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"Dark please close your eyes" "Murder Game" rule 02

"Black please close your eyes" "Murder Game" Rules Game Overview:This is an exercise of expression, Judgment, observation, thinking, and performance... Game. Everyone who once participated in the game will be deeply attracted by it. The foundation of the

PC Game Programming (introductory article) (preface is very good)

PC Game Programming (introductory article) chapter I Cornerstone 1. 1 boss Debut--GAF introduction chapter II 2D graphics program first experience 2. L Drink from--the first "game" program 2. 2 Know the reason why 112 D graphic basic 2. 3 Enter the world of graphics key--gafddraw 2. 4 2D The nature of the image-layer surface 2. 5 Scenes of the secret-scrolling ba

Gold miner PC transplanted version [android game]

Program name: gold miner PC transplant versionVersion: 1.0Website: http://www.softboy.uqc.cnIntroduction: Golden miner is a classic Mini-game that can train people's ability to respond. In this game, you can earn points through "mining" and continue to upgrade. When you get the required money within the specified time, you can enter the next level. This

[Recommendation] test whether the PC configuration meets the requirements of a game.

With the growth of years and years, I have become less and less fond of games. Not to mention the fact that there are not many games that can make me crazy. Remotely thinking about how many excellent domestic RPG games I spent three years in junior high school, xianjian series, xuanyuan sword series, youcheng magic sword series, shenjie, Wolong, and Phoenix ...... Most of today's games are just a few trials, and then they enter the recycle bin. When I talk about this, I sometimes visit some

AVADirect Game PC Evaluation

I believe that the AVADirect mini game PC has a general understanding of the following for you to share an article, the relevant industry to carry out a specific analysis and evaluation of the article. Overview article For SFF (minicomputer), chassis design is particularly important, so AVADirect chose BitFenix prodigy Fire Bird MINI-ITX chassis. In the following article we will give a detailed descriptio

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