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MSP430 tutorial 14: MSP430 microcontroller adc12 Module

MSP430Modulus conversion module-adc12The adc12 module of MSP430 is a 12-bit precision A/D conversion module, which features high speed and versatility. Most of them have built-in ADC modules, while some films without ADC modules can also achieve AD conversion by using the built-in analog comparator. In the product series, we can simply understand their ADC functions through the following list.Series of ADC functions to achieve conversion AccuracyMsp43

I2C subsystem framework, i2c Subsystem

I2C subsystem framework, i2c Subsystem 1 I2C subsystem framework The Linux I2C subsystem consists of the I2C core layer, I2C bus driver, and I2C device driver. (1)

I2C tool for Linux I2C interface Read and Write__linux

(I2C source Download Https:// I2ctool for Android December 1, 2014 11:36 The ANDROID.MK code is as follows Local_path:= $ (call My-dir)Include $ (clear_vars)Local_module_tags: = OptionalLocal_c_includes + = $ (local_path) $ (Local_path)/$ (kernel_dir)/includeLocal_src_files: = TOOLS/I2CBUSSES.C tools/util.cLocal_module: = I2c

MSP430 library SPI Synchronous Serial Communication

The SPI bus system is a synchronous serial peripheral interface. It is a high-speed, full-duplex, synchronous communication bus, and occupies only four lines on the chip pins, chip pins are saved, space is saved for PCB layout, and convenience is provided. Thanks to this simple and easy-to-use feature, more and more chips are now integrated with this communication protocol. Many chips use this protocol for communication: EEPROM, Flash, real-time clock, AD converter, digital signal processor, etc

Linux uses the I2C bus to read and write EEPROM (read and write I2C from Device general program) __linux

Linux using IIC Bus Read and write I2C from device registers by Handavei @ Jilin Normal University reproduced please be sure to indicate the source ******************* ******* 2012.7.16 1, this paper gives the implementation program of I2C from device using IIC bus under Linux. 2, this paper gives some very hidden error solutions in programming. 3, this article's reading and writing p

The structure of the I2C subsystem within the kernel of the I2C subsystem

This article begins by analyzing the kernel's I2C subsystem. Description: 1. The kernel version of the analysis is 2. Development Board for TQ2440, onboard ARM9 (s3c2440) 3.I2C equipment for AT24C02 4. The sequence of analysis is the registration order of the Kernel I2C subsystem (that is, the order in which this series of articles is published). It is

I2C ok6410 I2C driver analysis-user-mode driver, linuxok6410i2c

I2C ok6410 I2C driver analysis-user-mode driver, linuxok6410i2c3 i2c-dev 3.1 Overview Previously speaking about the I2C subsystem, I mentioned using i2c-dev.c files to implement our I2C Slave Device Driver in applications. However

Probe Method of I2C driver framework, i2c framework probe

Probe Method of I2C driver framework, i2c framework probe The Linux-based I2C driver adopts the probe method. The Linux driver for any device supporting I2C bus can be written according to the following framework. The I2C device connects to the cpu's specific

Linux I2C Device Driver-I2C interface touch screen driver on mini2440

This document describes how to develop an I2C interface touch screen driver mounted on the friendly mini-2440 platform. Kernel edition linux-,The platform is a touch screen with the arm9-s3c2440 + I2C interface. For exampleLinux I2C driver architectureDescriptionHttp:// To mount a new

I2C driver write guide 1: Update I2C drivers to 2.6 New Driver Model

Original article: Documentation/I2C/upgrading-clientsTranslator: Guo shaobei2010/05/10 Update I2C drivers to the new 2.6 Driver Model========================================================== ========== Note: the I2C driver here refers to the I2C client driver, for example, RTC, USBTransceiver driver and so on. Ben doo

MSP430 library DMA Library

Direct Memory Access (dmadirect Memory Access) uses hardware to directly transmit high-speed data between memory and memory or between memory and I \ O devices without CPU intervention. This method is usually used to transmit data blocks. The msp430f16x series single-chip microcomputer contains a DMA module, and almost all internal Peripherals can trigger DMA to start data access. This module is implemented hereProgramCommon function libraries for ease of use. Hardware introduction:

