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MSN always reports 80048820 errors, and some information searched on the Internet cannot be solved. I found a real solution!

1 I first searched for the following articles from Google. 2 3 4 5 Quote: 6 When you start MSN Messenger you cannot sign in, and you get the message: 7 8 Sorry, we were unable to sign you in to the MSN Messenger at this time.

Use wildfire and LINQ to integrate QQ, MSN, and Gtalk on a client.

Through wildfire and LINQ, Gtalk, MSN, and QQ can be combined in one client. The following are my operation steps:You can also see:Http://  Download this document in Word format (with a complete screenshot

Fireworks Imitation MSN Browser make Dumbbell button

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the fireworks MX 2004 imitation MSN Browser to make the dumbbell button process, the production of the button is very textured, and the method is very simple, recommended, I hope the script house friends

Windows 8 Installation Steps and FAQs on virtual machines

Two days ago, the Windows 8 Developer Preview version was released, and it was downloaded and installed on a virtual machine to play with it. Although I have a little understanding of Windows 8, it will be improved. I will introduce the installation

140 tips for using Windows (1)

From: 1. Re-activating Windows XPTo reinstall Windows XP, you must reactivate it. In fact, as long as the WPA. DBL file in the Windows/system32 directory is backed up during the first activation, no activation is required.

Which folders can be deleted in windows?

Files in Windows folders that can be deleted After the following settings, your system will be more fresh, concise, and efficient!1. Open "my computer"-"Tools"-"Folder Options"-"View"-tick-"OK" before "show all files and folders" 2. Delete the

The worst 20 features in Windows history _it industry

From Windows 95 's Active Desktop to Vista UAC, a series of tools, technologies, and programs bundled in Windows have made us more and more overwhelmed. In November 1985, Microsoft released its Windows 1.0, and since then, after 22 years, Windows

Comparison of Windows applications in Linux

Comparison of Windows applications in Linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. Linux has been widely used in desktop applications in recent years, and many people want to

Windows classic tips

Windows classic tips   Double-click the icon in the upper left corner of the window to close the window. If multiple windows are opened at the same time and you want to close them, you can hold

Panda Incense virus Principles, removal/deletion methods and solutions (with the latest kill tools download) [Original]_ virus killing

Panda Burning Incense Virus Special Kill V1.6 Official edition: The tool implements detection and removal, repair of infected panda incense virus files, unknown varieties of panda incense to detect and deal with the ability to deal with all the

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