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Using Crunchbase API

Let us has fun with crunchbase API.What can crunchbase API give us?They said:Https:// (by the), their API Web testing page is supported by HTTP://3SCALE.N Et which is great for demonstrating the API usage for developers! )The Crunchbase API gives developers access to query the Crunchbase da

A tutorial on web information capture using Ruby program _ruby topics

it easier to extract what you want. Other solutions read HTML, you can define content as a function of an HTML hierarchy in which data is tagged. One such solution is Nokogiri, which supports parsing HTML and XML documents using the Ruby language. Other open source crawlers include pjscrape for JavaScript and beautiful Soup for Python. Pjscrape implements a command-line tool to crawl fully rendered pages, including JavaScript content. The beautiful Soup is fully integrated into the Python 2 and

How to design a set of event log APIs

Brief introduction The industry has now reached a strong consensus that the API should be designed in the order of the front-end to the back end, focusing on the developer's use of the API. In a thriving business, there is usually a lot of competing products and APIs, and Easy-to-use, well-designed APIs have an advantage in attracting and retaining developers. In addition, new tools are emerging, not only to help developers design APIs in an iterative fashion, but also to help developers learn

Share this book "Activiti" and links to several workflows

assigned to a task, and each task can be divided into multiple activities. As a daily example-the next step in online shopping, you first need to search for the item you want to buy, then add it to your cart, and then fill in your mailing address and pay. Each action in this example can be called activity, which is the smallest component of a business process. Many activities in English must be in the plural form, that is, activities, and finally, a complex simplification of the collection of a

What should be prepared for an excellent interactive design portfolio?

, I do is a student project is just a big job, but in fact same, you design a product or product in a function, always to solve a problem. Even if it is a very small example, you have been a friend punctuate design, the design exists also have his reasons, how did you think you got your final solution? That's what I care about. Here's a chestnut. I very much like the designer of the firm Metalab was designed by the famous slack | Crunchbase, a firm

Let Apache Shiro protect your application _linux

are friendly members who are ready to provide help. Business companies such as Katasoft can also provide you with the professional support and services you need. Who's using Shiro? Shiro and its predecessor, Jsecurity, have been used for many years by companies of various sizes and industries. Since becoming the top project of the Apache Software Foundation, site traffic and usage have continued to grow. Many open source communities are also using Shiro, and here are some examples such as Spr

Open-source SOA technology-introduction to mule ESB (zt)

Open-source SOA technology-introduction to mule ESB Mule is an ESB-based architecture developed by mulesoft (formerly mulesource ).Concept Message Platform. The core of mule is a Seda-based service.Container.A service object called a universal message objects/UMO, all of which are pojo. All Umo and other applications communicate through message endpoints. These endpoints are a large number of separate TechnologiesFor example, JMS, SMTP, JDBC,

BPMN2 new Norm and Activiti5

flowchart to communicate, Ensuring the consistency of the understanding of demand, to some extent, promotes the agility of the project.ACTIVITI5 support for the latest BPMN2.0 specificationAs an open source workflow engine that supports the latest BPMN2.0 specifications, ACTIVIT5 defines the vast majority of the elements of the specification and can meet the complex applications of enterprise workflows. It is a non-intrusive, embedded and independent deployment of open source workflow engine, i

Architecture Design: Inter-system Communication (35)-The deified ESB (bottom)

technology, there are many accessibility features, such as the editing management tools available to developers in ESB Studio, as well as a separate service registration snap-in, and monitoring subsystem functions such as the ESB middleware monitoring platform. It seems that the Meta ESB Middleware has a community version that can be downloaded and used by developers. But the functional aspect certainly is not as comprehensive as the paid version. 3-2, Total (free) to enjoy (fee)

CDIF: A JSON-based SOA software framework

devices, and it is easy to help clients create a variety of applications where IoT devices and network services are linked.Due to its concise abstraction ability, based on strict contract loosely coupled architecture, state-independent and interchangeable service definition, the SOA technology system built on WSDL and soap is still widely used to include banks, exchanges, airlines, telecommunications, hospitals, e-commerce, Payment platform and other industries in large and medium-sized enterpr

