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<Model-based electrical Learning 1> set up and simulate the minimum system of 51 single-chip microcomputer with multisim 12.0

Environment: System Environment: win7 64-bit Software Platform: multi-host 12.0 Purpose: I just graduated, but I forgot about the model-electric knowledge. In addition, I want to develop hardware design. If I only read the model-electric books and do not practice them, I still feel a little confused. Learn the model power and simulation as you are interested in. If there are few MCUs in the multisim, you can use 51 to train your hands and build 51 Sin

Multisim BLUE14.0 Use Introduction

I. Multisim BLUE14.0 INTRODUCTIONFrom circuit emulation to PCB layout to Bom,ni's all-in-all integrated tools Multisim BLUE, we support schematic capture, simulation, PCB layout, BOM, and procurement process. In addition to Multisim blue, there is no free tool to provide this level of integration. With Berkeley Spice engines and advanced electronic components fro

< analog e-Learning 1> MULTISIM 12.0 Structure and simulation 51 smallest single-chip system

Surrounding environment:System environment: Win7 64 positionSoftware platform: Multisim 12.0Objective:Just graduated, but the mode of knowledge also forgot almost the same, coupled with their own want to engage in hardware design. Let's say it's just a reading book. Do not practice, or eventually feel shallow. As an interest to learn the mode of electrical, simulation simulation.Multisim MCU less, take 51来 practice practiced hand. Build 51 single-chip

Circuit Analysis Method of multisim

Circuit Analysis Method of multisim: Mainly includes DC work point analysis, AC analysis, transient analysis, Fourier analysis, noise analysis, Distortion Analysis, DC scan analysis, sensitivity analysis, parameter scan analysis, temperature scan analysis, zero-pole analysis, transfer function analysis, worst case analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, batch processing analysis, user-defined analysis, and noise coefficient analysis. 1. DC operating point ana

Multisim Component Library name Comparison between Chinese and English

Multisim Component Library name Comparison between Chinese and English 1. Source Library: Includes 6 categories: power supply, signal voltage source, signal current source, controllable voltage source, controllable current source, and function controller. 2. Basic Library: contains basic components, such as resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode, transistor, and switch; 3. Diodes: diode library, including common diode, zoneer diode, diode bridg

Introduction to the multisim Component Library

Multisim Component Library Classification Component Library and components in multisim8.0 In the component library of the Electronic Simulation Software "mumsim8.3.30 Special Edition", components are divided into 13 categories in different categories. Each category contains many specific components, to help readers find components when creating simulation circuits, the foll

Simple Digital Clock design

Summary of simple digital clock designIn the information age, the concept of time is deeply rooted, so mastering the design of digital clock has certain epoch significance, and using Multisim to design digital clock for discrete components can greatly improve the quality of personal digital circuits.The design idea is from top to bottom, the first digital clock overall frame design, consider each sub-chip reserved port, and then design each sub-circui

2015 Electric Game Drip

conclude that the receiver signal is very faint, need to enlarge. STEP2: So at the receiving end of the LM386 output and added a LM386 circuit amplification, but the amplification effect is not obvious, and more noise;Step3: The last method can only adjust the transistor of the front-level amplification (before the successful commissioning, the collector has not been output), amplification with S8050 transistor, through the Multisim simulation, on th

Course Design Report on computer composition principle

1 1 0 FH 1 H F = d F = E F = E 0 1 1 1 FH 1 H F = D F = E F = E 1 0 0 0 FH FH F = E F = F F = F 1 0 0 1 FH FH F = E F = F F = F 1 0 1 0 FH FH F = E F = F F = F 1 0 1 1 FH FH F = E F = F F = F 1 1 0 0 5 H 5 H F = F = B F = F 1 1 0 1 5 H 5 H F = F = B F = F 1 1 1 0 5 H 5 H F = 4 F = 5 F = 5

I am 24 years old. I am an exquisite electronic engineer-jian Yu Qin Xia

have time to get angry, I don't have time to be unhappy, and my technology is still poor. But I believe that after a while, I can be an exquisite electronic engineer with excellent technology and exquisite life.Thank you for reading this article. Appendix 1: My long-term embedded technology learning plan:1. MCU classification: four-digit machine, 51, PIC, *** R, and MSP430 Series for learning;2. hardware knowledge: components, PCB wiring, classic circuits, communication protocols, EMC, developm

Ucancode release Upgrade e-form++ Visual Source Component Library 2015 new version (V23.01)!

wiring and other advanced features:and move the arrow flow, logic Analysis and other simulation interface.3), power geographic Wiring diagram Visual Source solution, support single-line, two-wire, three parallel lines draw:4), Multisim Circuit Simulation and modeling visual Source solution, in the same project can be simultaneously circuit design and script editing, and provide design and operation of the two operating states, all functions can be fr

