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Modify and view the logical file name of the MSSQL database

What is the logical file name?When you use a program to connect to the database, the database name is used. When you right-click the attribute of your database, click "file" in the upper left corner, the database name and logical file name are

MSSQL Server Reporting services/reporting Servi directory database file exists

Today, the following problems occurred during the installation of MSSQL. Reporting Services Directory database file existsReporting Services Directory temp database file existsSolving method Open the Instance installation directory for MSSQL, for

MSSQL database logical file name modification and view

What is the logical file name? The program you use is connected with the database name, and then you right-click the property in your database, click "File" in the upper left corner, you can see that the database name and logical file name is not

MSSQL injection in error-and-error mode

Title:mssql injection in explicit and non-error mode--2010-10-27 19:51The recent use of manual injection with the habit, then list the most recent use of the MSSQL statement, later convenient to use!---------------------------------------------------

List of MSSQL patches and download address

Compiled a list of the MSSQL patches and (as of 2015-8-15) for reference. Edition Version Date Published Download Link SQL Server Service Pack 1 12.0.4100.1 5/14/2015

Toward Dba[mssql] Improve access performance of databases from the perspective of SQL statements

Text: Toward Dba[mssql] Improve access performance of databases from the perspective of SQL statementsRecently the company has come to a very tiger DBA 10几 years of experience here is called Cai Teacher. Let us share the precious wealth that Cai Lao

Php connection to mysql, mssql, and oracle

Php connection to mysql, mssql, and oracle Php connection to mysql, mssql, and oracle Dbtypedef. php // Some database parameter settings @ Define ("DATABASE_ACCESS", 0 ); @ Define ("DATABASE_MSSQL", 1 );

Free 100m/asp/mssql/ftp/domain/No advertising space

Free HostName: Asp,ftp Free HostType: Free spaceSpace: 200MPrice: Free spaceWeb upload: Bulk uploadSpace domain name: can bind the top-level domain name or the gift two level domain nameOnline Decompression: √Permission settings: √Bound

Can MSSQL transaction log be transferred across databases?

I believe many people have used or are applying the logshipping function of SQLSERVER. This is a very powerful function provided by MSSQL and generally requires a primary database server (primaryproductiondatabaseserver) and the auxiliary database

MSSQL DATE function [database query integer day or integer month]

MSSQL Date function [query integer day or integer month in database Tutorial] Select//query for the entire month*FromTbwhereDateDiff (hh, Time field, GETDATE ()) =0 Select DATEADD (Mm,2,getdate ())Select DATEADD (Day,2,getdate ()) Query Day

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