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Go VS2015 compiled programs are missing on other machines Msvcp120.dll

Http:// one of your own difficulties in the development process today.Developed a Windows client (Win32 Project) with VS2015, which runs smoothly on its own machine. When you pack up the Releas version and publish it, does it matter? Many people have feedback that the runtime lacks msvcp140.dll, and even someone is completely unavailable on the XP system.So first look at how it's solved:Open the properties on t

PS win7_ Unable to open prompt MSVCP120.dll error resolution method

PS win7_ no open prompt MSVCP120.dll Error resolution method1, PS software can not be opened after installation, and prompted MSVCP120.dll "PS can not start this program because the computer lost Msvcp120.dll"Error hint: 650) this

MySQL compact version installs and avoids 1055 errors and msvcp120.dll loss

Tags: partial ora localhost rate basedir same console UTF8 calMySQL compact version installs and avoids 1055 errors and msvcp120.dll lossThe installation of the MySQL compact version is quick and easy, with 5.7 and the latest version 8 installed in roughly the same way.You may encounter a 1055 error when using GROUP by grouping.Additionally, you may experience msvcp120

Windows 7 prompts that this program cannot be started because the computer is missing MSVCP120.dll

After reloading the system (Windows 7), it was found that most of the previously installed software did not start correctly, and, even more strangely, when I installed the software and opened the software interface, I reported the following error: "This program cannot be started because the computer is missing MSVCP120.dll." Try to install the program to resolve this issue. Online said, re-reg

Hbinject.exe, hbmhly. dll, sys07003.dll, zsqf. dll, ytfa. dll, ytfb. dll, ytfc. dll, etc.

Hbinject.exe, hbmhly. dll, sys07003.dll, zsqf. dll, ytfa. dll, ytfb. dll, ytfc. dll, etc. Original endurerVersion 1st Yesterday, a friend said that he opened a flash file on the Internet. The Flash Player encountered an error and

C # calls the C (c + +) DLL sample tutorial, which contains a workaround for a DLL that cannot find a function entry, including the C#dll method of calling the solution to the error __jquery

This article is about how to invoke C (c + +)-written DLLs in a C # environment. "Reprint marked the source." First, the preferred creation of a C DLL project, production DLL files used for standby, steps are as follows: 1, VS2010 create C + + Project Select Win32 Application, the name is Createcdll, in the application settings interface to select the DLL, the fo

MinGW QT (can be removed Mingwm10.dll, Libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll, Libstdc++-6.dll Dependence, the official MinGW by default are dynamically linked to the GCC library and TDM is a static link to the GCC Library, TDM version better use)

Original Address:MinGW QTSun 1 EastProblems and workarounds for compiling QT source code using MinGW without using the QT SDK:Configure-fast-release-no-exceptions-no-rtti-no-stl-no-qt3support-no-opengl-no-multimedia-no-webkit-no-script- No-scripttools-nomake tools-nomake examples-nomake demos-nomake docs-nomake translations-platform win32-g++The TDM version of MinGW GCC is highly recommended, compared to the official MinGW slow and obscure, the TDM installation process is simple, clear, and fast

Ninsys74.sys, b674a2d4. EXE, 42ae09e4. dll, msavp. dll, avpdj, avpwl. dll, etc.

Ninsys74.sys, b674a2d4. EXE, 42ae09e4. dll, msavp. dll, avpdj. dll, avpwl. dll, etc. EndurerOriginal2007-10-121Version At noon yesterday, I helped two netizens clean up computer viruses. Recall one of them first. The netizen's computer is installed with rising 2007 anti-virus software, but it is an expired download ver

Merge multiple DLL files into one DLL file and merge the DLL files into the EXE file.

1 :) download 2 :) start-run-cmd "->" cd c: \ Program Files \ Microsoft \ ilmerge" 3 :) 3.1 merge file1.dll and file2.dll to destination. dllIlmerge/ndebug/Target: dll/out: C: \ destination. dll/log c: \ file1.

C # Call the methods of standard DLL and non-standard DLL such as VB DLL

First, call the dll and register it through the command: regsvr32 F:/CJZFProject/CJZFMain/bin/Debug/PayDll. DLL If you call the standard DLL Code as follows: Statement: [DllImport ("PayDll. dll", CharSet = CharSet. Auto)]Static extern int OpenComm (int a, int B ); Call: Int c = 10; int d = 20; Int num = OpenComm (c, d

Ebuiiti. sys, qbnlwvqcimqbos. dll, jsrldzlvyunxeo. dll, jsrldzlvyunxeo. dll, etc.

