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SharePoint learning notes-error handling-the user does not exist or is not unique.

Many people have encountered similar errors on the Internet, and there are also many reasons for such errors, this error occurs when I try to add a user to a specified group through the ecmascript object model. Problem 1. When I try to add a user

Unlock the code deadlock in the critical section of Windows [from msdn]

Unlock the code deadlock in the critical section of Windows released on: 1/13/2005 | updated on: 1/13/2005 Matt pietrek and Russ osterlund This document assumes that you are familiar with Win32, C ++, and multithreading. Download the code in this

The name ' profile ' does not exist

In use ProfileCommon profile = Profile.getprofile (myuser. ToString ()); To obtain profile information for a user, an error message appears: The name ' profile ' does is not exist in the present context I searched it. The profile property,

By avoiding the following 10 common ASP. NET defects, the website runs smoothly [msdn]

By avoiding the following 10 common ASP. NET defects, the website can run smoothly. Release Date: | Updated on: 2006-07-11 Jeff prosise This article will discuss: • Cache and forms authentication • View status

C # Collection Summary

Let's take a look at the basic information of the following collection 1. The collection types in FCL are divided into generic sets and Non-generic collections. 2. Classes and interfaces for Non-generic collections are located in the

Cainiao tour-. NET garbage collection mechanism,. net garbage collection

Cainiao tour-. NET garbage collection mechanism,. net garbage collection . NET's garbage collection mechanism is a very powerful function. Although we seldom take the initiative to use it, it has been running silently in the background, and we still

C # Memory Management-garbage collection

Chapter Arrangement Memory Management Overview Garbage Collection Mechanism Performance problems Processing of unmanaged resources in C # Highlights References Memory Management Overview Memory Management is a very important part of any

Paste: MSDN Interview with the C # programming three

Programming title MSDN Interview with C # programmingRainbow (translation) keyword C#,jeffrey richter source[tr] Programmer World the conversation of Robert Hess and Jeffrey Richter (a famous programming writer, columnist, and

The difference between filter and exist in MDX

Get a collection that is typically used to filter out a custom set, such as a restaurant in ChinaThe set returns all products that are msdnteam under and recorded on the fact thread metric.Implemented with existsSelectExists ([Dim Queue].

Talking about the garbage collection mechanism of C #

To understand the C # garbage collection mechanism, let's first talk about the CLR (Common Language Runtime when a Common Language is running). It is a Runtime environment like a Java Virtual Machine. Its core functions include: memory Management,

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