multiple client server chat program in java using swing

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Python+soket implementation of the TCP protocol client/server Chinese (auto-reply) Chat program

"Spit Groove"Online code to kill people, look at all write certainty, can run is a problem.Some hobby code, like to collect code friends, see someone else's code paste copied over. But at least you have to try and run, look, Big Brother.BodyYesterday modified the C/S chat program running the UDP protocol, but the TCP protocol is not. Various tests, various pits.After doing the following several modification

Java multi-client chat program implementation program

One Java client chat program implements program code. If you have a friend who needs it, you can refer to it. The Code is as follows: Copy code Import java. io .*;Import .*;Import

Java implements multiple client chat programs

I reviewed Java for a day. In the evening, I wrote a heartchat 0.1 program to enable multiple clients to chat with each other.CodeAs follows: Import Java. Io .* ; Import .* ; Import Java. util .* ; Public Class He

Java multi-client chat program implementation program

The code is as follows:Copy code Import java. io .*;Import .*;Import java. util .*;Public class HeartServer { /** Member variable debut*/List /*** This is the portal. Check it out here...* @ Param args*/Public static void main (String [] args ){New HeartServer (). start (); } /*** Starting the server... **/Public void start (){Try {Boolean iConnect =

XMPP-based iOS chat client program (XMPP server architecture)

Recently looked at the framework for XMPP, as an example of text chat, the message that needs to be sent is:Kizhong from is the message from which user, to is sent to who, the user of XMPP is in the form of a mailbox. Body is the text of the message we send.Well, in this case, we will develop an XMPP-based iOS chat client pro

Python+soket implementation of UDP protocol client/server Chinese chat program

" "Client" " fromSocketImport*Host='localhost' #Local server addressPort = 12345#client port (ensure that the port is consistent with the serverBufsiz = 2048#Cache SizeADDC = (host, port)#address + PortUdpclisock= Socket (af_inet, SOCK_DGRAM)#Create a socket type for UDP. whiletrue:msg= Input ('The client says:')#inp

When the java online chat project solves the problem that the client can send messages to the server only once, OutputStreamWriter DataOutputStream socket. getOutputStream (),

) {// TODO Auto-generated catch block e. printStackTrace ();}}} Demo process Problem: SocketException: Socket is closed If you do not close the stream Delete this sentence bw. close (); Yes, the program will not go wrong, but it will always be closed. You can execute this sentence when the client window is closed. You can still send only one message but no error message. Why? Check the

In Java, the socket creation server is in instant chat with the client

");/*** the server sends a confirmation message */scannerscan=newscanner (; ();p w.println (sendmsg);p W.flush ();}} /*** client * @throws IOException* @throws unknownhostexception */publicstaticvoidclient () throwsUnknownHostException, IOEXCEPTION{//uses the socket to make a request to the specified machine and port socketsocket=newsocket ("", 9999);/***2. Th

Java chat client does not display the content, the server is not the cause of the problem finally found

O (≧ mouth ≦) o just hit a lot of content, the results forget the network disconnected, unable to automatically save the draft. The results of the release of the contents have been lost. The air died, and did not write.Today is about the Java EE, speak quickly, mainly on the focus or is not the same as SE, just a bit, almost jumped over, let us see ppt ... (content not dropped) ...I made a simple chat room

Java multithread Implementation chat client and server _java

This example for you to share the Java Chat Room code, for your reference, the specific contents are as follows Mainly involved in knowledge · Java GUI program writing, including event monitoring mechanism.· Java network communication Programming, the use of serversocket,s

Java online chat project version 0.8 provides the function of returning the information received by the server to each client window.

Java online chat project version 0.8 provides the function of returning the information received by the server to each client window. The iterator will cause locking. The server adds the function of sending messages to each client

Java Online chat Project version 0.8 enables the return of information received by the server to the display function in each client window

(); }; } @Override Public voidrun () {Try{//Note: to include a while loop, a socket closed exception occurs if the try is in the while loop while(connected) {String str=Dis.readutf (); System.out.println (str); for(intI=0;i) {Client C=Clients.get (i); C.send (str); } //For (iterator//Client ();//method Two, not advis

Java multi-server communication framework-chat demonstration program v0.1 Alpha released and available for download

", and the username is "Root Password" is "123456 ". 4. Start the server, execute the BAT file, and start the server in the following order: globalserver, recordserver, sessionserver, gatewayserver, and accountserver. it must be in this order. No error is allowed. Otherwise, restart is disabled. The default IP address of the demo program is, and the p

Java Notes 15__TCP Server, client program/ECHO Program/

client program*/ Public classClientdemo { Public Static voidMain (string[] args)throwsioexception{//Create a Client socket object (ip/host name, port number)Socket S0 =NewSocket ("", 12347); System.out.println ("Connection to server succeeded"); Scanner input=NewScanner (; BooleanFlag =true; Pri

JAVA Socket network programming, the server receives the implementation of multiple client connections

{thread.sleep (+);} catch (Interruptedexception e) {//TODO auto-generated catch Blocke.printstacktrace ();}}} catch (IOException e) {//TODO auto-generated catch Blocke.printstacktrace ();}}} public class MulclientSocketdemo {public static void main (string[] args) throws IOException {//TODO auto-generated method Stubint counter = 4;w Hile ((counter--) >0) {New Thread (new Threadclientsocket ()). Start ();;} Client.settcpnodelay (True);}}This implementation still has a lot of shortcomings, bette

1. Entry-level client/server communication program written in Java

slave serverIf (msg. Equals ("bye") // if the message sent by the customer is "bye", the communication ends.Break;}} Catch (ioexception e ){E. printstacktrace ();} Finally {Try {If (socket! = NULL) socket. Close (); // disconnect} Catch (ioexception e) {e. printstacktrace ();}}}Public static void main (string ARGs []) throws ioexception {New echoclient (). Talk ();}} Create an echoserver Package com. sockettest; Import java. Io. bufferedreader;I

Discussion on the client and application server-side interaction principle of Java Web Program

fact, Java and the browser has already encapsulated, programmers just focus on the implementation of the business logic is OK, these do not have to care!!To understand the interaction principle, we look back at the original question, in fact, this question is not difficult to answer: JSP is ultimately compiled by the Java Web server into a servlet to execute, th

The Java Server client program is blocked by a firewall when it is running in a runtime

Recently wrote on the MyEclipse online chess code, including server side and client, let a friend to run the client after downloading, not even on the server I opened, but I shut down his firewall before he connected, I tried to set the program as a firewall credit procedure

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