multiple socket connections

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Differences between HTTP and socket connections

1. TCP Connection The mobile phone can use the internet function because the mobile phone bottom layer implements the TCP/IP protocol, which enables the mobile terminal to establish a TCP connection through the wireless network. The TCP protocol can

Python Socket programming tutorial, pythonsocket

Python Socket programming tutorial, pythonsocket This is a guide and tutorial for quickly learning Python Socket programming. The Socket programming in Python is similar to that in C.Python about Socket functions please see

Use socket to implement multiple connections and ssh functions, and socket to implement multiple ssh

Use socket to implement multiple connections and ssh functions, and socket to implement multiple sshI. Preface In the previous article, we already know that the client connects to the server through socket for a data transmission. How can we

"Reprint" HTTP and socket long connections and short connections

TCP/IPTCP/IP is a protocol group that can be divided into three levels: Network layer, Transport layer and application layer.At the network layer are IP protocols, ICMP protocols, ARP protocols, RARP protocols, and BOOTP protocols.There are TCP

Windows Socket API

Windows Socket API usage experienceThis article is some of my experiences in MS-windows and HP-UNIX network programming. It is for your reference only. If the socket function mentioned in this article is not specifically described, it refers to the

TCP connections, HTTP connections and socket connections

1, TCP connection The mobile phone can use the networking function because the mobile phone at the bottom of the implementation of the TCP/IP protocol, the mobile phone terminal through the wireless network to establish a TCP connection. The TCP

An introductory tutorial on Python socket programming _python

This is a guide and tutorial for fast learning Python socket sockets programming. Python's Socket programming is similar to the C language.Python official about Socket function please see, Socket

Differences between HTTP and socket connections

I believe that many new online mobile phone developers want to know what is the difference between HTTP and socket connections, and hope that they can help beginners through their own simple understanding. 1. TCP Connection To understand the socket

Linux socket programming (byte processing)

1. IntroductionThe rise of Linux is a miracle created by the Internet. Linux, as a free software that fully opens its original code, is compatible with various Unix standards (such as POSIX, UNIX System V, and bsd unix) multi-user, multi-task

SOCKET protocol & socket Functions

Image Description of the SOCKET protocol The original meaning of socket is "hole" or "socket ". Here we use the 4bds UNIX Process Information mechanism, take the latter meaning. Socket is very similar to a telephone outlet. Take a national-level

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