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MSSQL Server 2005 Restore Database bak files to "Backup set database backup vs. existing XX database" workaround

MSSQL Server 2005 Restore Database Bak files, Web sites using Virtual host site will often encounter, in general, the host has an online management program, but sometimes not, you need to restore the local backup SQL database. In this case, MSSQL Ser

Improve MSSQL Database performance (1) vs. COUNT (*) and override Count (*)

Tags: logical SM tab meaning Occupy LOB end represents setOriginal: Improve MSSQL database performance (1) vs. COUNT (*) and override Count (*)Article Preparation database: Atricles table Data volume 60.69 million dataArticleID primary Key

My SQL and SQL Server differences

Tags: fast system set processing char order security time class. comMySQL differs from SQL ServerToday we understand the difference between the two, collate the online access to information, summarized as follows:MSSQL = = SQL Server was the product

Oracle databases vs. SQL Server database Mirroring

Database mirroring is the movement of database transactions from one database to another in a different environment. A mirrored copy is an alternate copy that cannot be accessed directly, and is used

Windows Azure Pack vs. VMware VRA (vi) Azure pack MSSQL PAAs functional test

Tags: Windows Azure cloud Solutions Serviceplatform as a service (platform as aservices, abbreviated as PaaS) is a cloud computing service that provides the computing platform and the solution stack as a service. At the typical level of cloud

All the differences between MySQL and SQL Server

The official name of MSSQL is from SQL Server MS Company. The graphics operation interface is better, the performance is also OK. Cannot be interchanged on MSSQL and Oracle. Supports OLE DB connections. asp, MSSAQL only for window MySQL is mysql belo

Learning Note:sql Server VS oracle–database Architecture

Tags: depends PPI time show soft blocks turn another modelHttp:// is my Learning note base on the "SQL Server Essentials for Oracle DBAs jump Start".DATA Block/extend and SEGMENTimage:http:

SQL Server 2005 Scalability and Performance Plan (2)

File System Storage Other options for snapshot storage are the use of file system storage. Such a setting does not affect SQL compression settings because the data is stored in the file system. File system snapshot storage is also appropriate for rem

SQL Server Remote call failed

Tags: Upgrade port occupied dem file open technology sharing convenient local database SSLThis article mainly introduces a workaround for the SQL Server service to show that the remote procedure call failed, and also provides a solution to resolve

SQL injection attacks

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