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One of the three things of. Net deployment-how to create an update msp for the vs Installation File MSI

Preface The tools used in this article are vs IDE and orca.exe. Therefore, other packaging tools such as InstallShield and wise are not covered, in addition, InstallShield and wise are required to make installation files and update patches more

[Switch] replacing files in the MSI Installer

Link: Preface Recently, a Chinese friend asked me how to replace the files in the MSI installation program without making the MSI file again. To this end, I will summarize my practical experience

Little-known windows "plug-in" Msi

I. First recognized WINDOWS function enhancement "plug-in" Msi We often see that many software only have one file with the extension MSI. If you double-click this file to run it, there will be a very similar installation process as windows

MSI file creation process

These two days I learned how to create an MSI file for Group Policy release. I tried some software for the. MSI file, including the wininstall ON THE win2000server disc. The actual results are not good. Finally, find InstallShield. Adminstudio5,

MSI production-free serial Number installation package method _ Application Tips

The tool used in this article: Orca, you can download in to quite like the Orz hehe The following is a brief introduction to Orca: Orca is a Microsoft-supplied database table editor for Windows Installer. Can be

Windows Visual Studio 2017 compilation HEVC Cmake-3.8.1-win64-x64.msi download

Ttps:// a direct download source (optional) or download the source package, I download here is the source codeOpen Visual Studio ()Go to GitHub to find the source project page, on the project page, click "Open in

Computer Graduation Course Design Source package download

1: Data Structure Course design Example two ... Bubble sort quick sort and so on. rar download 9.99KASP+SQLSERVER2000 Network Bookstore system. RAR Download 1.4Masp+sqlserver2000 online examination system. RAR

Vmware7 installation prompt: The MSI "failed

  An error occurs when you double-click the vmware7 installer.     Solution: 1. decompress the VMware installer into a folder with an MSI file. You can go to the command line "start-> Run-> cmd", and then enter "VMware-workstation-full-7.1.2-3

Win7 win8 win8.1 2502, 2503 Error resolution when installing the. msi program (Zend Studio.msi install han)

The recent installation of Zend Studio 's MSI installation package often occurs with code 2502,2503 errors. In fact, this error is due to insufficient installation permissions, can be this MSI installation package is not like other exe installation

How to troubleshoot the MSI type of SharePoint Server2016 install click-to-run Office plus issue

PremiseThe installation of Office Plus in SharePoint Server 2016 prompts the following error:WorkaroundØ Concept1. Point-and-use concepts: click-to-run is a new way to install and update Office over the Internet, and it works like streaming video.

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