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Ext.js Details: Working with Widgets column,getcmp and componentquery, IDs and Itemid in MVC

For the evolution of the Ext.js version, continue to learn new best practice methods.For example, while defining a component, use Itemid instead of ID.When searching for components, try to use componentquery instead of getcmp.When dealing with Widget column events in MVC, you should customize, while in MVVM, Viewcontroller writes directly: handler: ' Onwidgetclick '.In MVC, you need to define the following:

Build widgets for iOS development and build widgets for ios

Build widgets for iOS development and build widgets for iosSource: Chen Kai's blog at jianshu (@ chenkaiHome) Welcomes the original article to bole headlines With the update of up to 4000 APIs in the iOS 8 system, there is also the Today Extension. for iOS, with Today Extension, developers can use the access points provided by the system to customize services for the system and provide custom additional fun

Android Learning Note: Home screen Widgets (1): About widgets

What is home screen WidgetsThe home screen widget, called a gadget or a Chinese gadget, is a view that is displayed on the home page and updates the views data through the background process.Android is managed by Appwidgetmanager to manage the widgets of the system. After installing the APK, the widget's name, icon, and space are displayed in the widget list according to the widget definition, and in Android4.0, the grid is displayed, some OEMs redesi

Exploring the process of adding widgets to the launcher of Widgets

By he minggui ( reprint please indicate the source Recently, I plan to study the widget-related issues of android and record some of my experiences here. Haha, after the research is completed, I will post the source code of the changes if necessary, to serve readers. Let's take a look at the process of adding widgets in launcher2. To add a widget, you must first press the blank director in laucher. Therefore, you must first

[Android Notes] widgets and Android Widgets

[Android Notes] widgets and Android WidgetsWhat is a Widget? The App Widget is a desktop tool provided by android. It can be embedded into the desktop and can regularly update its own data.As shown in: How to Create widgets? The following components are required to create a Widget: 1 AppWidgetProviderInfo: This class provides metadata for widgets, such as Widge

ArcGIS viewer for flex ex 0.1-open other widgets in widgets

ArcGIS viewer for flex ex 0.1 (viewer ex) makes a small change to ArcGIS viewer for flex 2.5, making it easy and configurable to open another widget. The usage is as follows: 1. Download ArcGIS viewer for flex ex 0.1; 2. The configuration file sets the ID and inmenu attributes for the widgets to be opened by other widgets. If no ID is set,ProgramIDs are automatically assigned. inmenu indicates whether t

customizing Widgets--custom Widgets

By means of inheritance, subclasses of the original widgets(1) Improvement Method (Promotion): Create a new project, drag the Qspinbox part into the form in the UI interface, right-click the part. In the pop-up menu, select Promote to. ( Add the following two files to the project )#ifndef Hexspinbox_h#defineHexspinbox_h#includeclassQregexpvalidator;classHexspinbox: Publicqspinbox{Q_object Public: Hexspinbox (Qwidget*parent);protected: Qvalidator::stat

Android widgets (3) add widgets and androidwidgets to the Activity

Android widgets (3) add widgets and androidwidgets to the Activity Package com. stone. ui; import static android. util. log. d; import android. app. activity; import android. appwidget. appWidgetHost; import android. appwidget. appWidgetManager; import android. appwidget. appWidgetProviderInfo; import android. content. intent; import android. OS. bundle; import android. view. view; import android. view. v

IT small meat Widgets Tree single-choice, multiple-choice, related callback function, obtain the selected node function, widgets callback function

IT small meat Widgets Tree single-choice, multiple-choice, related callback function, obtain the selected node function, widgets callback function Writing a tree control is not as easy as you think. Today I spent more than an hour, IT adds single-choice, multi-choice, pre-selection, and post-selection callback functions for the IT fresh meat Widgets Tree control

Introduction to ESWT Mobile extensions, part 1th: Quickly build mobile applications with simple widgets

