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The method of increasing sonar height by MWC flight control

The method of increasing sonar height by MWC flight controlPresent situationMWC Open source flight control has been a bit of a year, and now a lot of new cross-machine to cc3d, Aerial camera switch to APM, commercial flight control is also a lot. But MWC as an Arduino based open source flight control, can be said to be very mature and code easy to understand, cheap, the effect is good, so my four-axis platf

In the history of the MWC release of the most embarrassed AI phone, LG next May want to abandon the global mobile market

On the eve of this year's MWC conference, Samsung's new machine S9 almost 80% of the Chinese handset industry, but LG, also from South Korea, is relatively cold. LG releases its flagship machine around MWC every year, and this year brings the LG V30s ThinQ, which focuses on AI features.China's media indifference to Thinq is also expected, after all, LG in the past few years in the Chinese market has been fr

Board decline: Reflections from the absence of MWC

650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-full wp-image-5124 "alt=" 1 "src=" Uploads/2015/03/11.png "width=" 368 "height=" 385 "style=" height:auto;vertical-align:middle;border:0px;margin:0px auto; "/>To observe whether a thing really adapts to the trend of the times, do not judge it in its freshman stage or the high-speed development stage, but only when it gradually goes down the peak, even when all the dust settles. Tablets are a good example, when the ip

Non-functional requirements of information management systems in large enterprises and enterprises & Technical Reference of Software Architecture)

Non-functional requirements of information management systems in large enterprises and enterprises Technical Reference of software architecture Jin song Management information systems generally have three typical architecture models.The main non-functional indicators are compared as follows: Figure: three typical architecture Modes Generally, the product model is suitab

How can enterprises Sitzow and improve the competitiveness of enterprises?

Friendship Recommendation: Equipment Management System | Equipment Management System software | Device management softwareNow the competition between enterprises is more and more big, enterprises want to survive, want to develop in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, to build the competitive advantage of ente

[Original] Talk about the influence of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign companies on the Growth of programmers

people to stick to the business and technology involved in the company for rapid growth. They should broaden their horizons, at the same time, we will focus on the technology field and give ourselves a position to determine the direction in which you want to engage and what kind of level you want to achieve. Companies that haven't worked for a lifetime, at least for the software industry, are like this. If they don't go out, it's really hard to go high. Today, I would like to start from my pe

Manufacturing Execution System of process enterprises (steel enterprises)

Manufacturing Execution System of process enterprises (steel enterprises) 1Definition and classification of modern process Enterprises Modern process industry usually refers to the industry that realizes value-added through continuous production processes from raw materials to finished products with both physical and chemical changes. This definition only divid

Differences between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises: what comes to mind from flying

Differences between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises: what comes to mind from flying I have been working in State-owned enterprises. Even if I have friends who work in private enterprises, I know there are differences between the two, but I have never had such a profound experience, only then can we kn

Common commands for Linux enterprises and Common commands for linux Enterprises

Common commands for Linux enterprises and Common commands for linux Enterprises Common Linux Enterprise commands Command Function Description Online query and help commands (2) Man View Command help, command dictionary, more complex info, but not commonly used. Help View the help of Linux built-in commands, such as the cd command. File and directory oper

From the perspective of enterprises, the requirements and opinions on the Quality of leaders, as well as the differences, connections and opinions between the quality of leaders and political leaders of Enterprises

suggestions from subordinates. As the world continues to grow, people should keep pace with the times. Gates constantly refresh himself and lead the frontier to make him an everlasting "God" in people's minds.". Successfully shaping the leader image:Respect employeesRespect for employees is a essential quality for business leaders. Respect is mutual. leaders respect employees and employees.In turn, we will respect leadership. This virtuous circle will inevitably lead to an improvement in the ov

