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linux--Monitoring Service Zabbix deployment (on top of LNMP architecture), service provisioning, data monitoring and alarm automation

/zabbix_agentd.confUnsafeUserParameters=1添加UserParameter,关键字UserParameter=users,/bin/bash /scripts/ Write a monitoring script[[emailprotected] etc]# who | wc -l //查看有几个用户2[[emailprotected] etc]# mkdir /scripts//创建脚本,用户超过3则是1,其他则是0[[emailprotected] etc]# vim /scripts/!/bin/bashcur=$(who | wc -l)if [ $cur -gt 3 ];then echo ‘1‘else echo ‘0‘fi[[emailprotected] etc]# chmod +x /scripts/ //给执行权限[[ema

Python Monitoring Service port and alarm, python Monitoring Port

Python Monitoring Service port and alarm, python Monitoring Port Recently, I found that the port of a Socket service in the company's testing environment is always inexplicably Down, but the service is running normally. It seems like it is stiff... Although it is a test envi

Nagios monitoring 4 configuration monitoring web Service, port, mysql, and other status instances

Nagios monitoring 4 configuration monitoring web Service, port, mysql, and other status instances 1. monitoring web Services (1) edit services. cfg to define the service Define service { Use generic-

Zabbix Monitoring Web Service monitoring

the monitoring of the URL of a simple wordThere are many things Zabbix can monitor, and Web services are the most common in the mid-term. For Web services, my monitoring scenario is typically the following:A URL link that gets a specific value that returns a status code.Second, thinkingZabbix Creating a new Web service monito

[Nagios monitoring] monitoring samba service

[Nagios monitoring] monitoring samba service 1> monitoring end settings a> download monitoring script cd/usr/local/nagios/libexec/wget ftp: // chmod + x check_smb B> Add the se

Service monitoring program instance written in Python, python monitoring program instance

Service monitoring program instance written in Python, python monitoring program instance Preface: Install Python2.7 in Redhat Rhel6.4 comes with 2.6, and some machines are found to be python2.4. Download the source code from the python website, decompress it to Redhat, and then run the following command: Copy codeThe Code is as follows:#./Configure -- prefix =/u

Case | Service Architecture System Monitoring Challenge solution

Original URL Link: Http:// we all know, system monitoring has always been an important issue faced by enterprises with complex it architectures, and this is not a technical challenge that every enterprise can easily solve. Oppo as an international intelligent terminal equipment and mobile internet service providers, launched a variety of fine appearance, functional and reliable smart phone pr

Implement monitoring and alerting using SQL Server Database Mail Service _mssql

Background Now more and more enterprises, the company requirements for the database to achieve 7*24-hour database monitoring, the general use of the third party platform to achieve the message and mobile phone SMS monitoring reminders. A few days ago the company a new server, eager to deploy the program has not had time to build other related platforms, in order to better monitor the database, the temporar

Monitoring service Management (RPM)

If you want to manage (start, shut down, etc.) the Monitoring service of Oracle database, you can do it through the Lsnrctl command on the Windows/linux platform, belowWe mainly talk about how to use the LSNRCTL command to manage the monitoring service (I am in two databases (different platforms, different versions) op

Operation and maintenance architecture service monitoring Open-falcon

is convenient, high coverage. Of course, this will also cause a large server side pressure, but Open-falcon's service-side components stand-alone performance is high enough, at the same time can be horizontally extended, so automatically collect enough data, but it is a good thing, for SRE and Dev, the post-mortem problem is no longer a problem. In addition, Falcon-agent provides a proxy-gateway, the user can easily through the HTTP interface, push d

Detailed monitoring service Zabbix deployment in Linux

zabbix//configuration Zabbix database [[emailprotected] ~]# mysql-uroot-pmysql> create Database za Bbix Character Set UTF8 collate utf8_bin;mysql> grant all privileges on zabbix.* to [emailprotected] identified B Y ' Lanzhiyong ';mysql> grant all privileges on zabbix.* to [emailprotected] identified by ' Lanzhiyong ';mysql> f Lush privileges;mysql> quit[[emailprotected] ~]# cd/usr/src/zabbix-3.4.12/database/mysql/[[email Protected] mysql]# lsdata.sql images.sql schema.sql[[emailprotected] MySQL

Oracle Monitoring service does not start automatically after server reboot solution

Recently, it has been a problem, that is, after the server power outage restart, the Oracle monitoring service does not automatically start (the monitoring service has been set to self-booting).Specifically, the monitoring service

Operation and maintenance architecture service monitoring Open-falcon

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Operation and maintenance Architecture Service monitoring Open-falcon (HTTP://WWW.RONCOO.COM/COURSE/VIEW/AE1DBB70496349D3A8899B6C68F7D10B) First, IntroductionMonitoring system is the entire operation and maintenance links, and even the entire product life cycle of the most important one, in advance timely early warning found f

Using C # to develop Windows service monitoring system

window| Monitoring    This article will show you how to use C # to develop a Windows service to record system usage.Everyone wants to know what time they start and shut down their systems every day, and how much time the system runs every day. It would be a good idea to use a DataGrid control to display the system startup, shutdown, and time spent.In this article, I have provided a way to achieve this goal-

Production environment monitoring MySQL service status

Tags: mysql shell monitoringIn a production environment, if an important service is shut down, it can produce unpredictable results, when we want to make a script, this script can monitor the service status, when the service shuts down, can automatically open the service, to ensure the interests of users.Below I wrote

Nagios monitoring production environment redis cluster service practice

Previously, a cacti redis performance report chart was created to show the performance change trend chart of redis. However, the real-time alarm notification function is missing. In case of redis service bottlenecks or exceptions, even if an alarm is triggered, the dba can handle the maintenance immediately. 1. Download The redis monitoring plug-in. Redis has been installed on the server, Previously, a cact

The use of Linux monitoring platform Nagios (iv) Monitor-side Add service

The monitoring side of the work has been done, now as long as the monitoring side of the operation; Note: be monitored MySQL remember to set the password AH The addition of service types is also 2: 1.web Server 2.mysql Server The following is a script to add a Web service: WebServices () {read-p "" Please input

Install and configure the Nagios Monitoring Service

Nagios is an open-source free network monitoring tool that can effectively monitor the status of windows, Linux and UNIX hosts, network settings such as vswitches and routers, and printers. If the system or service status is abnormal, an email or text message alert will be sent immediately to the website O M personnel. After the status is restored, a normal email or text message notification will be sent.

Linux starts Oracle monitoring and service

can be connected directly via SECURECRT or TelnetStart listening command: Lsnrctl startAfter successful boot: Sqlplus/nolog enterConn/as SYSDBA EnterStartup returnSELECT * from User_tables; EnterResults, OK start monitoring and service successAttached error due to no service:A workaround for ORA-01034 and ORA-271011 See if Oracle 's monitoring and Oracle's servic

"Solution" IDC, MA service provider it operation and maintenance monitoring solution

provider scale and intensive development.At the same time, the dispersion of customer industry and the dispersion of demand, greatly improved the service difficulty of IDC services and MA, the so-called tune, in the face of different industries and needs, two types of service providers are found to be difficult to deal with.On the other hand, the vast majority of enterprise customers are very difficult to

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