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Coreseek quick installation

Before installation, we recommend that you check the source code package description readme. For version 4.0/4.1, refer to version 3.2 for installation. The steps are the same. For problems, see the detailed installation instructions. # Download

CentOS installation Coreseek and PHP extensions

One, Coreseek introduction Official Coreseek is a Chinese full-text search/search software, GPLV2 license Agreement open source release, based on Sphinx Research and Development and independent publishing, specializing in

Nginx Time Management

Nginx Time Management Gettimeofday () overheadIn Linux, Nginx uses gettimeofday () to obtain the current system time;Gettimeofday is a function provided by the C library (not called by the system). It encapsulates sys_gettimeofday system calls in

Linux Kernel latency

    1. # include Void do_gettimeofday (struct timeval * TV){Unsigned long flags;Unsigned long USEC, SEC;Read_lock_irqsave (&

Several ways to hive data import and export

One, several ways of hive data import Start by listing the data and hive tables that describe the following ways of importing. Hive table: Create Testa: CREATE TABLE Testa ( ID INT, name string, area string ) partitioned by (Create_time string)

Sqoop1.4.4 import incremental data from Oracle10g to Hive0.13.1 and update the master table in Hive.

Import incremental data from the basic business table in Oracle to Hive and merge it with the current full table into the latest full table. Import Oracle tables to Hive through Sqoop to simulate full scale and Import incremental data from the basic

Centos-linux PHP Sphinx Configuration Problems ~

Create an index bin/indexer -c etc/sphinx.conf --all, after running, the following exception error occurred: using config file 'etc/sphinx.conf'...indexing index 'test1'...collected 4 docs, 0.0 MBsorted 0.0 Mhits, 100.0% donetotal 4 docs, 193

Hive CREATE Index

Indexes are standard database technologies that support indexing after the hive0.7 version. Hive provides limited indexing functionality, unlike the traditional relational database with the "key" concept, where users can create indexes on some

CentOS6.4 Coreseek 4.1 (Sphinx) Installation configuration detailed

System environment:os:centos6.4 64-bitmysql:5.1.63coreseek:4.1The installation and configuration process is as follows: #当前路径[Root@e sphinx]# pwd/home/sphinx#安装依赖包[Root@e sphinx]# yum install make gcc g++ gcc-c++ libtool autoconf automake imake

Decodedate, decodetime... Decodedatetime... Decomposition Time

Sysutils. decodedate (); sysutils. decodedatefully (); sysutils. decodetime (); dateutils. decodedatetime (); dateutils. decodedateday (); dateutils. decodedateweek (); dateutils. decodedatemonthweek (); dateutils. decodedayofweekinmonth ();

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