multiple wireless access points same ssid

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Ten Key Points for deploying wireless access points

Access Point to increase the coverage of wireless networks to a wider range. At the same time, a technician without practical experience is notified that the device must be set the same as other access points. As a result, both access p

10 suggestions for deploying wireless access points

can be allowed to access the entire network wirelessly. 6. Use the SSID with specific meanings Many IT experts recommend that you Disable SSID broadcast for wireless access points. However, for hackers, even if the

Emerging from old devices: transforming wireless routes into Wi-Fi Access Points

As we will discuss today, the old wireless routers can be converted to access points (APS), which can help increase the area of use for Wi-Fi. In addition, they can even help improve the performance of the 802.11n standard connected to your network. The wireless router and access

Authentication and encryption of access points for wireless security basics

Walking through a local commercial park, I have about 15 wireless access points that have been developed for my father-in-law, and several of them do not require authentication to access the company's network. If you use a wireless network interface to open your handwriting,

Enterprise wireless access points use three major notices

By the enterprise demand for mobile services to increase significantly, as well as the main market channel sales more than expected factors such as the promotion of enterprise wireless access points more and more popular, has become the enterprise Network product development process on another milestone. But because many enterprise users are the first time to use

Comprehensive Description of wireless exchange technology for decommission illegal access points

Wireless exchange technology is quite commonly used. So I have studied the basic knowledge and practical application of wireless exchange technology. I would like to share it with you here, hoping it will be useful to you. The wireless switch improves the manageability, security, and upgrade capability of the wireless

Comprehensive analysis of the actual application of wireless access points

It is very important to know some knowledge about wireless access points. So I studied the application of wireless access points in practice. I will share with you here, hoping to help you. Recently, the University of Queensland h

Debian/ubuntu Linux: Using HOSTAPD to build wireless access points (WAP)

68Make sure the firewall does not block the required ports:#/sbin/iptables-l-n-v | LessMake sure that the MAC address of the BR0 is correct, and that it is already running:# ifconfig Br0# Ifconfig | grep HW#Brctl Show# brctl Showmacs broUse these commands to view wireless network speed, signal strength, and other information.Finally, make sure you are using the latest version of the following software: Linux kernel

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