Brief introduction As mobile platforms become more complex, the demand for mobile computing will continue to grow. The embedded Standard Widget Toolkit (ESWT) Mobile Extension is an Eclipse technology that can be used to develop a local-looking Java application for a variety of mobile phones. ESWT is part of an embedded Rich-Client Platform (ERCP) project that provides a standard embedded widget for building mobile applications. ESWT focuses on how to meet the capabilities and user experience

Introduction to Symbian Widgets

A widget in a PC system is a desktop gadget. For more information, see Http:// Desktop gadgets belong to this category. web widgets are also supported since Symbian 9.3 (s60 3.2, uiq 3.3). The running of widgets requires the support of web runtime. Overview of web widgets 1. The rise of mobile InternetThe business environment

Overview of web widgets

The following content is transferred from Forum Nokia Wiki Overview of web widgets Directory* 1 the rise of mobile Internet* 2 What is a Web widget?* 3 experience Widgets* 4 install Widgets* 5 Development Process of Widgets* 6 widget development best practicesO 6.1 development and debugging with Firefox and SimulatorsO

The learning and use of Android-developed app Widgets

(The following is my understanding of the official documents, limited ability, wrong also hope to point out)1, first of all, we first read the official documents, back to live to show the demo program App Widgets (widget, widgets) APP Widgets is miniature application views so can be embedded on other applications (such as the Home screen) and recei ve periodic (P

Widgets introduction of Axure RP

interface Objects (widgets) are used to design wireframe user interface elements, and you can find some common wireframe widgets in the Widgets pane, such as Button, image, and Text Panel. Axure RP Various widgets rendering effect, please refer to widgets effect overview N

How to extend JQuery UI Widgets using Mvc3 Razor View

JQuery UI Widgets is a front-end JS component that I like very much. In daily development, it is developed based on the original jquery ui widget js Code and requires a lot of repeated code, at the same time, some existing components can not meet the needs of the situation, the need to extend the existing components, this paper uses a set of jquery ui-based extension js components --- jtable ( ), compared with jqGrid, jquery easyu

New usage of ThinkPHP3.1 widgets

This article mainly introduces the new usage of ThinkPHP3.1 widgets. For more information, see ThinkPHP. ThinkPHP3.0 does not provide sufficient support for Action and View. it can only implement basic template rendering output. The multi-layer MVC feature introduced by the release of version 3.1 brings us new ideas for implementing widgets, and how to implemen

Learning the Ajax framework of dojo: Section 7 -- first understanding of dojo widgets (with source code)

Widgets appear in more and more web applications. So, what is a widget? What are the markup methods used by widgets to declare them? Can widgets be dynamically created? What are the common methods and attributes of widgets ?...... This series of problems come to our minds. Let's take a look at them. Learning 1: widge

Understand Ext JS 5 widgets, extjs

Understand Ext JS 5 widgets, extjs Original article: Understanding Widgets in Ext JS 5 In Ext JS 5, a new "widgetcolumn" is introduced to support component placement in cells in the grid. In addition, Ext JS 5 introduced a new lightweight component called "widget. Ext JS 5 contains several Widgets. This article will show you how to easily build your own widgets.

"Translation" Learn about the widgets of Ext JS 5

Original: Understanding Widgets in Ext JS 5In ext JS 5, a new "Widgetcolumn" is introduced to support the placement of components in cells in the grid. At the same time, a new lightweight component called "Widgets" was introduced in Ext JS 5. In ext JS 5, there are a few widgets that will show you how to easily build your wid

$.widget writing jQueryUI plugins (widgets)

Go from: Maintao: Writing jQueryUI plugin (widget)Using jQueryUI widgets to write plugins has some advantages over basic jquery plugins:* Easy to implement inheritance, code reuse* Default is a single case* Widgets have given you some common ways to achieve good, such as DestroyBring the benefits of the same time brought thorns and traps, the purpose of this article is to comb these thorns, mark where there

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