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The computer runs the MSI installation package to prompt the error code is 2503/2502 how to resolve

When running the MSI installation package in the computer, the error code is 2503 or 2502 errors, in fact, because there is no permission to run, but can not right-click to run as an administrator, then how to do? For such a problem, we can refer to the following methods to resolve.1. Press Win+x to select "Command Prompt (Administrator)", or right-click the command prompt to select Run as Administrator;2,

PowerShell Remote installation of MSI installation package, EXE executable program method _powershell

Although this is a common task for IT administrators or developers, there are relatively few documents available on the web to find "Remote installation of an MSI package or EXE application." Even in the comments of some forums, it was not possible to achieve this. Actually, it's OK. I will provide two pieces of code in this article, responsible for the remote installation of the

MSI production-free serial Number installation package method _ Application Tips

The tool used in this article: Orca, you can download in to quite like the Orz hehe The following is a brief introduction to Orca: Orca is a Microsoft-supplied database table editor for Windows Installer. Can be used to edit Windows Installer database file (. msi) files, merge module (. msm) files, patch (. msp) files, internal consistency calculation program (. cub) files, and patch creation properties (. PCP) fil

Notes WiX making an MSI installation package example

= "[#HelloWorld]" /> CustomActionId= "LaunchFile"Binarykey= "Wixca"Dllentry= "Wixshellexec"impersonate= "Yes"/> InstallExecuteSequence> CustomAction= ' LaunchFile ' After= ' InstallFinalize '>Not installedCustom> InstallExecuteSequence> Product>Wix>Save this piece of XML as PRODUCT.WXS, remember that it is UTF-8 encoded, and then execute it under the command line:- out Helloworld.msi-/I helloworld.msi/qnForget to say the premise of the operation: Install WiX and add

Product Code and Upgrade Code of the MSI installation package

ArticleDirectory Package code Product Code Upgrade Code There are two codes worth noting when creating an MSI installation file, which are very important during product upgrade. Follow the standard version release method to automatically delete the old version and then install the new version to facilitate product upgrade. Each MSI installation

How to use the online Webapp builder to generate the installation package and webapp Builder

How to use the online Webapp builder to generate the installation package and webapp Builder In this article, we will introduce how to use the online Webapp generator to produce the click installation package that can be installed on Ubuntu mobile phones or simulators. Address of the Webapp

Errors Running Builder "Android package Builder" on Project "* * *" Minvor version 52

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 20160314094937970.png "alt=" Wkiom1bznzirtuosaabqcuuhlgs748.png "/>The blogger almost died of this problem--!Cause: The JDK version is too low to match the current SDK.Workaround: Download the latest jdk1.8 (Attach address, install and go to eclipse configuration and restart Eclipse, problem solving.This article is from the "10055957" blog, please be sure t

04-Mobile Package: Builder mode

4.1 Related background storiesGo to the Business Hall for mobile package, there are two kinds of packages can choose:1) 20 Yuan package of 400 SMS packages;2) 30 yuan package of 600 SMS packages.And both types of packages must be set up to activate the ringtone business.4.2 Pattern DefinitionBuilder pattern, in a software system, you may face the task of creating

Missing Builder path Import V4.jar package Error inflating class

By:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:Didn ' t find class "on Path:dexpathlist[[zip file"/data/app/cn.learn.tabhosttest-1.apk "], Nativelibrarydirectories=[/data/app-lib/cn.learn.tabhosttest-1,/vendor/lib,/system/lib]]04-10 18:57:54.656:e/androidruntime (6346): at Dalvik.system.BaseDexClassLoader.findClass ( : 53)04-10 18:57:54.656:e/androidruntime (6346): at Java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass ( 18:57:54.656:e/android

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