Ubuntu and startup enterprises use code to develop Iot

At the end of MWC not long ago, Ubuntu not only showed a brand new development environment for tablets, mobile phones, and cloud services, it also confirms with companies and startups focused on using snappyUbuntuCore for Iot development. These partners are from wireless base station, smart city, drones and other fields, and will build an Airbnb-like future with Ubuntu. SnappyUbuntuCore has a great potential for development ( In

Hong Kong computer room and international standards to attract mainland enterprises to buy hot

Hong Kong computer room and international standards to attract mainland enterprises to buy hot As a free port, Hong Kong has not only become the international financial Center, Trade Center, Shipping centre, but also attracted many international top data centers to settle down here. A few days ago, in Microsoft's vigorous promotion of cloud computing process, the Asian data center set up in Hong Kong, in addition to Microsoft, IBM also announced in o

Domain name deep business to help enterprises thick and thin hair _it industry

Ten years ago, E-commerce market in China is still a barren territory, and ten years later today's E-commerce market in China has been a noisy. Online shopping, online trade has occupied the Internet era of a world, with the continuous growth of Chinese netizens, e-commerce forward pace will continue to accelerate. Following this development rhythm, many enterprises in our country have realized the importance of developing E-commerce, and have launche

Enterprises should pay attention to the protection of brand domain name in the new economic growth point

Enterprises should pay attention to the protection of brand domain name in the new economic growth pointAccording to the "2009-2010 China Network Economic Industry Development Report" published by the iresearch, China's Internet economic market reached 98.53 billion yuan in 2009, an increase of 40.5% per cent year-on-year. Through the development of E-commerce directly created by the new employment of 1.3 million people, the use of e-commerce SMEs in

Explore Baidu Promotion and SEO optimization which is suitable for long-term use of enterprises

Now, many enterprises know that in addition to Baidu bid promotion can make enterprises get a lot of customers outside, is now very popular also more companies know SEO optimization, but also more and more of the favorite small and medium-sized enterprises. However, in many small and medium enterprise website construction, would rather spend one or two thousand

Graduation thesis-The development of office automation system for Small and medium-sized Enterprises _ Graduation Thesis

Body information base is relatively weak, computer software, hardware configuration is poor, uneven quality of staff, and economic strength is not strong, it is impossible to like the government or large companies, large enterprises like the investment of a large amount of funds for information system construction. Therefore, the author recommends the design and implementation of the small and medium-sized office automation system, the following aspec

Small and medium-sized enterprises break through 42 million mailbox only 10%_it industry

According to Radicati Group, iresearch, the company's users are expected to grow to 164.5 billion/day at an average rate of about 20% per year by 2011. However, according to the Time Network (, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are still in the growth stage, the level of information is relatively lagging behind, only about 10% of the SME users use the Enterprise Post Office, which with the large number of small and medium-s

Thinking of implementing ERP in domestic enterprises

Erp Thinking of implementing ERP in domestic enterprises Three years, a paragraph is not long, said a short time. I have been in the field of ERP for three years, in a product for three years. Although the distance to become an expert in this field is still far away, but three years, I continue to summarize, and constantly reflect on the project's success and failure. Here, I would like to discuss with you some key points in the development and imple

A5 Marketing: A brief analysis of the five reasons why the small and medium sized enterprises ' websites always fall right

For the enterprise station, corporate website as the enterprise in another image of the Internet, enterprises can through the corporate web site in the Internet to promote the image of the enterprise, products, services and other information, so corporate web site has attracted the attention of enterprises. At present, many business owners are reflected in such a problem, corporate web site is always baffle

Enterprises to make people do Web site by the network company cheated how to do? Website construction outsourcing needs to pay attention to what matters?

Remember before a build station customer to find Victoria Wang Chat, customers share her before looking for someone to do the site was cheated experience, after sharing after the customer not only have no complaints, but see very open, really let me also feeling quite deep, feel should learn to forgive hurt their people, because they are very poor, everyone has their own difficulties, we are not easy. After talking with this customer, let me feel quite deep, so, I think it is necessary to write

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