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PHP pconnect and Singleton mode to connect to the database, how to be the most high-performance connection database?

The following three ways to connect 1. Create a singleton class with the mysql_connect () function 2. Establish a long connection directly using the Mysql_pconnect () 3. Establish a database connection class, instantiate the time to establish a

Pconnect () of php ()

Php pconnect () PHP in ?? MYSQL? R has ??? FUNCTION CONNECT? PCONNECT ???? Difference of function? Where is e? PHP ?? MYSQL? R has ??? FUNCTIONCONNECT? PCONNECT???? Difference of function? Where is e ??Average ?? Eclipse and failover? Br/> What

ECSHOP info:can ' t pconnect MySQL Server (localhost:3306)!

Ecshop default is the normal connection method, from the error shows that you are using the pconnet way, this way when the concurrency ratio is large, there are the following shielding end:Apache Module Mode:The difference is that when PHP is

Pconnect of php

PHP ?? MYSQL? R has ??? FUNCTIONCONNECT? PCONNECT ???? Difference of function? Where is e ?? Average ?? Eclipse and failover? CONNECT is holding? Sexual? Connect, PHP ?? Already} used? Exist? Expected? Listen B? But why ?? Continue, OK? ? How often

Pconnect of php

What is the difference between the two funconnect connect and PCONNECT functions of PHP during MYSQL connection? The answer to the general benchmark is: PCONNECT is a disruptive connection, and PHP will reuse existing resources to improve the

When should PHP call mysql_close () and what is the difference between the pconnect method and the traditional method?

I used to think that when the PHP page is executed, it will automatically release everything. I believe many people share the same idea. It turns out that this is not the case. For example, the session will not be released as the page is executed.

MySQL database functions and MySQL database function libraries

MySQL database functions are frequently used in actual operations. Therefore, it is best to have a certain understanding of MySQL database functions. I found this article very well on a website, I have made a special offer for you to share with you

MySQL frequently uses command lists

MySQL frequently uses command lists1. System ManagementMysql-h Host Address-uusername-pConnect MySQL (in mysql/bin)ExitQuit MySQL Commandmysqladmin-uusername-p Old password Password new passwordChange password (in

Common error codes for MySQL

130: The file format is incorrect. (It's not clear what the wrong situation is)145: File could not be opened.1005:mysql Creating table Failed  1006:mysql failed to create database  1007:mysql database already exists, database creation

MySQL common error code

130: the file format is incorrect. (The error is not clear yet) 145: the file cannot be opened. 1005: An error occurred while creating the MYSQL table.  1006: MYSQL database creation failed  1007: the MYSQL database already exists. An error occurred

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