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MSSQL scan and exploit module in MSF

Auxiliary/admin/mssql/mssql_enum normal Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Enumeratorauxiliary/admin/mssql/mssql_enum_domain_accounts normal Microsoft SQL Server suser_sname Windows domain account En

Mssql server database to MySQL

Thoughts:The insert into statement of MySQL is constructed using mssql, saved to a text file, and then imported into the MySQL database.The method is as follows:1. create a mysql table synchronously based on the ms SQL table structure. You can use

Configure unixODBC in CentOS to connect to mssql in PHP

After changing my work, I have been busy with the LINUX system architecture, and have gone through the pains of never understanding too much to be familiar with others. In the course of work, Baidu has always been the preferred search engine. But

Connect php to mssql in CentOS and configure unixODBC

Preface:After changing my work, I have been busy with the LINUX system architecture, and I have never been too familiar with myself. In the course of work, Baidu has always been the preferred search engine. But later, I had to and eventually used

PHP connection Microsoft MSSQL (SQL Server) Full introduction

Http:// Connect Microsoft MSSQL (SQL Server) Full introductionNoisy font: [Increase decrease] Type: Reprint time: 2016-11-27 I want to commentIn the study of Ezsql, I saw the Mssql_connect () and other PHP to provide

How to break the limits of MSSQL for Linux 3.5G memory

In a blog that mainly describes how to install and configure MSSQL in CentOS, in the installation process encountered 3.5G memory limitations, the following describes how to crack,Microsoft released SQL Server for Linux, but the installation

What are the differences between mssql and MySQL databases?

I recently summarized some practical experience in converting mssql into a MySQL database, so I will share with you today. It mainly describes the differences between mssql and MySQL databases, and these will be constantly updated. I hope you can

Experience in converting mssql to MySQL Databases

I am close at the moment and have summarized some experience in converting mssql to a MySQL database. I will share my experience with you today. At the same time, we also hope that these will be constantly updated. I hope you can learn from it and

Php connection to mssql (com & amp; pdo)

To use COM1, first of all, preparations: Access MSSQLSERVER2000 through PHP in Windows, there are two ways, (1) using COM (2) one is to use the MSSQL _ series functions in php. ini settings: (1) to allow DCOM, you need to set php. com. remove the

Reproduced SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7 SR2 (WINDOWS MSSQL Edition) installation instructions

Original by Maple and bamboo1. Installation Preparation1.1. Release NotesThis document is described in a Windows virtual machine, SQL Server database environment, installation of the SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7 SR2 Server, Installation complete virtual machine

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