the target 4 5 * parameter corresponding to the event: the event object E 6 7 */8 9 function gettargetbyevent () of the regular Browser () {10 11 // If e.tar get exists, retur

JavaScript focus events, mouse events, and wheel events use the detailed _javascript tips

Focus Events These events are generally used in conjunction with the Document.hasfocus () method and the Document.activeelement property. The main are: Blur: Element loses focus, does not bubble;Domfocusin: With the HTML event focus, abandoned in DOM3, choose Focusin;Domfocusout: With the HTML event blur, in DOM3 abandoned, choose Focusout;Focus: The element obtains the focal point, does not return bubble

jquery Events--binding multiple events. On () and unload events. Off ()

binds multiple events. On () and unload events. Off ()1. On () Bind event, pass different event names through space separation, you can bind multiple events at the same time, each event executes its own callback method, can pass the second object or parameter, when an event is triggered, to pass to the event handler function2 . On () Bind 2

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