Ebuiiti. sys, qbnlwvqcimqbos. dll, jsrldzlvyunxeo. dll, jsrldzlvyunxeo. dll, etc. EndurerOriginal1Version Yesterday, a netizen said that the computer's AntiVir constantly reported that the virus was working very slowly and asked him to repair it through QQ. Check the log of AntiVir, as shown in the following figure (duplicate virus items are removed ):/---Exporte

An exception occurred while calling gdiplus. dll (unable to load DLL (gdiplus. dll ))

Problem description: The Verification Code cannot be displayed when the website is registered. Check the error message. Unable to load DLL (gdiplus. dll ).Note: An unhandled exception occurs during the execution of the current Web request. Check the stack trace information for details about the error and the source of the error in the code.Exception details: system. dllnotfoundexception: Unable to load

How to replace the dynamic library of application DLL (gts. dll is used as an example), dllgts. dll

How to replace the dynamic library of application DLL (gts. dll is used as an example), dllgts. dll Under the C ++ builder compiler IDE Software 1. View-Project Manageer -- find the x. lib (gts. lib) corresponding to the x. dll to be replaced, and then Remove2. Project-Remove from project -- check whether the

In the event of scvhost.exe, qsetup.exe, dsound. dll, hnetcfg. dll, olepro32.dll, etc. 2

In the event of scvhost.exe, qsetup.exe, dsound. dll, hnetcfg. dll, olepro32.dll, etc. 2 (Continued 1) Download drweb cureit yesterday! I helped my friend's computer to scan and kill the virus, and then I went to work. Today, my friend said drweb cureit yesterday! I found a lot of viruses and then jumped out of a prompt box. He didn't know how to handle them,

Mfc71.dll, mfc71u. dll, and msvcp71.dll in qtp

Many of my friends found that their hard drive root directory contains three files: mfc71.dll, mfc71u. dll, and msvcp71.dll.This is actually installedQtpGenerated after 9.x-these files are the VC 7 Runtime library files, and many common software cannot run without them.Some of my friends thought it was a virus and deleted them directly. As a result, when qtp was opened again, the dialog box in appeared, ask

Make the program compiled by VC independent of msvcr80.dll, msvcr90.dll, msvcr100.dll, and other files.

Under normal circumstances, when we use VC to compile an EXE for a console/Win32 ProjectProgram(The MFC program is not considered here), it will depend on msvcrxx. DLL file (XX is the version number corresponding to different VC, vc2005 is 80, vc2008 is 90, and vc2010 is 100). When you release a program, you need to copy the corresponding DLL, inconvenient. By using the following method, you can make the E

The. M file compiled by MATLAB is converted into a DLL file using the vc6.0 (MFC (DLL) project, and the DLL file is called using the vc6.0 (MFC dialog box project ).

Before creating an MFC (DLL) project, we need to download MATCOM.ProgramInstall, open vc6.0, open tool-custom-additional items, and select visual MATCOM add-in. After the installation is successful, it will be displayed on the vc6.0 toolbar. Start our project: (1) Open vc6.0 and create an MFC (DLL) project. Then click the M ++ button on the toolbar to add the edited. M file. (2) Click the FileView vie

Unity3d call C + + DLL DLL callback Unity3d (c + + DLL callback C # function)

The previous Unity3d call C + + DLL (Win platform) introduced a simple Unity3d method to call C + + DLLs, but this is not enough, here is the way to let the C + + DLL callback Unity3d through the function pointers.Turn from Http:// star Ring game functions in creating DLLs and calling DLLs in Unity3d are described in the previous article.First of all, there

Unable to load DLL "Rasapi32.dll": Dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed. The processing notes scheme

Web site prompt failed to load DLL "Rasapi32.dll": dynamic-link library (DLL) initialization routines fail. (Exception from hresult:0x8007045a).The initial suspicion is because the Cloud accelerator service caused by the agent problem, I guess! It should work anyway.Unable to load DLL "Rasapi32.

C # office component DLL word. dll excel. dll

In actual project development, it is often necessary to process small Excel and Word documents.Program, Mostly inCodeIntroduce a namespace such as "Microsoft. office", but this is very troublesome. We can use another method to reference the DLL directly. The DLL generation method is as follows: 1. Ensure that the machine itself needs to install the Office; 2. Install the excel.olb file under [C: Progr

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