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Digital Multimeter purchase Guide

Digital Multimeter purchase Guide Multimeter is the most basic tool in the field of electronic testing, and is also a widely used instrument. because of its low price, simple operation, complete functions, and extensive use, professional electronic engineers often ignore the following problems: 1. Because the precision and resolution of the multimeter are insuffi

Common electronic component testing experience and skills

electronic components is particularly important. This is also a skill that must be mastered by electronic maintenance personnel. I have accumulated some common electronic component testing experience and skills in electrical appliance repair for your reference. 1. Test the polarity of each foot of the rectification Bridge The multimeter sets the R × 1k block. The black table pen is connected to any pin of the bridge heap, and the red table pen test

Pynest--part1:neurons and simple neural networks

dimension of the outer tuple is the length of the node list, and the dimension of the inner tuple is the number of the specified key.To modify the properties in the dictionary, we use SetStatus. In the following example, the background current is set to 376.0pA, which is the value that causes the neuron to periodically spike. Nest. SetStatus (Neuron, {"I_e": 376.0}) Note that we can set multiple properties at the same time by giving multiple comma-separated key: value pairs in the

Transistor principle and SMD Encapsulation

9 (h) shows the Voltage Control Tube simulated by a transistor. The voltage regulation principle is: when the input voltage added to both ends of a and B rises, the pressure drop due to the B and E junction of the transistor is basicallyThe voltage drop on both ends of R2 remains unchanged, so the voltage drop on both ends of R2 increases. When the current of R2 rises, the active side of the transistor is enhanced, and its conduction is also enhanced. The equivalent resistance between the C and

NI LabView first day of learning

Reference site: to LabVIEW development environmentWelcome to use labview! This guide will help you quickly master some of the basic concepts of LabVIEW and graphical programming.LabVIEW program, also known as virtual instruments, or VI, its appearance and operation are simulated real physical instruments, such as oscilloscopes and multimeter. LabVIEW has a complete set of too

How to Use A multimeter to detect PC power supply faults

When you solve a user's PC fault, do not forget to use a multimeter to test the power supply. Learn some simple and easy-to-use skills to help you eliminate the possibility of power failure. It may not seem obvious, but more than 1/4 of PC problems are related to power problems to some extent. You may think that if there is a problem with the power supply, the PC will not start up at all, and the culprit will be easily identified. But the problem is

Router hardware Extraction

interface on the Linksys WRT54G v2.2 vro motherboard.16.2.1 serial port Probe Next we use the basic observation method and multimeter to find the UART from the complex router motherboard, and determine the purpose of each pin of the UART. Because UART is not standardized, the method demonstrated here is not "universal ". This section uses the Linksys WRT54G v2 vrov2 as an example. There are two serial ports on the main board. Next we will demonstrate

Multimeter How to measure transistor _ multimeter test transistor good or bad diagram

First, the multimeter to the test diode end, with the multimeter of the Red pen to one of the transistor's pin, and the other side of the multimeter to test the remaining pins, until the following results are tested: 1, if the transistor's black form pen to connect one of the pins, and the Red Watch pen to test the other two pins are on the voltage display, then

How do browsers use offline Web sites

How to open an offline Web site Using the Teleport Ultra software, you can create a new project file, and then open the appropriate Web site using offline mode. Step 1: Double-click the Teleport Ultra program icon on the desktop, open the Program main window day, click the File New Project Wizard command, as shown in the following illustration. (Universal meter and Multimeter use method http:

Digital multimeter to measure the polarity of transistors and the methods of NPN and PnP

How to use the digital Universal meter to measure the polarity of transistors and the method of NPN, PNP . First of all, say the pointer of the multimeter and the digital multimeter of the red-black pen and the internal battery connection difference;So there are some differences between the two types of tables. Next, just talk about how to use the digital measurements. Use a digital

