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Configuring the MySQL cluster in a Windows environment

ObjectiveMySQL cluster was recently used in the project, so it was studied with the small partners for two days. Let us share the results below.Small series always feel that the learning of new things, there is no better than to see the picture of

Configure MySQL Cluster _ MySQL in Windows

Preface MySQL clusters have been used in the project recently, so I have studied them with my friends for two days. We will share with you the results below. Xiaobian has always felt that learning new things is not better understood than looking at

MySQL Cluster Setup Tutorial-Basic article

Computer-level examination system to use the cluster, the goal is to set up the cluster, to ensure that a library dang, will not affect the operation of the program. So under the leadership of Menghai brother Siang began my first build MySQL

Windows environment configuration MySQL Cluster

Windows environment configuration MySQL ClusterFirst, Cluster environment Construction1. mysql Cluster (mysql Cluster 7.5.4) file:, prepare three servers (virtual machine, I use Windows Server R2 Enterprise),

MySQL Database Learning Note (i)----installation and configuration of MySQL-5.6.21 (Setup edition)

"Development Environment"Physical machine Version: Win 7 Ultimate Edition (64-bit)MySQL version: Version 5.5.40MSI (64-bit)First, the database type:(1) Relational database(2) Object-oriented database(3) XML databaseThe current mainstream is the

The difference between MYSQL MyISAM and InnoDB

MyISAM: This is the default type, which is based on the traditional ISAM type, ISAM is an abbreviation for indexed sequential access method (indexed sequential access methods), which is the standard way to store records and files. Compared to other

Nginx + Tomcat + Memcached server load balancer cluster service construction

: This article mainly introduces how to build the Nginx + Tomcat + Memcached server load balancer cluster service. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. Reprinted please indicate the source:

Tomcat cluster setup and implementation details

File Download Address: background The tomcat cluster is load balanced and has 2 types of build: There are documents in the Tomcat installation package: File:///D:/test/apache-tomcat-8.0-x32-

What is the difference between a MySQL essential version and a regular version? _mysql

MySQL's official website download address: In this download interface there will be several versions of the selection. 1. MySQL Community Server Community version, open source free, but does not provide official

WIN10 System, Mysql-installer-community- installation

1. Go to the official website to find the installation package you need:, path: Download-->mysql Community Edition (GRL)-->mysql on Windows ( Installer & Tool)2. Locate the required installation package,:3. Click Download. The

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