CDIF: A JSON-based SOA software framework

schema form technology to automatically generate API documentation and test pages for various rest or soap APIs. At the same time, when the parameters of the API change, such as the new parameter fields, the documentation and testing tools for these APIs will be updated automatically.Automatic API Document GenerationAutomated API test Page generationThe unified model CDIF created for the cloud service API is inspired by UPnP. In addition to the API interfaces that support various cloud services

15 highly influential Apache open source projects

inherit any line of code from its previous version. "The next major redesign of the project is expected to be available soon.SubversionSubversion was founded in 2000 by CollabNet. This version control system is currently competing with git for the attention of developers, but the vice president of subversion, Greg Stein, does not believe the two are in a duel."This is not a war. Version control systems are just tools, and the development community chooses the tools that are best for them. It is

15 very important Apache Open Source project Summary

the basic principles introduced by struts 1, but did not inherit any line of code from its previous version. "The next major redesign of the project is expected to be available soon.SubversionSubversion was founded in 2000 by CollabNet. This version control system is currently competing with git for the attention of developers, but the vice president of subversion, Greg Stein, does not believe the two are in a duel."This is not a war. Version control systems are just tools, and the development

Getting Started with SalesForce

serviceData Import Export: A lot of tools, wizards, and Web service provide an import of Salesforce dataEmail alerts: Apex and Workflow can be used to send email reminders to users from SalesforceMobile Reminders: Mobile alerts are embedded in the Salesforce1 mobile app and support customized remindersOAuth 2.0:salesforce Web Service supports OAuth 2.0 authentication, and other apps can use access token to invoke Salesforce's Web serviceSAML: Support for Single sign-on between enterprise appsM

The destructive effect of open source movement

Enterprise occupies 2 seats (MongoDB and DataStax) Where Mulesoft provides cloud-based enterprise Integration Services; Kaltura is a video rental service. As you can see, open source software plays an important role in all areas of the software industry.VC So for these open-source projects and enterprises so favored, mainly because when the enterprise is bigger, VC exit (exits, such as mergers and acquisitions and IPOs) brought about by the huge bene

Comparison of several ESB Software

spring components by publishing spring beans as entry points to be accessed as services by other modules as well as by providing spring beans with service references wired to services other modules. It can be seen that SCA and spring are closely related and can complement each other. I believe that SCA and spring will be more closely integrated in the future to better utilize their respective advantages. Idea of SCA and spring: dependency injection -- According to alloyer's opinion:Camel is a

Fundamentals and practices of distributed Java Applications reading notes three

the bus in a message Supported communication and Interaction modes: Support WebService and JMS two, support synchronous and asynchronous mode Mule does not provide special support on Debug/trace, and in dependency management, Mule's Mulesoft provides an open source service governance framework: Mulegalaxy; Mule is not optimized for high performance and high availability.Summary?? The framework implemented by the SCA Standard and the SCA stan

Look at the flow in the Mule3.0 with an example

$* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Copyright (c) Mulesoft, Inc. All rights reserved. Http://** The software in this package is published under the terms of the Cpal v1.0* License, a copy of which has been included with this distribution in the* LICENSE.txt file.* * Package Org.mule.example.echo; Import Javax.jws.WebParam;Import Javax.jws.WebResult;Import Javax.jws.WebService; @We

In 2016, which business areas are more popular? SaaS is one of them!

Based on the data provided by Crunchbase, we analyzed the financing share of the 16 major entrepreneurial categories in the last five years, and learned about the development trend of the seed wheel and the A-round financing market. The investment range of the two markets is compared by investment area, which is expressed as a percentage of the total annual investment. Where blue represents seed investment, red represents a round of investment.650) th

What are the channels for product managers to obtain competitor data?

Competitor analysis is an important part of Product manager's work, accurate and complete competition data will help you understand the competition and the market situation, here collect some websites and tools to help you get the competition data conveniently and quickly.aofficial channels for competing goodsFirst of all, do not forget the official position of the competition: the official website, the public number, Weibo and product Help Center. Product updates, company news will generally be

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