Download address and crack patch of Simulation Software multisim 10

Simulation Software multisim 10 and crack Patches Ftp:// Installation serial number: f44g44444 For how to crack the patch, see upload an attachment ...... Multisim 10 cracking patch Use thunder to download Ftp:// Http:// Filename=200732612211723.ra

Multisim op amp output is larger than the power supply problem

Before using Multisim to do op amp circuit simulation found that op amp output is more than the phenomenon of power rails, and sometimes want to take the OP put when the comparator do open-loop simulation, but in the Multisim simulation is actually linear amplification, and output over the supply voltage, very depressed, so after simulation is used cadence The orcad/pspice to simulate.But draw a frequency r

Boost Chopper circuit simulation based on Multisim

its control to achieve accelerated stability, rapid response, saving power. The full-control power electronic device IGBT has been widely used in the field of power transmission and transformation, active filter energy of traction Electric drive. However, the DC chopper circuit with IGBT as power device needs to pay attention to the following problems in practical application: (1) The question of system loss, (2) Gate resistance, (3) The driving circuit realizes over-flow voltage protection.the

OpenWrt tl-wr841n Wan Port down problem

The problem with this issue is that the tl-wr841n V8 version of the wired Nic down, then up, does not know what the specific reason is. But it will definitely cause problems during PPPoE dialing, dial failure, program hang.Here are some of the things I've modified about the order of wired ports, which may be problematic, but we need to address them carefully.? Http:// question on the OPENWRT official website is as follows: Http

Nutch-1.3 distributed terminal operation process

Kaiwii @ master :~ /Nutch-1.2/bin $./hadoop namenode-format11/08/13 19:52:20 info namenode. namenode: startup_msg:/*************************************** *********************Startup_msg: Starting namenodeStartup_msg: host = Master/ ARGs = [-format]Startup_msg: version = 0.20.2Startup_msg: Build = 911707; compiledBy 'chrisdo 'on Fri Feb 19 08:07:34 UTC 2010****

Binary installation MySQL 5.6

Create users and Groups# groupadd MySQL # useradd-r-g MySQL MySQL  Unpack the Tarball# TAR-XVF mysql-5.6.37-linux-glibc2.12-x86_64.tar.gz# MV mysql-5.6.37-linux-glibc2.12-x86_64/usr/local# cd/usr/ local/# ln-s Mysql-5.6.37-linux-glibc2.12-x86_64/mysql# CD mysql# lltotal 48drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 1 13:13 bin-rw-r--r--1 7161 31415 17987 June 3 01:42 COPYINGDR Wxr-xr-x 3 root root 1

Java tests the efficiency of heap sorting, Bubble sorting, and quick sorting.

Package Ds; Public class heapsort { Public static void main (string [] ARGs ){ Long n = 10000;Int [] arr = {11, 7, 9, 8, 13, 23, 5, 6, 44, 17,123, 78, 43, 99, 54,55, 67, 89, 14, 22, 38, 11, 7, 9, 8, 13, 23, 5, 6, 44, 17,123,78, 43, 99, 54, 55, 67, 89, 14, 22, 38, 11, 7, 9, 8, 13, 23, 5,6, 44, 17,123, 78, 43, 99, 54, 55, 67, 89, 14, 22, 38, 11, 7,9, 8,

USB enumeration and descriptor sending sequence Parsing

: 80 6 2 3 9 4 ff 0 0.1 get_descriptor: string_descriptor W 8: 0.3 W 8: 0.3 W 8: 0.3 W 8: 0.3 W 8: 0.3 W 0: 0.3 W 0:Sup: 80 6 0 3 0 FF 0 0.1 get_descriptor: string_descriptor W 4: 0.3 W 0:Sup: 80 6 2 3 9 4 ff 0 0.1 get_descriptor: string_descriptor W 8: 0.3 W 8: 0.3 W 8: 0.3 W 8: 0.3 W 8: 0.3 W 0: 0.3 W 0: 0.2Sup: 80 6 0 1 0 12 0 0.1 get_descriptor: device_descriptor W 8: 0.3 W 8: 0.3 W 2: 0.3 W 0: 0.2Sup: 80 6 0 2 0 9 0 0.1 get_descriptor: configuration_descriptor W 8: 0.3 W 1: 0.3 W 0:Sup: 80

Springframework.scheduling.quartz Work Scheduler Use (iii)-Custom multithreaded Pool task __ Custom multithreaded Pool

with the Springframework.scheduling.quartz work scheduler using (ii)-Custom multithreaded pool tasks Output 2018-04-13 15:44:30.034 INFO [startquertz_worker-1]-tasks have been scheduled, service RuleService2 has started ...2018-04-13 15:44:30.039 INFO [pool-1-thread-1]-time:2018-04-13 1

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