Capacitor detection methods and experience

1 fixed capacitor DetectionA is a small capacitor below 10 PF. Because the capacity of the fixed capacitor below 10 PF is too small, the multimeter can only be used for measurement to check whether there is leakage, internal short circuit or breakdown. During measurement, you can use a multimeter r×10k block, and use two pen to connect two pins of the capacitor separately. The resistance value should be inf

Basic knowledge of lithium battery Protection Board (RPM)

Protection Board circuit principle and working process1. Schematic diagramSame as the single power-saving core, in the multi-energy-saving core protection circuit, the protection board must also be able to provide overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit protection.Dual power-saving core protection board schematic diagramSix, general Protection Board Bad Reason analysis method1, no display (no voltage, charging, no load voltage low): When the battery is found no display, you can

How the digital multimeter tests the polarity of the transistor

Digital multimeter test and the pointer multimeter is different, then how to test the polarity of the transistor with a digital multimeter. First, the multimeter to the test diode end, with the multimeter of the Red pen to one of the transistor's pin, and the other side of

Troubleshooting of Improper CMOS setup

motherboard battery voltage is not enough to deal with: replace the battery can be. If some of the motherboard battery replacement, can not solve the problem, you should first check the motherboard CMOS jumper is a problem, sometimes because the motherboard on the wrong set of CMOS jumper to clear options, or set into an external battery, also makes the CMOS data can not be saved. But this failure did not find the jumper set is not correct, in general, the new replacement of the battery, at le

How does a digital multimeter test the polarity of a transistor?

The digital multimeter test differs from the pointer multimeter, so how can we test the polarity of the transistor with the digital multimeter? First, hit the multimeter to the test diode, and use the red table pen of the multimeter to access one of the pins of the transist

Considerations for Arduino CNC shiled and DRV8825 drive boards

First description Hardware: 1) Arduino CNC shiled V2.62) DRV8825 Drive Board3) optical Drive stepper Motor4) Arduino Uno R3The protagonist is the Arduino CNC shiled and DRV8825 Drive board.Here's a sandwich chart.Information about the Arduino CNC shiledNote the point :1) More easily overlooked is the stepper motor interface, which is the figure on the motor socket (A1A2B1B2), a1a2 a group, b1b2 a group. How to correspond with stepper motor continue to look down2) on the left

Transistor method for judging polarity

Before the method of judging the transistor is used by the memory method, that is, as long as the three-level tube series Let it have a face of their own words, from left to right in turn is E-Class B class C. Until one time in the process of using the transistor circuit in a mistake, found that the pipe is always inexplicable conduction, find a good reason for a long time, finally found that the NPN tube has a sequence of e-Class C-Class B. In order to prevent further errors, and then found a v

Replacement techniques for integrated digital multimeter Blocks

Currently, almost all digital multimeter use dedicated integrated circuits for A/D conversion. Table 1 lists some common number table A/D chip configurations. I. Replacement of the mode/number Converter Currently, almost all digital multimeter use dedicated integrated circuits for A/D conversion. Table 1 lists some common number table A/D chip configurations. Icl7106, icl7126, and icl7136 belong to th

Computer Power detection method

1 People for Wake Power detection In short, it is to connect the computer motherboard 20 pin plug, with a wire (such as a thin wire, the specific people to play the imagination) a green line, a black line (there are 8), if the power supply fan turned on the power is good. With a thin wire to the ATX plug 14 feet ps-on and the other end of the 3rd, 5, 7, 13, 15, 16, 17 feet of any short foot connection, this is the ATX power supply in standby state of artificial wake-up start, when the ps-on si

Coaxial Cable and optical fiber cable Detection

I. coaxial cable Detection1. After the cable enters the water, we have tested the change of Characteristic Impedance. When the cable enters the water due to moisture and the TV signal passes through the cable, the measured level is lower than the specified loss value of the cable. According to the length of the cable inlet and damp time, the loss attenuation value varies depending on the degree of corrosion and oxidation Rust of the internal and external cables.Under the face of moisture, water

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