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Red dot how to make money red dot dot software method of making money

Red dot Point Software certification Step Introduction 1, open the software, in the resource interface, click on the upper right corner of the + button, micro-letter, micro-bo, space, select the binding after the login, 2, after binding, in your resource interface, click the Immediate authentication button, 3, click here to go to the authentication button, into the micro-letter scanning functi

IOS message notification Little red dot & custom Little red dot & app icon add hint

Add message notifications Little Red dot iOS comes withNsarray *tabbaritems = Self.navigationController.tabBarController.tabBar.items;Uitabbaritem *personcentertabbaritem = [Tabbaritems objectatindex:2];Personcentertabbaritem.badgevalue = @ "1";Custom method (also perfect)Uiimageview *dotimage = [[Uiimageview alloc] initwithimage:[uiimage imagenamed:@ "Ic_speed_check"];Dotimage.backgroundcolor = [Uicolor Cl

Micro-trust Friends Circle Head Red dot how to make? Friends Circle Head Red dot production tutorial

Preparatory work We install a phone app called line camera on our phone and prepare a picture of the avatar to be processed. Line Camera Introduction Line camera is a camera application released by the world's leading free internet telephony and information service provider, providing a wide range of image beautification features. Micro-letter friend Circle Head Red dot how to make? 1. In the mobile ph

A project needs to show a little red dot on the Uitabbar, where three methods are collected.

1. Use the system comes with, and can display the number on the Little red dot.[ItemOne Setbadgevalue:@ ""// show Little Red dots without numbers [itemone setbadgevalue:@ "1 "]; // show Little Red dots with numbersThe above shortcomings: Little red

Le wireless wifi marketing: Little red dot Function--put your shop into the customer's cell phone

Le wireless wifi marketing: Little red dot Function--put your shop into the customer's cell phoneHave you ever thought about not having to invest heavily in street ads, without street flyers, as long as the WiFi signal appears in the customer's cell phone, there is a chance to get a profit?Ever thought, do not download, do not install, as long as the connection of the commercial wifi in your store, you can

"iOS effect set" to achieve QQ to eliminate the red dot (one-click backward) effect

QQ sticky Little Red dot is very fun has wood, so I also want to achieve some, see iOS implementation of less people, Android more, so this is using iOS to achieve HA ~:Debug diagram:In fact, in terms of implementation, I first realized the effect of the second picture.Implementation ideas1. Understand the principle and how to draw a "sticky" shape (i.e. draw two circles plus two Bezier curves).2. New UIVie

IOS set QQ small red dot elimination method (one key retreat) _ios

QQ sticky Little Red dot very funny there are wood, so they want to achieve some, see the iOS implementation of less people, Android more, so this is the use of iOS to achieve ha ~ Effect Chart: Debug diagram: In fact, in terms of implementation, I was first to achieve the effect of the second picture. Cloud Habitat Community small make up to everybody say to realize the idea 1. Understand the prin

How to register red dot live?

What's the red dot live? Simple Fun is the biggest feature of the red Dot, at the beginning of the design, we want to make a simple enough live tool and embed it on the platform that various anchors, such as Weibo, Twitter account, website, mobile app, can use, and in addition to being able to listen to live, chat and

Information Update little red dot display-Use of the custom control badgeview

Currently, most information publishing applications have the following function: When background data updates, such as system messages or interactions between users, you are prompted to have new information by displaying a red dot on the control. In general, we can hide a red dot in the layout file. When we detect data

Php related questions about "red dot.

"Red Dot" in php... Why can't the content in $ arr [2] [$ id] be displayed only when the following red points are called? Confused lt ;? Php nbsp; include_once ( quot; conn. php quot;); nbsp; if ($ _ GET [I php's question about "red dot... Why can't the content in $ arr

Android badgeview Red dot Update info tip

Application market Many applications will see some of the effects of the number of red dots, such as QQ, as well as some tips to update the app, in order to achieve better application of the hint function, this article will introduce an open source control to implement red dot update information hint effect.First, badgeview commonly used methods introduced:1.setB

Enable the ThinkPad red dot scroll function in Ubuntu

Enable the ThinkPad red dot scroll function in Ubuntu Zhou yinhui In ubuntu, the middle-key scrolling function of the red dot is gone, and it is not used to it. We will start it below, 1. One-time change (it will be invalid after restart) Save the following script as a sh file, such as trackpoint. Sh. Co

Micro-letter friend Circle Red Dot tip Close method

Micro-trust friends Ring red dot cancel or not to cancel the show is not in fact, because there is this red dot have friends to send a message or your friends circle when someone reply will be reminded, this is very important. 1, first open the micro-letter click Me, and then enter the click Settings

Android Custom Actionprovider Toolbar Implementation menu Little Red dot _android

Several goals for today:1. Custom Actionprovider2. Toolbar Actionbar custom Menu3. Toolbar Actionbar The right side menu to add a corner mark (Toolbar actionbar menu add Little Red dots)The source code is at the end of the article. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Effect Preview Customizing the menu does not affect any effects of native Md. You can control properties such as text and colors that are d

Ios is similar to WeChat red dot display, and ios is similar to display

Ios is similar to the red dot display function, and ios is similar to the display function. Design Concept: Add a category to UIView. All views can be highlighted in red as needed. # Import

Similar to the micro-red dot display function in IOS _ios

Design idea: Add a category to the UIView all views can be displayed as needed for red dots #import The above is a small series of iOS to introduce similar micro-letter red dot display function, I hope to help you, if you have any questions please give me a message, small series will promptly reply to everyone. Here also thank you very much for the cl

App's red dot reminder three stages

The following page is the main screen after we enter the app. The number on the red dot of the customer option is to show the total number of customers we didn't see. When we switch to customer this fragment, we show the number of loan customers and the number of insurance customers.When we click on an option, if you enter into the activity of the insurance customer, the ListView displays the user's informa

Unity UI features unlocked, red dot tips, special effects trigger practice thinking

First unlock is special, there is a definite behavior, 80% is to judge the role level, then the button is grayed out or hidden operation.Special effects and tips do not have a definite behavior.The main trade-off 2 points are the active call or the callback passive call, which means the code is messy. There is no unified portal, but it is also cumbersome to invoke the object parameter for active invocation.First I vetoed the practice of binding in the hierarchy panel or passing in the path, but

How to use HTML to define a small red dot

In real-time factory equipment monitoring, often based on the device start and stop, set the status of green dots and red dots:DOCTYPE HTML>HTMLLang= "en">Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> Metaname= "Viewport"content= "Width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> Metahttp-equiv= "X-ua-compatible"content= "Ie=edge"> title>Documenttitle>Head>Body> Div>Method 1:Istyle= "Width:20px;height:20px;border-radius:50%;background-color:red;display:block">I>

"Original" GitHub series two: Open source support multiple forms of animation style push Little red dot Wzlbadge (IOS)

OverviewToday we are going to implement a love and hate push "Little Red dot" Wzlbadge in iOS. So what is badge? Displays a "Little Red dot" alert user on a button or other control when there is data update in the background that needs to be known to the user. Note that the "Little

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