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Google receives 250,000 requests every week to remove pirated links

Beijing time May 25 morning news, Google said in Thursday, they will receive 250,000 requests a week to remove links to pirated content. Google Now starts recording requests that are received every day that require removal of search results that point to protected content. Copyright owners will inform Google that the search results linked to the site violated their copyright, Google will then execute a pro

How to check and remove dead links on the website

404 and invalid links also have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Therefore, proactively avoiding invalid links can effectively increase website exposure and increase website traffic.Note: some terms and methods are for WordPress bloggers, but they are related to all webmasters. Bloggers update blog content more frequently than other webmasters. For them, the website has a higher chance of f

Ways to remove dedecms 5.7 background Copyright advertising Links

Weaving Dream Dedecms 5.7 Backstage There are many of the official advertising links to weave dream, let us take these ads to remove it.One, the place Backstage landing page login.php advertisement chain.1. Locate the Login interface template file/dede/templets/login.html, and find the ad part code below:Delete it and modify the login.htm bottom copyright notice link.Then modify the title Section code:WillM

Remove the dotted box of links or buttons on the webpage

Original article: A dotted box is often displayed when you click a link or button with the mouse. Many friends often want to remove this indecent dotted box, but I personally think it is better to be cautious when removing the dotted box, why? When you remove the dotted box, it looks a lot more beautiful on the surface. When you click the link or button with the mouse,

CSS remove buttons and dotted boxes in links

ArticleDirectory How to remove dashed lines How to remove dashed lines For how to remove the dotted box, many people recommend this: 1A: focus, input [type = button], input [type =Submit] {2 Outline: none;3} From this sectionCodeLet's take a look at the following two points: Incomplete removalIE6/7 is not supportedOutlineProperties in Fi

How to remove feedback links and wallpaper watermarks for Windows 7 Beta

The newly released Windows 7 beta version adds a feedback link on the top of the window and a watermark at the bottom right of the wallpaper. Sometimes it looks difficult. Of course, many software can be simply removed, for example, Windows 7 pluspatch 7, but it is not a bad thing to know more about one method. The following are the steps to remove feedback links: 1. Run the Registry Editor;2. Find the key

(Java) Selenium Webdriver Learning---to enable simple page flipping, to remove the title and title links of the content

://"Android" To view the app under test package and launchable-activity position Appium Sliding coordinates method of test case commands for test work Installation Documentation Frequently Asked questions (Baidu collation) Month Outdo

Win7 system computer printing documents after the hidden site links how to remove?

Win7 System computer printing documents after the hidden site links how to remove? Method One: 1. Press ALT+F9 to display all the field codes in the document (unique words will be replaced by the chain); 2, and then edit---replace, in the lookup content in addition to the {} symbol of other characters (if the symbol {} copied over the word will be automatically replaced with the unique word), in the "Re

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