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Sccm2012 R2 software distribution, Software Center Error [unable to change software]

/0D/wKiom1RJ9oLBirzxAAFPPWtriUc867.jpg "Title =" 3.jpg" alt = "wkiom14259olbirzxaafppwtriuc867.jpg"/> 3. On the Management site-monitoring-distribution content-content status page, all the software I released is 6612.1 MB in size. (I'm wondering what determines the size of this item, and I haven't changed any configuration.) I am also worried, and I don't know why ?? 650) This. width = 650; "src =" http://

Tivoli Software Distribution

It provides the most efficient, reliable, and secure software dynamic package renewal, distribution, security, and setting functions for enterprises. It provides all the work from the collection, delivery, and security of the software. 1. tivoli Software Distribution provide

7 of sccm2012 R2 practice series: Software Distribution

In the previous chapter, we have installed the SCCM 2012 client proxy software, and now we can deploy the application for the client. Sccm2012 added Application distribution while retaining package distribution in sccm 2007. Application distribution can directly deploy the MSI program, and the EXE program can be done t

Ubuntu Snap takes over the distribution of Linux desktops and IoT software

, which allows the user to choose to use the pre-release developer version or follow the latest stable version," explains Tim Jester-pfadt, a contributor to Arch Linux. ”In addition to these Linux branches, independent software developers will embrace snap because snap simplifies third-party Linux application distribution and security maintenance issues. For example, the document Foundation will also let th

Software Distribution Manager Secure Delivery Center Basic Concepts Overview (i)

July 23 software Distribution management artifact Secure Delivery Center Free Technology Exchange, myeclipse the original manufacturers, please focus on!Distribution ManagerGenuitec's Secure Delivery Center (SDC) is a software distribution management artifact that helps you

Software Distribution Manager Secure Delivery Center Basic Concepts Overview (III)

MyEclipse Spring 65 percent copy bottom Sale! 6.24-7.24! onlyIn the software Distribution Manager Secure Delivery Center Overview of Basic Concepts (ii), the small section introduces SDC's Package Library and the management console, so in this article, we will continue to introduce secure Delivery Some of the other basic concepts of the center, Welcome to the tasting!installation programAfter you configure

Survey Report excerpt-the company's industry or domain distribution _ software Testing

1, the company's industry or field distributionSoftware testers in the company of communications and the Internet, application software, finance and other industries accounted for the second, the other industries have software testers distribution, which fully demonstrates that the software testing in each row has a ce

SQL sever2000 Green Edition, saying goodbye to the troubles of installing SQL during Software Distribution

SQL sever2000 Green Edition, saying goodbye to the troubles of installing SQL during Software Distribution Have you ever encountered such a situation, software developers, that is, the software we have worked hard to develop, and the database is based on SQL Sever? When we distribute it, we will find that, what if our

Load balancing implementation-Hardware balancer vs. software distribution connections

. Zhangwensong for providing us with such powerful and practical open source software.LVS is characterized by:1, anti-load capacity, is the work in the Network 4 layer only for distribution, no traffic generated, this feature also determines its performance in the Load Balancer software is the strongest;2, the configuration is relatively low, this is a disadvantage is also an advantage, because there is not

Handling Methods for DC Domain [software distribution] failure

It is estimated that many of my friends will use Microsoft's software distribution function, which is indeed a very convenient function. What is confusing is that it must comply with Microsoft's MSI file standards, in addition, this MSI production tool still needs to be paid. It is really a worship of Microsoft's money-consuming skill! However, after Microsoft finds that MSI is "mentally retarded", it has e

Pay attention to the automatic installation of the distribution software client in the domain-wise

Note: (for automatic installation by assigned Customers) 1. Add your domain users to the local domainadmins group with administrative permissions; 2. If each client needs the software, make a software distribution in the Group Policy (select the computer in the Group Policy \ The computer assigned by the software will

Puppet bulk Modify SSH port-linux software distribution

Tags: puppet push pullSSH by default using the Tcp22 port, in order to protect the Linux 22-side xxx break, we sometimes need to change the port of SSH, however, in the enterprise environment, the number of servers is huge, one can imagine the workload modification. The use of puppet can be a good solution to such problems, for operations and maintenance personnel to alleviate the burden of work.The case topologies are as follows:Puppetclient is the Linux server that needs to modify the SSH port

The problem of proportion distribution of requirement analysis and design time and development time in software project development

analysis and research.2. Customers do not like you to find him every day to understand the needs of the problem, one is that users can not accurately express themselves to the expectations, you can not be very accurate to induce users to say their own expectations, such is notWait until you've made the real thing, and see if you meet expectations, or make further changes.3. Many developers think that to do the requirements analysis and design is to write a pile of documents, simply do not want

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