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Master-slave synchronization Summary of MySQL databases in the production environment

MySQL master-slave synchronization is a mature architecture with the following advantages: ① the query can be performed on the slave server (that is, the READ function we often call) to reduce the pressure on the master server; ② back up data from

MySQL master-slave replication and read-write separation-non-original

Original source: Master-slave Replication (master-slave) and read-write separation (mysql-proxy) practicesAs the most widely used free database in the world, MySQL believes that all engineers

Major evaluation of databases such as MySQL ipvssql

Collation With the development of the Internet and the increasingly active movement of Free Software, more and more people begin to apply various databases to their own network applications. As a result, a variety of database systems appear on the

Building a database-driven Web site with PHP and MySQL (iii)

mysql| Data | Database summary In this chapter, we will focus on how to work with the MySQL database using Structured Query Language (SQL). (2002-08-29-14:11:10) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By

MySQL Master-slave Replication (master-slave) and read-write separation (mysql-proxy) practices

Http:// the most widely used free database in the world, MySQL believes that all engineers engaged in system operations must have contacted. However, in the actual production environment, the single MySQL as a

Mysql CLUSTER: MYSQL cluster

Mysql CLUSTER: MYSQL cluster  1. References Http:// AE %89%E8%A3%85%E5%92%8C%E9%85%8D%E7%BD% AE/2. Introduction MySQL-Cluster is a technology that allows you to deploy "in memory"

Create and delete indexes in the MySQL database

The following articles mainly describe the creation and deletion of MySQL databases, as well as the detailed parsing of indexes and changing actual table statements. If you are also popular with MySQL databases, you can click the following article

51 Lessons (Set change root password, connect MySQL, MySQL common commands)

Set Change root passwordNote: How to change the root password, about the root user is the MySQL Super administrator user, it is similar to the root user inside the Linux operating system, to distinguish between the root of MySQL and the system root

MySQL mysqldump Data Export detailed

Transfer from: introductionIn daily maintenance work often need to export the data, and mysqldump is to export the data process is a very frequent use of a tool, it comes with a lot of function parameters,

Go deep into MySQL Permission System

Abstract: This article describes in detail the principles of the MySQL permission system, including the complete process of MySQL Access confirmation. Another important knowledge is the user and host fields in the authorization table. Understanding

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