Add userspace I2C read-write tool (I2c-util) in the Android source tree

Through the/dev/i2c-n node, the user can directly access the I2C peripheral registers on the userspace board, mainly through i2c_rdwr this IO control command to pass i2c_msg array to kernel to execute. The following code can complete this function: #include In android/external/new I2c-util directory, the above source code into ANDROID/EXTERNAL/

I2C Buss (I2C-CORE.C)

I2C Bus (I2C-CORE.C) I2c_device_probe (struct device *dev) i2c_device_remove (struct device *dev) i2c_device_shutdown (struct device *dev) static const struct Dev_pm_ops I2c_device_pm_ops = { . Suspend = I2c_device_pm_suspend, . Resume = I2c_device_pm_resume, . Freeze = I2c_device_pm_freeze, . Thaw = I2c_device_pm_thaw, . Poweroff = I2c_device_pm_poweroff, . Restore = I2c_device_pm_restore, Set_runtime_pm_o

Is STM32 hardware I2C a pitfall ?, Stm32 hardware i2c

Is STM32 hardware I2C a pitfall ?, Stm32 hardware i2c /** **************************************** ************************************** * @ Author Maoxiao Hu * @ Version V1.0.0 * @ Date May-2015 **************************************** ************************************** * **************************************** ************************************** **/ I have been debugging the hardware

Set up the MSP430 Development Environment (MSPGCC) in Ubuntu)

Recently, I accidentally saw a netizen say that the MSP430 also has the GCC compiler, namely, MSPGCC. I also began to think that it is not far from developing the MSP430 in Linux. Google end time, find the MSPGCC Wiki: Title = MSPGCC_Wiki, and a compiled installation package already exists under Ubuntu. Here, I don't really like Recently, I accidentall

Linux I2C bare metal driver analysis, i2c bare metal

Linux I2C bare metal driver resolution (to), i2c bare metal1. hardware features 1.1 Overview The I2C bus is a two-line serial bus developed by Philips. The two cables are the clock line (SCL) and two-way data line (SDA ). The I2C bus only requires two wires, so it consumes less space on the circuit board. The problem i

I2C (vi)--s3c2440 access the EEPROM using the I2C interface

After reading the I2C official agreement document, take s3c2440 and EEPROM to verify it. Originally want to use s3c2440 SDA and SCL pin Gpio to simulate, but in the absence of an oscilloscope for a week, how can not come out, finally or give up. Even reference to Linux under the i2c-algo-bit.c and I2C-GPIO.C, Still not tuned out. If there is an oscilloscope, it m

Linux I2C Drive----I2C-driven registration process (I2c_register_driver->driver_register (&driver->driver)->driver_find) __ Linux

Linux under the I2C-driven loading process, divided into I2C equipment layer, I2C adapter layer and I2C core layer The I2C device driver layer is the drive we write for a particular I2C device, and the following is the

Comparison between ARM, 8051, AVR, MSP430, ColdFire, DSP, and FPGA systems

advantages mean that arm has a wider application scope than AVR. Therefore, if "We use AVR in Middle School" is correct, we should use arm in university.We can see that at91m55800a Based on the ARM core of ATMEL includes a lot of AVR peripherals, but still lacks Twi/I2C, variable gain ADC, EEPROM and other useful components. However, there is no doubt that arm's external expansion and peripherals are more powerful than AVR.In terms of operating syste

MSP430 library UART asynchronous serial port

The serial communication interface is one of the most common methods for data communication between a processor and other devices. MyProgramThe library is for the msp430f14 series and msp430f16 series. I usually use the single-chip microcomputer: msp430f149 and msp430f169. Both single-chip microcomputer have two Enhanced serial communication interfaces, both of which can be synchronous or asynchronous communication. Even the 169 module usart0 can perform I2C

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