mysql alter table add primary key autoincrement

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Mycat Discovery (4)----The mycat of the self-growth primary key and returns the implementation of the generated primary key ID

Description: Mycat self-growing primary key and returns the implementation of the generated primary key ID1) MySQL itself on the non-self-growing primary key, using last_insert_id () will not return the result, will only return 0; here's a simple

Mysql Server Master master configuration

DirectoryPrinciple 1Master-Slave Synchronization configuration 2Master server Synchronization User Authorization 2Configuring MY.CNF files for MySQL master server 3Standby configuration: 4Common commands: 5Dual master Configuration my.cnf

MySQL must know-21st chapter-Create and manipulate tables

21st chapter-Creating and manipulating tablesThis chapter teaches you the basics of creating, changing, and deleting tables.21.1 Creating a TableMySQL is not only used for table data manipulation, but it can also be used to perform all operations on

Kafka-web-console Connecting tables and data information to MySQL database

/*Navicat MySQL Data TransferSource server:206 Docker MySQL 13306Source Server version:50720Source host: Database:kafkamonitorTarget Server Type:mysqlTarget Server version:50720File encoding:65001Date:2018-05-05

Set the autoincrement value of the MySQL Data Table

Today, I encountered a strange problem. The operation table option of PHPMyAdmin does not have the AUTO_INCREMENT option. After a series of debugging, the bug PHPMyadmin4.0.2 was found. Upgrade PHPMyAdmin4.0.3 to solve this problem. In PHPMyAdmin4.0.

Analysis of MySQL Memory storage engine

Later saw the blog Park in the use of NorthScale Memcached Server (Official Site:, it seems to share the charges, and hesitated. In fact, the requirements in the project are very simple and

Android uses Execsql and Rawquery method to complete data add and check operations _android

Using Sqlitedatabase to manipulate SQLite databases Copy Code code as follows: /* Android provides a class called Sqlitedatabase that encapsulates the API for manipulating databases that can be used to add (Create), query (Retrieve),

Detailed instructions on how to add, delete, modify, and query an Android SQLite Database

I. Use an embedded relational SQLite database to store data The Android platform integrates an embedded relational database named SQLite. SQLite3 supports NULL, INTEGER, REAL (floating point number), TEXT (string TEXT), and BLOB (binary object) data

For Android, execSQL and rawQuery are used to add, delete, modify, and query data.

Use SQLiteDatabase to operate SQLite Databases Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/* Android provides a class named SQLiteDatabase, which encapsulates APIs for database operations. This class can be used to Create, query, and Update data) and Delete

MySQL Architecture Composition--storage engine MySQL Server System Architecture 650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image002 "style=" border-top:0px; border-right:0px; Background-image:none; border-bottom:0px; padding-top:0px; padding-left:0px; border-left:0px;

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